Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ring Around the Bathtub

Sung to the tune of Ring Around the Rosies

Ring around the bathtub
After the dirty kiddos scrub
Filthy filthy, we've been outside!!!

Sirri loves the tire swing
I can't get her off the thing
Under doggies under doggies, are so much fun!

Ring around the bathtub
After the dirty kiddos scrub
Filthy filthy, we've been outside!!!

Connor can't wait to go outside
Heads out as soon as he opens his eyes
Sister sister, come play with me!

Ring around the bathtub
After the dirty kiddos scrub
Filthy filthy, we've been outside!!!

Meg discovered the box of sand
she shovels it in hand after hand
Oh well oh well, she's having fun!

Ring around the bathtub
After the dirty kiddos scrub
Filthy filthy, we've been outside!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

I Can Pretend

My kids have really been into playing "house" lately.

There are three main reasons I'm not such a huge fan of the game.

Reason #1: Whenever my kids play house, someone pretends to be a baby. And that baby always cries. A lot. I have enough crying at my house. I don't need someone to pretend too. It hurts my ears.
Reason #2: The "mom" and "dad" are always saying things like this to the "children."


Now where in the world did they get the idea that is how parents talk to their kids? gulp.

Reason #3: It's confusing for me. I can never figure out who my kids are talking to when they are saying, "mom. Mom. MOM!"

When I do answer them, I usually get this: "No Mom. YOU'RE the daughter."

Oh. I'm the daughter. Does that mean that I get to lay around all day, watch cartoons, get fed, eat popsicles, not do laundry or dishes, and take a nap?

Hmmmm. Maybe I like this game of house after all!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Jensen Family Week in Review April 14th-20th

Really long, you might get bored reading this if you're not a relative, version!!!!!
(But I DARE you!)

The big news or obnoxious news of the week was the weather. Snow. Sun. Wind. Sun. Freezing. Sun. Can't it just be spring already?!?!?!!A sign in Sugar City. I HAD to turn around and take a picture. Too funny. Yet true and sad.

On the few days/moments that it was warm Connor spent every second he could outside. One day he was outside from 9:30 a.m. until 7:00 at night. I finally bucked up and made him come in for a short nap around 2:00. (It is so hard for me to make my kids come in for a nap when the weather is so nice and they're having so much fun. BUT, I have to. I'm not giving up naps yet. I'm NOT.) As soon as he woke up he was back outside. The kid ate a bowl of cereal and 2 hotdogs ALL DAY. He is loving the sun.Oh wait.... I fibbed. The REALLY BIG news of the week wasn't the weather BUT that tax season came and went and we didn't have any big catastrophe. Hurray! On the 15th I was using the microwave and it suddenly went out. Of course. I was willing to take a dead microwave over a dead well, or car, or septic system as in years past. But still. Come on. Kendon came in, unplugged and plugged it back in and presto it worked again. Phew. I'm still a little edgy thinking it's just too good to be true. Hold your breath for me.Tax Season 2004- New well.

Tax Season 2006-New Septic

Connor was in heaven watching the tractor.

So, with our tax money we bought this:

We are finally going to get Connor out of our bedroom and sharing with Sirri!!!! Everyone is excited about this. Especially Connor. He will tell anyone who will listen that he is getting a bunk bed and he gets to sleep on the top. We are going to swap rooms with the kids since our room is bigger. As soon as Meg is sleeping through the night consistently (I know. 18 months old and still a terrible sleeper. grrr.) she will move into the kid's room as well. That means Kendon and I will finally have our own room for the first time in 3 1/2 years. This is LONG over due. But what do you do when you live in a two bedroom home? You improvise and do what you can. I'm super excited too. I've never had a nice bedroom. I'm going to save my pennies and get a new comforter and maybe some matching pillows even!!!! I can't wait to have a pretty room (yet masculine, Kendon) that I can relax in at the end of the day, read a book and have no children in there!!!!

Kendon also bought a rototiller. He has borrowed one for years for our garden and now he has his own. He deserves it. It's really big to match our garden. (And it's quite pretty as far as rototillers go!!)

How about some small news. Small as in Sirri wore these pants this week.Hello! A size TWO! She is almost five. Good grief. She told Jaci the other day, "I think I'll just always be short." (In her defense, the size two pants were a tad bit short. A tad.)

Brooke lent Sirri her MP3 player this week. Sirri though that was the coolest thing EVER! She wouldn't even look at me for a picture. She was so sweet to let Connor have one of the ear buds to listen too. She kept coming up to me saying, "Mom! You've got to hear this!!!" Oh, Sirri. Please stop growing up.Meg had a big week. She is growing and changing everyday. I forget how much happens at this age. It is so fun.
  • She learned to do a fishy kiss. It is so cute. (mental note: get this on video.)
  • She learned to sign "I love you." Talk about melt your heart. (video too.)
  • She has been communicating with her sign really well lately. She will tell us when she is "hungry," when she is ready for "night night," and when she wants "more," and when she wants to go "bye bye." It has been really helpful.
  • Her receptive language is getting better as well. She is really beginning to understand commands. "Go get your shoes." "Take this to the garbage." "Go see daddy."
  • She began calling for me. She has never done this. Now when she is sad or wants me she will cry, "mama mama mama mama mama." This makes me happy. Except in the middle of the night.
  • Meg is really beginning to catch up in some of the developmental areas that she was lagging in. I'm not much of a progress comparing mom but with Meg I was beginning to worry a bit. She has just been a bit slower, but she's getting there.
Every spring (and several times through the summer.) the kids and I walk up and down our road picking up garbage. They really look forward to it. This week we had our first garbage walk. They were such great helpers. I was really sad that about 1/3 of the garbage was beer bottles and cans. My kids smelled like drunks by the time we were done. Good thing for baths. We have a little song that we see as we clean. Sing to the tune of Lollipop Lollipop.
"Litter Bug, Litter Bug, don't be a litter litter, Litter Bug, Litter Bug, don't be a litter litter, Litter bug. badoomboomboom!" Feel free to teach this to your children!!!

This weekend was a ton of fun. Kendon is the president of his archery club and they had a BIG shoot this weekend. The weather was supposed to be crummy but it heard our prayers and was absolutely beautiful! It was so much fun to watch Kendon take charge and put this whole thing together. I loved watching him interacting with the other archers. I can tell they respect him and enjoy his company. He did a great job!

Ever since I got my bow, Sirri has been asking if she gets one too. I think she thought bows were for boys until Mommy got one. So, this weekend Kendon got her a bow and she was so excited. He is making her arrows with purple and yellow/greenish feathers.

Look at that face. That is one proud daddy!

The kids shot a few targets and their favorite was the "great big grizzly bear." Connor is getting great form in his shooting and is becoming a great shot. It was sometimes hard to remember to cheer Sirri on just as much as Connor even when she was missing all the targets. (I can see where sibling rivalry comes from.)

Bulls Eye!

All in all it was a GREAT day. I'm just still so thankful that Kendon enjoys having his family join him in his hobby. We are looking forward to lots of shooting this summer! (IF summer ever comes. I'm starting to doubt it!)Seems like a nearly perfect week. I like those. I am getting a tooth ache and need to call the dentist. Other than that, just another week in paradise! HA!

P.S. I made my first cake from scratch. It was yummy but I think I'll stick to the box. As they say, "if it aint broke, don't fix it," and the box has always worked for me!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Let's Eat Cake...

It's My Blog's Birthday!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Tould You Please Say That Again? I Tan't Understand You.

Connor has a tough time saying his K and hard C sounds.

His best friend Koy is "Toy."

When he is struggling with something he says, "I tan't."

And he is just so darn "tute!"

The other night while going to bed he was talking about "Toy's" Dad, "Tent." (Kent) Kendon, the FOREVER tease had the following conversation with "Tonnor."

Connor: "blah blah blah something, Tent."
Kendon: "Who?"
Connor: "Tent."
Kendon: "Tent?"
Connor: "NO! Tent."
Kendon: "Tent?"
Connor: "TENT!!!!"

And on and on and on and on....

You get the idea.

Then the other morning when I got home from the gym, Connor told me that my hands were "told."

Kendon: "Told?"
Connor: "No! Told."
Kendon: "Told?"
Connor: "TOLD!"

The conversation continued in the same manner.

Kendon: "Told?"
Connor: "told."
Kendon: "Told?"

Connor had finally had it.

Connor: "FREEZING!!!!!"

"Neener Neener! I told you dad!"

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Top Ten Reasons I Should Probably Apologize to my Husband

#10: I always sleep in the middle of the bed.

#9: He lets me put my cold feet on him at night, yet I say, "that's ruuude" when he does it to

#8: I pretend to be asleep when Sirri comes in our room in the middle of the night so she'll just
go back to bed on her own. Kendon doesn't have the heart to fake it.

#7: I used his toothbrush for a whole week before finally getting busted.

#6: When he offered to teach the primary lesson for the third week in a row, I let him.

#5: Because I think I have a small crush on Kenneth Cope. (Yes, the mushy LDS
singer/songwriter. Call me silly!!!)

#4: For opening the crock pot lid after he got the "lecture" not to.

#3: I'm always in my comfies when he comes home.

#2: I'm frequently putting his stuff "away" and just as frequently can't remember where away

#1: For not telling him often enough just how appreciated he is! (And darn good looking to boot!
And, for the record, I'd take him over Kenneth Cope any day!)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

General Conference

I LOVE General Conference. I especially love conference in the spring. It is such a special time. A time of new growth and hope and change.

This year was extra special as we were able to take part in the Solemn Assembly where President Thomas S. Monson was sustained as our new prophet. What a neat experience to be able to stand with my whole family, in our living room, in our pajamas, and raise our hands to the square and sustain our prophet. What a great opportunity to renew our resolve to follow the teachings of the prophet and to make choices and commitments that will help us be closer to the Lord and to grow as a family.

When Kendon and I got married we decided that we wanted to make Conference weekend a special time to look forward to and to spend as a family. We want it to be a weekend where no other plans are made. A weekend to grow in our spirituality and in our love for each other. Throughout the last seven years we have started some traditions that have helped us reach that goal. As our children grow our traditions have continued to evolve, change and be added upon. Here are some of the things that we do.

  • We always start the week with a special Conference Family Home Evening. We try to get the kids excited that they get to watch the prophet on t.v. in a few days. This year we talked about the people coming to listen to King Benjamin. They brought their tents and faced the doors to the temple and sat with their families to hear the prophet's words. Saturday morning we built a tent/fort that the kids sat in to listen to the prophet.
  • I've made a memory game with the pictures of the prophet and apostles that the kids can play with throughout the week. I also have a set with magnets that we keep on the fridge. During dinner we try to memorize the apostles names.
  • Saturday morning we get donuts! This is not something we typically do any other time of year so it is special.
  • I always try to have a special coloring/activity conference book (that I make on the computer.)
  • Between sessions on Saturday we go on a picnic. It is nice to get out and get some sunshine to feel rejuvenated for the next session. I try to fix something a little nicer than PB&J. My favorite is chicken salad on croissants!
  • When Kendon gets home from Priesthood Session he and I have special banana splits and he tells me about the session. I love to listen to the things that he thought were important for himself and our family. This year he even took notes. I was impressed! I'm excited for when Connor is old enough to go with his dad and the girls and I can be at home making yummy ice cream sundaes with all the toppings! For now, the kiddos just go to bed.
  • On Sunday morning we make a nice breakfast. This year we made Breakfast Pizza. It is so yummy that Kendon decided THAT recipe needs to be tradition too.
  • This isn't really a tradition (though it may become one) but try giving your kids peanuts in the shell as a snack. You would be surprised how long your kids will sit quietly, shelling and eating peanuts. It made a HUGE mess but the kids enjoyed it!
  • I also bought Skittles this year for another little game that I forgot to do. (I was just too darn sick to remember it.) During each talk, choose a word for the kids to listen for. When they hear it, they get a skittle. (You could be more health conscious and use raisins, grapes, peanuts etc.) This WOULD have been fun, I'm sure!
Well, there are a few of the things that we do. I want Conference to be a special time that my kiddos look forward to throughout the year! So far, I feel like we are on the right track!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Jensen Family Week in Review Mar. 31st - April 6th

By the Numbers...

1 Child registered for kindergarten.

1 Mommy who is very sad and not ready to send Sirri to kindergarten.

1 7th Anniversary

1 Vacation Day to Celebrate with the family!

Lots of fun!

3 Bows and Arrows.

1 Child who is now wanting a bow too!

1 Daddy who is MORE than happy to buy his little girl a bow.

2 Of the CUTEST little bowling shoes ever!

2 Days it snowed this week.

1 VERY sick Mommy.

48 Straight hours in bed or on the couch.

1 Daddy who makes a great nurse and house husband! And who also took a sick day for the mommy.

5 Loads of laundry washed and folded by Dad.

Countless Dishes done by dad.

12 Meals for the kids, cooked by dad.

Many SICK photos of Mommy. Thx Hon.

8 Times Dad swept the floor.

Numberless Times dad asked Mom what he could do for her.

Very Thankful Mommy!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


"I cannot be a Mom today,"
said, Lisa-Marie Jensen the first.
I'm rarely sick, but this is a doozy,
definitely the worst.
My cough is all hoarsey
my throat is raw
Kendon suggests the doctor,
A few reasons why that just won't do
I'm not going anywhere, reasons one and two:
I can't leave the comfort of this old couch,
and take the kids with me,
I'd be a huge grouch.
Not convincing? You need some more?
Why I'm not going, reasons three and four:
I can't get warm, I've got the chills
I'll just stay home and keep downing IBU pills.
Last but not least, my hair's a sight
And I've still got pride, yea that's right.
So, I'll just stay home in the disaster the kids are makin',
when the house looks like this
you know I aint fakin'.
Thank goodness for Kendon
he's been in and out
only leaving for work when a call comes about.
So, why am I blogging I'm sure you'd ask
I'm trying to fake well,
but it's only a mask.
So for another day, maybe two,
you'll find me on the couch
Boo Hoo Hoo.

What's that I said about pride?
I must really like you, my bloggy friends, or I wouldn't post these horrific pictures!
My sisters and I always say, "Bigelow girls are NOT cute right about of bed, but we fix up alright."

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Jensen Family Week in Review Mar. 24th-30th

I HOPE.....

Kendon and I can go on another date soon!

We had a good time listening to Glenn Beck speak at our local DARE graduation.
Kendon really really likes Glenn Beck.

We also went to Dairy Queen.
Do you think there will ever be a time that I will be able to go to DQ without being reminded that I hit the pole?!?!?

That Sirri and Connor won't demand homemade peanut butter playdough every time now.

That the Easter Bunny won't play tricks on me next year.

Somehow, we ended up with a few eggs that weren't cooked. Connor managed to find them all. I seriously do not know how this happened. I'm baffled.

We will have NO MORE snow days.
March 27, 2008

That the weather can warm up so we don't have to have playgroup at my house again until next year.

The kiddos had a good time making buggy headbands and ants on a log but this house is too little for 12 kids. My blood pressure was really raging before they all left.

And Meg LOVES peanut butter. By the spoon. After spoon. After spoon.
Is she old enough to have peanut butter?

I can get our tea parties under control. It started to get a little crazy!

The kids don't think they get to stay up with me every Tuesday night for American Idol.

Sirri and Connor will always want to be dancing partners!