Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Short and SASSY!

Meg got a new haircut recently. It is a little bit, "mini me," and I love it! So does everyone else. She is constantly getting compliments and I didn't think it was possible for her eyelashes to look any longer than they are, but the short hair has done the trick. She has the most darling, perfect features for a short do and it just fits her personality to a T. It just might fit her personality too well!

Kendon: "I'm thinking we might need to grow Meg's hair back out. Boy is she ever SASSY lately."

Me: "I know. Seriously. She is Miss Sassy Pants."

pause (thinking of MY haircut and MY personality.)

Me: Wait a minute.....Oh well, I guess if the shoe (or hair) fits, wear it!!!!