Sunday, March 30, 2008

If You Wanna Know If He Loves You So...

My husband and I celebrated our seventh anniversary today. Throughout our courtship and marriage he has always been very good about SAYING, "I love you," but...

sometimes, ACTIONS speak louder than words.

Kendon is always doing things around the house that silently say, I love you. He cooks. He cleans. He does laundry. He watches the kids so I can have my time. He turns the van around on Sunday mornings so I don't have to tromp through the mud to get in. He makes sure my side of the bed is warm before I climb in. These are all ways he silently and daily says, "I love you."

Well, here are three more examples of Kendon's actions that have spoken, even screamed, I love you.

Kendon proposed to me on November 19, 2000 just before I went home for Thanksgiving. He wanted me to be able to show off my ring while I was in Boise. He sure did know me well for I had a grand ole time flashing the beautiful diamond to anyone who would look. I can also remember enjoying the five hour drive to Boise much more than usual for I had nothing else to do or worry about besides staring at my newly adorned finger the whole way home.

I had a great Thanksgiving with my family but missed Kendon dearly. I recall sitting on my parent's couch one afternoon and engaging in a tackle/tickle war with my dad. (Something I remember with fondness from my childhood.) I was losing, as usual and was in need of some help. I remember saying to my dad, "I'm going to sic Kendon on you." My dad replied, "Well, Kendon's not here." That was all it took for my longing for him to overflow. The tears welled up and I was a love-sick mess.

By the time the weekend was over, I was sad to say goodbye to my family but very anxious to get back to Kendon. Little did I know that he had been painstakingly preparing for my arrival while I was gone.

Anyone who knows Kendon, knows that he has a passion for hunting. He especially loves hunting elk. He has two prize elk racks that he loved showing off on his walls in his front room. My dad is not a hunter. I didn't grow up in a home decorated with any type of animal trophies. And while animal racks were not my idea of home decor, this was still Kendon's home and I had never asked Kendon to take his racks down. (I had mentioned a time or two that they were so HUGE that I would hit my head while vacuuming. Hey, why was I vacuuming his house before we were even married anyway?!?!)
Well, when I walked in his door that first day back from my trip, there was an emptiness to that front room. There where his pride and joy used to take dominance, was a hole. There on the wall where his two elk racks USED to hang, hung NOTHING. While making room on his walls, he was also opening his heart and making more room for me. In that instant, standing there, looking at his blank wall, I knew. I knew he loved me.

Another real labor of love for Kendon was when he had to sell his beautiful maroon full size truck. This was his dream truck (Almost!) and one he had been wanting for a long time. He loved driving this truck and said I looked sexy driving it too! Well, with Meg on the way we were in need of a more family oriented vehicle. Of course, it was Kendon's truck that had to go. We traded his love affair in and devastated Kendon's heart by buying a mini van. Definitely a moment when I knew Kendon loved me and that our family's needs always come first.

Just last week Kendon silently proclaimed his love for me and his family again. Kendon's second passion after hunting would be kayaking. The first time he hit the water in a kayak, he was smitten. He loved the adrenaline rush of the sport and really enjoyed spending time with his buddies, and especially his brother on the water. He spent countless hours in his boats "playing on the waves" and perfecting his roll.

Since we have had kids his time for kayaking has decreased to zero. It has been years since he has hit the water. Kayaking isn't really a family oriented sport and is something that would take away a lot of time from his family. He was just waiting for life to slow down and his kids to grow up a little and he could get back in the boats. Well, life doesn't slow down, and our kids ARE growing up and he wants to be able to spend as much time with us as he can. So, he sold the kayaks and all his gear. With the money that he made he bought me a bow so that I can join him and Connor on the archery range. We are going to buy Sirri a bow like Connor's this spring as well. I'm so thankful that Kendon wants and encourages the kids and me to tag along and join him on the archery range. I'm thankful he likes to be with us. I know that he longed to get in those boats one more time, but his desire to be with his family, spending time doing something we can all do together was a stronger desire.

I HEAR your actions Kendon. And I love you too.

Happy Anniversary.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

peeps n. sweet; sugary; adorable; squishy; irresistible

Hey, wait! I've got some of those....

These pictures were taken by my very talented younger sister, Cindy. She creates magic. If you are ever in the Boise area and need pictures done, she is the one to call. She can do it all; families, children, weddings, engagement, Christmas, just for fun. You name it, she can capture it. We are so blessed with beautiful pictures, thanks to Aunt Cindy.

The darling little baby is my older sister's babe, Sarah Jane. I love love love her.


Saturday we went to a FABULOUS Easter Egg Hunt that two of my girlfriends put together. It was so much fun. All the kiddos who attended were so spoiled but they all deserved it. I've never been to a hunt where all the kids were so well behaved and polite. AND, more impressively, the parents were all on their best behavior too. I get so irritated when I go to hunts, or parades and the moms and dads are screaming, "go! go! get those eggs, get that candy." (Okay, tangent over!) Anyway, it was so great and I appreciate all the effort that was put into it. Thanks Karen and Loretta. Let me know what I can do for next year.

After the hunt we came home and dyed eggs with the cousins. It was great fun too. My kids were really into the decorating this year and did a beautiful job. They really had a super time and it was so fun to just sit back and watch. (I only got to color ONE cause the kids were so invested in every egg. I didn't dare spare any for myself!! I'll have to boil more next year!)

The kids colored pictures for the Easter Bunny and each wrote him a note to accompany the carrots and celery they left out for him.

Sirri's letter.

Connor's letter.

The Easter Bunny's response.
Dear Sirri, Connor and Meg,
Thank you for the carrot and celery. That is just what I needed to keep my energy up. I hope you have been good kids. Happy Easter and remember that Easter is about Christ and how He died for all of us.

I love you and be extra good today.

The Easter bunny

He also left the kids a picture of Christ to help them remember.

The annual Easter Bunny Cake. This is a tradition that my mom always did with us and it has been fun to carry it down to my own kids.

Happy Birthday Uncle Rich!

Have a great day. You deserve it.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jensen Family Week in Review March 17-21st


The biggest accomplishment of the week was a successful "re-entry" to the real world after ten days in Boise. And I use the term, accomplishment very lightly cause I still don't feel totally caught up but I am at least functionable . (functionable is not a word.) I am waiting on some more pictures from the little get-away and then I'll report.

While still trying to get my life in order, I had play group at my house Wednesday morning. Can you imagine? 15 kids, five and under, in my itty bitty house. Yes, it was as bad as you would guess. Can you say tornado?!?!!? I hadn't made it to the store yet, so I planned off the cuff. Kids really are easy to please. Their favorite activity was sending someone out of the room, hiding a pack of smarties and then having them find it. (this was in place of an egg hunt, due to the lack of preparedness. ) Instead of saying hot or cold, we hopped like a bunny fast when they were hot and slow when they were cold. Silly. We had a modge podge of other activities and everyone seemed to have a good time. Even me.

Playgroup balloon animals provided by the fabulous Daddy Kendon!

Wednesday night I had Book Group. I went even though I had not read the book. (I left for Boise before my partner finished it.) Apparently, I was the lucky one. It was called The Road and was very depressing and had everyone in a panic to get their food storage in order. I guess that is a good thing but I don't want any more pressure. But, we did have good food, good company and spent much of the night watching Tivo'ed American Idol.

Friday was a big day for me. I got to meet one of my blog buddies!!! Jeni was in town visiting her darling daughter and her daughter's darling boyfriend so we had lunch! It was such a GREAT time. I felt like we had known each other forever and she was so good to my kiddos who got to tag along on the date. She was kind enough to act like she was still having fun even though she had to clean up Connor's spilled soda and listen to Sirri whine. My kids loved her and talked about her all weekend. We even ran into each other that night at Albertsons and she came by my house this morning to borrow some ski clothes so her sons could go skiing. Speaking of her sons, they are adorable and so sweet. Jeffery would have stayed in an instant and watched my kids all day rather than go skiing had I just said the word. They are going home in the morning and I'm sad. But, they'll be back in July. We'll BBQ!

Of course my week wouldn't be complete without a few mishaps. Two this time. First, my van got a flat tire (okay, no big deal!) but the really sad mishap was when I dropped my camera right on its nose (lens) and it BROKE. Yes, my brand new camera that I loved (Thx for the camera advice Holly. BTW Holly. Where are you?) Now, it's back to the fuzzy, crummy, blurry pictures for a while. Boo hoo. Boo hoo.


Kendon was great this week. He stayed home with the kids, fed them dinner, put them to bed while I went to Recipe Swap, Book Group and cleaned the gym twice. What would I do without him? I think he's a keeper! He has been on call this whole week which hadn't been too bad until Sunday when he got a call to Hailey (2 1/2 hours away.) Real nice huh? Easter Sunday and he spent the whole day by himself driving for a two second fix. We missed him.

Well, that was short and sweet. Anything you did this week that you'd like documented for history Kendon?!?!?


Sirri had to get her kindergarten shots this week. Jaci and I took Brooke and Sirri (and ALL the rest of the kids) together. Brooke REALLY dislikes going to the doctor and Sirri has never had an issue with it. We thought that Sirri could help Brooke feel better about the whole experience. Sirri was even excited to go first and to be brave for Brooke. Well, the whole thing backfired on us a bit. Sirri wasn't very brave. That's not very fair, cause shots ARE scary. Let's just put it this way, she cried a lot and loud and Brooke was terrified before it was even her turn. Oh well. It's over and they are both set for kindergarten. The next day at gymnastics, Sirri was limpng around and all the moms felt so sorry for her. I told them that she was a drama queen and they needn't pity her so much. They all must have thought I was such a cruel mommy until she hobbled over to the trampoline, "ow. oooH. Ouch!" painstakingly climbed on up and jumped her little heart out! It's a miracle. Her legs were healed!!!!

BEFORE the shots.
She wouldn't allow an after the shots, shot.

Another big moment for Sirri is that we signed her up for T-ball. She'll play this summer and I'm going to help coach the team. T-ball seems like such a big girl thing to do. Can you tell that I am in, "my child is growing up," denial. Even if she is growing up, she is still such a tiny little squirt. On the registration form you had to check what size shirt your child would wear. Uh? Hello. The smallest size was a small 6-8. You don't carry a small 3-4?


Connor, oh Connor! What to do with Connor. He is full of spit and vinegar as my grandma would say. He is learning all about testing and pushing buttons and he is doing a darn good job. The little darling got to go to bed the other night at 6:30 for being naughty! Anyone have any books to read or helpful hints on children who like to push the limits?

But isn't he the cutest?!?!?

On the other hand he is such a fun little guy. He is very interested in helping me do my "stuff.". He loves to watch and help me cook and loves to help with the laundry. His favorite parts are putting stuff in the wash and taking clothes out of the dryer. He is actually quite helpful.

Also, on a positive note, he has been going to bed much better lately. It was becoming such a chore to get him to stay in his bed, but he has decided it isn't worth the fight and for that I am thankful. Cause really, Connor. It wasn't worth it, and your momma was getting tired. So, thanks.


Meg is walking full speed ahead. She hardly ever crawls and is getting to be quite the speed demon. It is so cute to watch her toddle all over the house trying to keep up with the big kids. She loves to walk over to one of her sibling lying on the floor and fall right on top of them. Tiiiimber! She thinks she is so funny.

Even though Meg is not quite 1 1/2 she is quickly going on thirteen. She is ADDICTED to the telephone. I can hardly talk on the phone while she is up without her screaming and crying for it the whole time. We have given her a "retired" cell phone but she quickly figured out they don't make the noises she likes and that just won't do. Most days I lose the fight and just let her play with the real thing. She walks around all day with the phone stuck to her head listening to, "dooodooodooo. We're sorry this number cannot be completed as dialed. Please hang up and try again. dooodooodooo, We're sorry..."

Oh yea, Meg is learning to feed herself too.
Please take notice of the oatmeal in her hair. Food in her hair is a given. Always.
Not sure why she is so sad in this picture.

P.S. I didn't forget that Easter was this week. I think it will get a post all its own. This has gotten lengthy. Goodnight!

P.S.S This picture of Connor and Koy is just FUNNY! Great future black mail material!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Being nice is totally overrated, not to mention...EXPENSIVE!

A few weeks ago Kendon had strep throat. He had not eaten anything for four days and was quite miserable. One night, the kids and I were in town and I decided that I'd grab Kendon a Blizzard on the way home. I was pretty sure that he could muster enough strength to eat a Blizzard and if he couldn't, I knew someone who could!!! (That would be me, if you were unsure!)

I ordered his favorite, Strawberry Banana, and came around the corner to the window to pay. Just before the window, there is a red pole that if you ask me sticks out into the lane further than it should. Way further than it should. To keep a short story, well, short, here's the punch line: I HIT THE POLE. I wish that I could say I just gave it a little tap, but I can't because I didn't. I am glad to say that I didn't RAM the thing, but unfortunately I did hit it hard enough that it caused some damage. Can I just say, in my defense, it was DARK outside, okay.

This is not My DQ but see the red pole? The red pole at our DQ sticks out further. I'm just sure of it.

I wish the damage to the van was as bad as it looks in the picture. It's worse!

And here is a side note that I would like documented for history. For several years now, Kendon and I have planned on using our tax return money to re-do the upstairs of our home. (We live in a115 year old home and the upstairs is quite uninhabitable. A post on our home coming shortly. Give me some time.) Anyway, the first year we had the money saved, our well went dry and we had to drill a new one. Price tag: $4500. The next year, our van was in the shop CONTINUALLY. Price tag: $3000. Last year our old septic system went out and had to be replaced. That was real poopy! (just a little potty humor!) Price tag: $4200. So, as tax season has been approaching we've been anticipating what IT would be this year. I guess I solved that problem for us. We get a new fender and door! Yippee! Price tag: I don't even want to guess. Pricier than a blizzard, I'll bet!

So, now, let's continue the story cause it doesn't end at the Dairy Queen. Last week while in Boise Kendon happened to come down with Strep Throat AGAIN. This time he got sick on our overnight date. Bummer. The next day he had to fly out of Boise to Ohio for business. His flight left at 6:00 am and he had to leave for the airport at 4:30. Since he was sick, I felt sorry for him having to go so early by himself and I decided to get up and take him. I dropped him off and headed back to my parent's house really hoping to get a little shut eye before little Miss, "I have terrible sleeping habits" Meg woke up. I must have been in too big of a hurry because as I was parking the van I backed into the neighbors mailbox. (Before you go judging, please have mercy on me and remember that it was dark this time too!) I crunched the box and busted out my taillight. You want to know what I think the saddest part of this story is? Well, next to the fact that I didn't get any more sleep cause I was all wired. The saddest part to me is that as soon as I hit the pole, the first word that came out of my mouth wasn't a swear word, or a little yelp, or a pooey, or darn. The first word that I said was, "TYPICAL!" This is just typical behavior for me and that is pathetic! I need help.


My GREAT dad fixed up the busted taillight until I got it replaced. Which I did already. That green tape had to go.

The doctor who saw Kendon in Boise recommended, that because of his Strep Throat history (Strep Throat and Kendon have been lifelong enemies.) he might want to consider having his tonsils out. Well, if that ends up being the case, Kendon is just going to have to take care of himself this time. He better not expect any sympathy or NICE coming from me. I can only imagine what kind of damage I could do.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Remember this ad?

This is Your Brain...

This is Your Brain on Drugs....

Here is my version.

This is my bag...

This is my bag after a ten day trip to Boise....

"What in the world is in that bag?" you ask.

I'm sure you are dying to know.

I'll show you.
(sounding slightly embarrassed and somewhat hesitant!)

*Granola Bars
(why do I throw a new one in every time we leave when I already have plenty?)
*Two bags of wipes
*Garbage. Lots of garbage.
*Kleenex. LOTS of used Kleenex.
(Could Meg's nose please stop running?)
*My notebook/journal/list maker/note keeper/food tracker/LIFE.
*Meg's Sunday Shoes
*Cell Phone Charger
(The charger I looked for the whole trip but never found. Then I stopped looking cause I lost my phone too. I did find the phone by the way.)
*Blue Squishy Stress Chairs
(With a big chunk bitten out. Think Meg was hungry?)
*Hotel Mints and Lotion
(Kendon and I had an overnight date!)
*Tupperware container that HAD spearmint lifesavers in it.
*Parent's House Key. Did you want that back?

The mess in this bag is very representational of the mess my life becomes after a trip. I've said it before and I'll say it again,

"No man needs a vacation more than the man who just had one."

So, think of me as I wrap up the process of re-entry into the "real world." I'm almost there. Just three more loads of laundry and some major grocery shopping and I'll call it good.

Until then.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

THE Skit. Tiptoe Through the Tulips!!!

Remember when I so desperately asked for all your help for skit ideas? Remember when you all just said that you were glad it wasn't you, therefore leaving me to come up with a skit all by myself? And I mean all by myself. There are NO "tiptoe through the tulips" skits out there in cyberspace (until NOW that is!!!). Well, here is what I came up with. Good thing for good friends who were willing to be silly with me!

(P.S. the girl on the far right is Jaci. If you are a frequent reader you will recognize her as my best friend and the one that all my children want to live with. Even Meg. She cried on Sunday when she had to go home with me. She wanted to stay with Jaci. Real nice. And the girl in the middle is a new friend named Shelli. She is so sweet and fun and I'm looking forward to getting to know her better. Jaci and I are going to hire her as our personal shopper! She's cute and stylin'!)