Friday, January 30, 2009

Congratulations to....

Jen, at "There is Fun to be Done."

She is the winner of the Valentine's Day Necklace Contest!

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Stop on by if you ever get the hankerin' for a little bling!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I want to share a little Valentine's Day love. So here's the scoop...

I'm giving away one, alittlewhitehouse necklace.

All you have to do is leave a comment before Thursday at 5:00 p.m. and you will be entered to win this necklace (or one of equal value, you can choose!).....

Of course, your necklace won't have someone else's kids names on there!!!

Everyone is welcome to enter, so don't be shy! Come on out of hiding!!!

I'd love to spread the word and the giveaway love. So, if you announce and link this contest on your blog I will add your name to the contest 4 extra times!!!! (Just mention in your comment that you linked me!)

Good Luck to all!!!!

And remember...if you don't win, Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Maybe you could e-mail this post to your significant other. I bet he'd get the hint. Or better yet, just buy your own present. Everyone would be happy!

Check out:
Right before my "procedure." I was really nervous.
I seriously thought I wasn't going to wake up. OR that I would wake up in the middle of it.
I'm ridiculous, I know!

Remember how I kept referring to my medical "thing" as a procedure? Remember how I was really trying to not make a big deal out of it. Well, I think that my procedure got a little offended and wanted to show me. It decided to turn itself into full blown surgery.

Very rude.

Apparently, my cyst was a bit larger than they had anticipated (bigger than 9cm!??!?) and my fallopian tube had already begun wrapping itself around the cyst and was growing to it. With all this going on, the laproscopy procedure just wasn't going to cut it. So, CUT they did. I woke up with not only the three laproscopy holes but a five inch incision and an overnight stay at the hospital as well.

My brother in law, Richard, got it right when he said, "so, she had three babies and then had to have a c-section?" Pretty much! Except, I didn't come home with a sweet baby. (I wish I could have at least seen the cyst!)

Speaking of babies, mine have been taken very well care of. I have the greatest group of friends who have taken them every day from 8a.m. til 5 p.m. and played them so hard that they fall right into bed upon arrival home. The ward also brought in meals for three days and we have eaten very well. I always feel so blessed and overwhelmed by the love that our friends show us in our times of need. I hope that some day I can pay all this forward!

I have the greatest parents who came this weekend and took the kids to a hotel for LOTS of swimming and not much sleeping. Sirri stayed up til after midnight last night watching Cast Away with grandpa! MIDNIGHT! I couldn't believe that. I'm not sure she is our child anymore. Kendon and I don't do past midnight very well! Then today my mom made several meals for us to eat this week and some to freeze. I appreciate that so much. It will surely help. Thank you so much mom and dad! The kids had a BLAST this weekend and Kendon and I appreciate you so much.

I'm starting to feel a bit more like myself everyday and think that everyday will get better. I sure hope so. This being laid up stuff is BOR-ING! I can't watch another moment of t.v. or take another nap. (Though,I have a feeling both of those are probably still in my near future. I still have a ways to go!) The pain is starting to subside but I still I tire easily.

So, I think I'll go lay back down and eat some ice cream! (My appetite has not faltered at all. Which could be a major problem since I'm not allowed at the gym for six weeks. Six weeks! BOO HOO!)

P.S. My spell check isn't working. (Sorry Andrea.) That is really frustrating when I am on pain meds and still a little loopy. Hope this all made sense and didn't put anyone to sleep. Maybe in a few days I'll be able to spell and be entertaining again! (Or maybe not. My entertainment factor has been lacking as of late. I hope I can find it somewhere.)

Right after the procedure.
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Jensen's Just Can't Keep out of the Hospital...

My nephew, Zack, has had a swollen and painful toe for a few months now. I've swiped some entries off of his mom's blog (thanks stacey) to document their journey.
Sunday, January 11, 2009
Yep, I am headed to Utah again. Wish I could say this is for fun stuff, but knowing my luck you know that isn't the case. This time I am taking Zack to Primary Children's Hospital for a consultation with a pediatric orthoped about the fourth toe on his right foot. No one in Idaho can seem to figure it out. Hopefully they will be able to figure it out and get it resolved with relative ease. Keep us in your prayers. As an anxious mother I need all the help I can get.

Tuesday January 13, 2009
Dr. Stotts at Primary Children's Hospital believes this is an infection that is now manifesting itself after having been dormant for an indeterminable amount of time. We headed home today and will be back Thursday night for a bone biopsy on Friday.
They plan to clean out any infection and then put Zack on antibiotics to clear it up. This will involve a stitch or two and the entire procedure should only last a half hour. As you can imagine Zack is a bit nervous, but the doctor promised to give him something to smell that will help him to sleep through the entire thing. Those who have had surgery know they will put him under to do the procedure.

The doctors in Rexburg were to send his records down. Unfortunately they only sent the reports down, not the actual x-rays or MRI that we have already done. As a result, we had another x-ray done and had to have Madison Memorial Hospital overnight the MRI down to Dr. Stotts. He will review this prior to the bone biopsy and then we should be set to go.
So begins the reoccurring travels for medical reasons in the lives of the Jensens. Alas....

Thursday January 13, 2009
We go into surgery tomorrow morning. Fasting begins at midnight tonight followed by check in at 11:15 a.m. This is really hard as a parent to take your child in to have surgery. You would so much rather do that than have them go through it themselves. As many of you know, Zack being the somewhat (ok really) dramatic child he is, isn't going to be a fan of this at all. I worry more about his ability to deal with it mentally rather than recover or endure it physically.
Zack is home today and everything went well yesterday. Zack is in great spirits and says that his toe doesn't hurt at all. What a tough kid! The bone biopsy was completed and we won't know any results of that for 7-10 days. The doctors told Stacey not to assume that this all over YET, but we are all sure hoping so!


Poor Zacky (I really shouldn't call him that anymore. he is ten!) isn't the only one spending some time in the hospital. Apparently, it is MY turn as well. This week at my "yearly visit" with my doctor a cyst was found in my pelvis. They are not for sure whether it is attached to my ovary or not, but it is quite large (9cm. that's a small potatoe!) and has to come out. Cysts that large tend to turn on themselves, on the ovaries, and on other organs. My doctor said that if we didn't schedule a surgery to remove it, eventually I would be seeing him in the ER for emergency surgery. So.... here we go! My procedure (as I like to call it. cause it is really a simple thing) will be on Tuesday and is an out patient procedure. Dr. Barton said I should be back to normal within a few days. Of course, I'm being well taken care of. Family and friends have all volunteered to help with the kids and I just got off the phone with my ward's compassionate service leader and they are bringing in dinner for THREE days. (That is actually embarrassing! I'm sure I would be able to manage.) I'm so thankful for the kindness. Sure seems like we have been on the receiving end way more in the last year way. I have a lot of "paying it forward" to do!

December 2008 Month in Review

The month started out with Sirri's DARLING Christmas program. I have heard so many horror stories about this "long, overcrowded, they do the same thing every year, program," but I LOVED it! In fact much of the time I was trying to hold back the tears. It was so sweet and touching and they actually sang traditional Christmas songs. About Christ. I appreciate that. Sirri was so excited and made the cutest little lamb. The kindergartners did a sweet little dance number after being herded onto the floor by the third grade shepherds. It was priceless. Sirri was somehow partnered up with the TALLEST kindergartner. At one point in the routine Sirri was to leap frog her partner. uh? Not gonna happen! Oh well. Sirri didn't care. Sirri and Brooke who just happened to have spots next to each other for the whole program, (how do they always manage to be hooked at the hip?!?!) sang their hearts out. (Mostly.) There were a few moments of apparent boredom!

"Mom, why does Santa always SOUND different?" This the question Sirri kept asking me after seeing FOUR different Santas this year. I told her, "he must have a cold!" She didn't push the issue!

Their lists:
Sirri: SIX lip gloss. NOT the twist up kind. The kind like Brooke. A barbie doll. A magic wand.
Connor: A fishing pole, a magic food machine (?!?!?!?!?)
Meg: Meg STILL doesn't talk. (Most days I'm not complainin!)

We made our annual gingerbread houses. Daddy decided to do a mansion this year. It turned out quite nice! Connor dropped his on the floor. Thankfully he is our most relaxed child and it was no big deal to him. He was happy to have mom's. It is sure fun to watch their houses evolve every year. Sirri was actually more in to the decorating than eating this year! A major milestone!!!! Meg was more than happy to fill the role of treat eater, though! Other fun memories:
*Sirri's school party! I just love to watch her in her own environment. The other kids just love her and she is such a crack up. Almost everytime I am at the school I hear this, "Oh! you're Sirri's mom. That girl...." It's also fun for me to hlep in her classroom beacuse she still wants me there. She wants to hold my hand, and sit by me and have me play outside at recess. Wonder how long that will last?
*Sirri and connor playing baby Jesus and Mary. Too sweet!
*Going to the christmas tree lighting in Sugar City. We'll see if that becomes tradition?!?!?!


It was suposed to be our year to go to Boise but that plan was foiled due to Kendon being on call the week of Christmas. Kim and Rich stayed in California and Cindy went to their house, so Mom and dad came to ours. We will all meet in Boise next year. Kendon already has it off!!! It was so fun to have my parents here though. I love hosting Christmas in my home.
Look at all that Loot!

I was so excited for Christmas morning that I woke up at 4:30 a.m. and could not go back to sleep. That is nuts I know, but I just can't help it. Christmas morning si so magical and I couldn't stand waiting for my kids to wake up. They slept til 7:30.

This is the first Christmas I have ever wished for it to NOT snow. Santa brought the kids a Power Wheels Jeep that he got for a really great bargain (thx Beagleys!) and I wanted the kids to be able to use it. The kids were so excited that they didn't care that they had to take turns pushing each othert in it. Grandpa was a great pusher too!
The day after Christmas we were supposed to head to a condo in West Yellowstone for swimming and relaxing. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and we didn't get to go. We had to do something though cause the kids had swimming on their agendas! So, instead we went to thirty minutes away and stayed in a hotel there. It actually worked out perfectly. Kendon wouldn't have been able to go to West because of work, so he was able to be with us, and mom ended up sick and was able to be close to a doctor. The kids didn't know the difference and had a BLAST! It was so nice to get away for a few days!
New Years:
We went to Boise for New Years and had a good time. We got in around 8:30 New Years Eve and turns out my dad was sick this time. He went to bed right after we got there. Kendon and I were tired from traveling and we went to bed shortly there after. My poor mom stayed up and rang in the new year by herself. I was too tired to feel bad at the time, but do have guilt now! My family should know better though. I've never been one to stay up late so obviously the holiday centered around staying up til midnight has never been my favorite!

Kendon's brother, Kelly, and wife Kaya, are living in Nampa right now, so we were able to go to their house for dinner. Kaya fixed us a traditional Korean meal that was delicious (Mostly.) I was proud of myslef becuase I tried everything. Even the sushi. ICK! ICK! ICK! It just tastes like seaweed and I don't get the big tadoo! Yuck! Other than that, it was all very yummy. Next time they are in town, we are going to have to feed her a traditional Eastern Idaho meal. Elk steak and potatoes!!!!

All in all, December was a great month, full of family and jpy! We are so thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ and the blessings that are brought into our lives through him.

There. Now, I'm caught up! Moving on.....

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Like being Thirty

Recently, I turned thirty. You may remember all the "oh so sweet" ways my family made sure I didn't forget how "old" I was getting.

Well, you were all so kind, dear readers. Telling me how fabulous I look at thirty, how thirty is the new 19, informing me that I'm just a baby. It really was so nice.

But, I think I was misunderstood. I don't have a problem with being thirty. I like being thirty.

For one, I was starting to forget how old I was. My twenties were all running together. I was having to do the math every time someone asked my age. (And if you know me, you know that was no easy feat.) It wasn't until, oh, about year 26 that I started loosing count. So, I figure I have a good six years. Turning thirty is like a new beginning.

Let me use my actual birthday as an example of why else I like growing older. Here is how my birthday went down.

Kendon was gone all day hunting with a buddy. I did my usual house cleaning routine that I do every Monday. (deep clean of the bathroom, vacuuming, dusting, mopping...) I stayed in my sweats all day. We had a five dollar Little Caesars Pizza for dinner. I took a tub and read a good book.

Real exciting eh? Not so much, but for me it was a great day. I had a clean house, an easy dinner, lots of phone calls from loved ones, Kendon made it home from hunting safely. The kids were well behaved most of the day. I had a few visitors bearing gifts and cookies. Truly it was a near perfect day.

Can you imagine considering THAT a perfect day at 21? If that was what I had been doing on my 21st birthday, not only would I have been sad, but I would have been embarrassed, mad, bummed, anything but happy and content. I would have needed parties and thrills and tadoos and attention.

But now, nine years later, at a whopping thirty years old, I realize that all the tadoo in the world doesn't a happy birthday make. A happy birthday comes through a happy life. A happy birthday comes from a happy me. A me that is pleased and thankful for where her life is at. A me that has a wonderful family, a fantastic husband, darling kids, wonderful friends, and an outpouring of blessings.

I'd rather be 30 than 21 anyday!!!!

So, don't worry about me. I'm fine. And if you ask, I'll proudly say, I'm thirty. I'm so over my 20's!

(But, you CAN keep the compliments coming. I've never met a girl who doesn't mind being told she looks good. No matter her age!)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Dear Mom,

You and dad are always talking about how fun it is to be grandparents and what a special experience it is to watch your children be parents. Well, today, on your birthday, I want to tell you that it is likewise a very special experience watching your parents be grandparents! It is so neat to watch you have so much love for my children. It is neat to watch the fun things that you do with them and to watch the special way you interact with them. I sometimes stand back and watch my kids enjoying themselves so much in your presence and can remember fond memories from my own childhood. My children are so blessed to have you be such an integral part of their lives. I know that it takes effort to make the "long distance relationship" work and I appreciate all that you do so that even though you are far away, you are always in my childrens' hearts. I love you.

Happy Birthday!