Tuesday, April 8, 2008

General Conference

I LOVE General Conference. I especially love conference in the spring. It is such a special time. A time of new growth and hope and change.

This year was extra special as we were able to take part in the Solemn Assembly where President Thomas S. Monson was sustained as our new prophet. What a neat experience to be able to stand with my whole family, in our living room, in our pajamas, and raise our hands to the square and sustain our prophet. What a great opportunity to renew our resolve to follow the teachings of the prophet and to make choices and commitments that will help us be closer to the Lord and to grow as a family.

When Kendon and I got married we decided that we wanted to make Conference weekend a special time to look forward to and to spend as a family. We want it to be a weekend where no other plans are made. A weekend to grow in our spirituality and in our love for each other. Throughout the last seven years we have started some traditions that have helped us reach that goal. As our children grow our traditions have continued to evolve, change and be added upon. Here are some of the things that we do.

  • We always start the week with a special Conference Family Home Evening. We try to get the kids excited that they get to watch the prophet on t.v. in a few days. This year we talked about the people coming to listen to King Benjamin. They brought their tents and faced the doors to the temple and sat with their families to hear the prophet's words. Saturday morning we built a tent/fort that the kids sat in to listen to the prophet.
  • I've made a memory game with the pictures of the prophet and apostles that the kids can play with throughout the week. I also have a set with magnets that we keep on the fridge. During dinner we try to memorize the apostles names.
  • Saturday morning we get donuts! This is not something we typically do any other time of year so it is special.
  • I always try to have a special coloring/activity conference book (that I make on the computer.)
  • Between sessions on Saturday we go on a picnic. It is nice to get out and get some sunshine to feel rejuvenated for the next session. I try to fix something a little nicer than PB&J. My favorite is chicken salad on croissants!
  • When Kendon gets home from Priesthood Session he and I have special banana splits and he tells me about the session. I love to listen to the things that he thought were important for himself and our family. This year he even took notes. I was impressed! I'm excited for when Connor is old enough to go with his dad and the girls and I can be at home making yummy ice cream sundaes with all the toppings! For now, the kiddos just go to bed.
  • On Sunday morning we make a nice breakfast. This year we made Breakfast Pizza. It is so yummy that Kendon decided THAT recipe needs to be tradition too.
  • This isn't really a tradition (though it may become one) but try giving your kids peanuts in the shell as a snack. You would be surprised how long your kids will sit quietly, shelling and eating peanuts. It made a HUGE mess but the kids enjoyed it!
  • I also bought Skittles this year for another little game that I forgot to do. (I was just too darn sick to remember it.) During each talk, choose a word for the kids to listen for. When they hear it, they get a skittle. (You could be more health conscious and use raisins, grapes, peanuts etc.) This WOULD have been fun, I'm sure!
Well, there are a few of the things that we do. I want Conference to be a special time that my kiddos look forward to throughout the year! So far, I feel like we are on the right track!


jessica said...

I love your ideas! Those are so great. And, BTW, we had breakfast pizza before Sunday conference too! Mmmm, we're thinking of making it a tradition as well!

Jenibelle said...

Okay, I'm scum. I made boring pancakes and yelled at the boys to get their heinies downstairs NOW!!! I'm such a good mom. But that's our tradition, me yelling at them to "git yerselves down those stairs!" That, and shushing them constantly while they talk during the talks. I am humbled to be in the cyberspace with a mother much greater than I.

Kim said...

YOU and your ideas amaze me sister! Enough said!!!!

Hollyween said...

You're an amazing mom. Levi was complaining so much about conference that I let him sit at the computer and play games. I'm horrible. You've inspired me to try harder next year!
I LOVED Brother Ballards talk the MOST!

Rochelleht said...

Oh wow! You rock!!! I so agree that conference is a sacred weekend. I'm amazed at how many just blow off Saturday. I need it too much, I tell you! I've always been a conference Nazi. My dh and I got into a huge fight the first year of our marriage because he made us leave the stake center in the middle of the last talk to make it to someone's house on time. It was Pres. Monson's talk and I was SOOOO mad to miss it. Kind of incongruent, but there you go. At least he learned then that we NEVER miss conference Sat or Sun.

You are so awesome. I love love love those ideas!!!

Lauren said...

Thank you for the lovely ideas! You are a wonderful example!

I really enjoyed conference...I love the idea of the skittles :)

Do your kids stay in the room with you or do they go play sometimes?

Lisa-Marie said...

You guys give me too much credit. Just because I TRY all these things to keep my kids quiet and still and listening doesn't mean they all work. My kids are still noisy and bored and run around just like any other 3 and 4 year old. But we try. Someday they'll sit quiet. Maybe.

Bridget said...

What great ideas! I need to remember these come October. We did the general conference packets with the bingo and word searches and such. My daughter loved it and my boys even did it some too. I like how you make the meals special too. I want to do that!

Pam said...

Just exactly where did you come from??? Was there a mixup in the hospital?!?! You are something else dolly! I love you! Mom

NT Weekes Family ~ said...

Great Ideas! :o)
I'll have to try some of those next time.
We usually send the kids to the "playroom" so Tom & I can enjoy the talks w/out missing much. Watching church on t.v. -- Not very "entertaining" for my children. - As long as my kids know what Conference IS, for now... that is what matters most to me. ~ We usually have them come in & listen to the last talk by the Prophet. - That's about as long as they will sit still & listen. :o>

Good For You Lisa!

gab said...

Yes! Good for you! I love love love Conference.

My mom and dad started the General Conference trail mix tradition and we've carried that on.

Making a Conference a family tradition will pay off...my older ones really recognize the Apostles and sat for a long time this year.

Jessica said...

I loved all of it. I read about someone who said that because she read the talks, she didn't try to deal with having her kids watch it. What a missed oppurtunity for her kids. We had such a neat feeling as we watched the Solemn Assembly and I can't imagine my kids not getting to know and love the Spirit of Conference.

Laurie said...

Those are such amazing ideas! I need to build it up better with my boys so it's more fun. Thanks for sharing, now I can't wait for October. ;)

Emy5 said...

Thanks for posting about your conference traditions. Your respect for the occasion will be passed on to your kids, I am sure. We are still working on being reverent, but it was awesome to feel the Spirit in our home for the short time that we all watched together.

Hazen5 said...

Great traditions!! I think I am going to steal a couple.

Laurel said...

Fantastic! I want to be just like you, so, with that in mind, next conference why don't you post your games? Then I can be just like you without doing all the work...that is incredibly lazy but totally truthful. ;0)

Grandma W. said...

I am like your Mom! Where did you come from, Girl? You are so full of ideas and you try them!!
And, your poor old Grandma is still trying to get all the pictures arranged by year for the boys scrapbooks, which I have to have done by the end of May and middle of June!
Oh well, I work well under pressure!
Love You!

The Anderson Family said...

Lisa Marie,

I finally watched the video clip of you and Jaci as I figured out our steaming video thing. Any way you guys have way too much fun....I wish I lived closer. Love your blog and all your ideas. I'm so using some of the General conference ideas for the FHE group I am in. Look forward to future posts.

Shally said...

Those are all fun ideas-- thanks for sharing!

I also have my husband share everything from the priesthood session. When we used to live by family, all the girls would make yummy desserts together to share when the hubby's got home. It was so fun-- and my husband is a great note taker (even in the dark!)

Anonymous said...

very imaginative ideas... love the peanuts, you're right though... messy.

Love that you have something to look forward to like that, and that the kids as well, seem to enjoy it as you do.

Stephanie said...

Some darn cute ideas I am going to have to steal...I always love reading your blog..so stinkin' cute!!

Maren :) said...

Hi there! I popped on over from Christie's blog. (Since I don't have my own blog, I love reading people's comments to her... and yours are some I enjoy!) Just wanted to say that we decided the same thing years ago... and it really has paid off! Our older girls start counting down, saying "only 2 more weeks 'til General Conference" and our 6 year year old had a hard time not calling it President Hinckley Day this time. We do crafts and cinnamon rolls... but each conference finds more of us sitting on the couch just listening. Keep up the great work!
(Love the Skittle idea!)

Observer Of Life said...


Just discovered your blog randomly through Pioneer Woman! It's so great to find other LDS through the internet.

I loved browsing your blog and learning a little about your life. This posting in particular inspired me - some great ideas there that I'll have to start with my family... i especially like the FHE one on the run up to conference... my twins are only 9 months at the moment, but that's one I'll definately do.

Love your little photo montages, and your post about not being able to attend the BYU women's conference made me smile.

Thanks for the great blogging.

Stella from England