Friday, September 25, 2009

Or maybe I'm too tired....

It's only day two and I'm already too tired to post. It's gonna have to wait. So much for my goal, huh? I'd rather go to bed so I have plenty of energy for our days ahead. Plus I want to use EVERY picture we've taken so I need Picassa on my computer at home so I can make collages.

Just know, we are being treated fabulously and having a great time!

Much love, from the happiest place on earth.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When You Wish Upon a Star

Sirri was diagnosed with cancer, all we wished for was that she would be well. That wish has been granted and our family couldn't be more grateful.

Sirri has been given a wish of her own.

And tomorrow we are off to Disneyland!!!!!

Sirri's six month appointment, our oncologist, Dr. Hancock, told us that he was turning Sirri's name in to the Make-a-Wish organization. Kendon and I both had the immediate reaction of, "oh, we're fine. We don't really think we qualify what with Sirri's great prognosis and all." Dr. Hancock's response was basically it wasn't our decision. He was the one who made the decision about who qualifies and who doesn't and Sirri qualifies.

He asked us how many five year
olds we know who have been through the experience Sirri has. He asked us how many five year olds we know who have to have CT scans and IVs and oncologist appointments every three months? Just because Sirri's story has a happy ending doesn't mean that she doesn't deserve to be honored.

And so in honor of
Sirri and her life and her strength and courage, we agreed.
We leave tomorrow morning and will drive to Salt Lake. We will spend the night there and then fly to
Anaheim Friday morning. We have two days at Disneyland and then plan to visit my sister and her family in LA for a day.

Kim just happens to be expecting her second baby on Friday and I am just praying and crossing my fingers that that baby gets here SOON. The timing of the trip isn't the greatest, but what can you say when someone is sending you to Disneyland?!?!?!
(Our 1st choice date to leave was two weeks from now giving that baby a bit more time to arrive and Kim to feel a bit recovered, but this is the date we were given. Sirri's original wish was to go see her Aunt Kimmy so, I do feel badly that it's not ideal. But, again, no complaints. We are just thrilled to be going!)

My plan is to blog about our day every night, but we'll see how that goes. I just want to remember every detail as it happens so we can treasure these memories forever.

Again, we just feel so blessed and thankful for this opportunity. We know that there are so many kiddos out there who are struggling with illness right now, who deserve to make a wish themselves and we hope and pray that they will have the happy ending that we have. Kendon and I plan to give back to Make-a-Wish whenever we can and I'm looking forward to volunteering for them when we get home.

Life is good. We are blessed. Wishes do come true!

Post Edit: It's 10:43 and I'm too excited to even go to bed. I know I won't sleep. This is even more exciting than Christmas!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Know Connor

Last night, Connor slept on the couch.

Connor slept on the couch because, "when you can't treat your sisters with respect and leave them alone to go to sleep, then you don't get to sleep with them."

After Connor was finally asleep, I asked Kendon, "what is going on with our sweet little Connor Man? Is he suddenly reaching the terrible twos, at five?"

I went to sleep wondering what we could be doing differently with Connor. Does he need more attention or less? Maybe he needs more reinforcement or possibly we are being too hard on him. Is this a phase or do I need to brace myself for a long haul? After laying there for a while I did know one thing for sure, I better get to sleep because tomorrow was a new day and that doesn't always mean a better one. But, at least he has pre-school. Ah.
After dropping him off at school and heading home my cell phone rang. It was an unfamiliar number but after saying, "hello," I recognized the familiar voice. Connor's teacher. Mrs. Jill. I immediately panicked and thought the worst. I knew I hadn't dropped him off sick, he had his bookbag, it's not show and tell day. That left only one other option; he was in trouble, already.

Mrs. Jill said that she wanted to talk to me when I dropped Connor off, but since there were other mothers standing there she didn't feel it would be appropriate. I really just wanted her to get on with it, so I could turn around to pick him back up, if needs be. Finally she did say it. And this is what she said.

She knows that she shouldn't have favorites but every year she does. And right now, Connor is her favorite. She said that he is so kind and respectful and a great example to the other kids. She said that he is adorable and sweet and that she just loves him to pieces.

Mrs. Jill could not have called on a better day. I was so thrilled to hear her say these things about my son and ashamed at the same time. While Connor has only been in her class one day and she might not really know who Connor is yet, I sure do. I know that Mrs. Jill is right. I know that Connor is a sweet kid with a really good heart. I know Connor is mellow by nature and his fits and tantrums don't make him who he is. I know that Connor is a kid who tries to do what is right but is learning where the boundaries are and how he might push those boundaries. I know that Connor is a good kid who needs a mom who will have a little more faith in him and who will always know and remember who he is.

Thanks for the reminder, Mrs Jill.

Thursday, September 3, 2009