Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Like being Thirty

Recently, I turned thirty. You may remember all the "oh so sweet" ways my family made sure I didn't forget how "old" I was getting.

Well, you were all so kind, dear readers. Telling me how fabulous I look at thirty, how thirty is the new 19, informing me that I'm just a baby. It really was so nice.

But, I think I was misunderstood. I don't have a problem with being thirty. I like being thirty.

For one, I was starting to forget how old I was. My twenties were all running together. I was having to do the math every time someone asked my age. (And if you know me, you know that was no easy feat.) It wasn't until, oh, about year 26 that I started loosing count. So, I figure I have a good six years. Turning thirty is like a new beginning.

Let me use my actual birthday as an example of why else I like growing older. Here is how my birthday went down.

Kendon was gone all day hunting with a buddy. I did my usual house cleaning routine that I do every Monday. (deep clean of the bathroom, vacuuming, dusting, mopping...) I stayed in my sweats all day. We had a five dollar Little Caesars Pizza for dinner. I took a tub and read a good book.

Real exciting eh? Not so much, but for me it was a great day. I had a clean house, an easy dinner, lots of phone calls from loved ones, Kendon made it home from hunting safely. The kids were well behaved most of the day. I had a few visitors bearing gifts and cookies. Truly it was a near perfect day.

Can you imagine considering THAT a perfect day at 21? If that was what I had been doing on my 21st birthday, not only would I have been sad, but I would have been embarrassed, mad, bummed, anything but happy and content. I would have needed parties and thrills and tadoos and attention.

But now, nine years later, at a whopping thirty years old, I realize that all the tadoo in the world doesn't a happy birthday make. A happy birthday comes through a happy life. A happy birthday comes from a happy me. A me that is pleased and thankful for where her life is at. A me that has a wonderful family, a fantastic husband, darling kids, wonderful friends, and an outpouring of blessings.

I'd rather be 30 than 21 anyday!!!!

So, don't worry about me. I'm fine. And if you ask, I'll proudly say, I'm thirty. I'm so over my 20's!

(But, you CAN keep the compliments coming. I've never met a girl who doesn't mind being told she looks good. No matter her age!)


Ilene said...

Yay for 30! I turned 30 in August and am perfectly content. My twenties were great but life is much more fun now that I have more of a handle on things, ya know? Besides, a lot of the women I admire most are in their 30s or past it so what do I have to fear?

Now if only I could keep the 30 year old mind and somehow reunite it with my 21-year-old body...

And you ARE looking very lovely, by the way.

andrea said...

the 20's are totally overrated. i mean, you have that hot bod and good looks, but do you REALLY know what to do with them? i think not.
here's to still having both in your 30's... which you do.

Danielle said...

Hey Lisa Marie, SO sorry I missed your birthday, I didn't have internet in the Marshall Islands to really email anyone...I did think about you though as one of my birthday buds...I totally remember our shared birthday party when we were in college and getting toilet paper wrapped up from our roommates...anyway, happy 30th!!

Linsey said...

You make 30 look good!

Lauren in GA said...

Well, I think you look fabulous!!

You know, I agree with everything you said. I love being happy and content. You are so right...I had a lot more angst in my 20' over them!