Friday, December 12, 2008

This Old Mare Just Aint What She Used to be.

So, on Monday I turn the big 3-0.

I'm not sure what thirty is supposed to feel like, but whatever it is...I'm not feeling it.

Most days, I look at my life and wonder who this man is in my bed and where did these three children come from. Aren't I still a seventeen year old cheerleader with big bangs and an obnoxious personality?

I'm not thirty.

Well, I guess I am. I guess it's true.

And this week, I've been reminded.

The other day Kendon and I were discussing a girl he works with.

Kendon: "She's about 25ish."

Me: "So, she's about my age."

Kendon: "'re not really 25ish anymore."

Me: "Oh."

Here's another reality check for you....

Kendon: "Sirri, you're so cute! Where did you come from? You must be cute like your mom."

Sirri: "Well, I'm CUTER than my mom. But, don't worry mom, I still love you."


And just one more.

Sirri: "So, mom. What kind of birthday cake are you going to have?"
Me: "I don't know sis. What kind do you think I should have?"

Sirri: "You could have a princess cake!"
Me: "Yeah. That's a good idea. Do you think I'm a princess?"

Sirri: "Um? Yeah? ............pause and in thought........... Well, mom. Maybe you should just have a Mommy cake."

What? This isn't what thirty year olds act like?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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Thursday, November 27, 2008


For Family Night on Monday, we did our traditional Thankful Tree.

Here is what everyone came up with;

  • my friends and my grandma
  • my shoes
  • exercising in the pool
  • scriptures
  • Jesus
  • the prophet
  • mommy
  • the church
  • to go eat
  • my baby sister
  • our heater to keep our house warm
  • daddy's phone
  • my blankets to keep me warm when I am sleeping
  • our lights
  • my body
  • our computer
Meg (with help):
  • bubbles
  • popsicles
  • baby
  • blankie
  • nursery leaders
  • baby Sarah
  • shoes
  • the Priesthood
  • temples and mt forever family
  • my job
  • silk nighties (giggle)
  • hunting
  • the doctors who worked on Sirri
  • my family
  • my husband
  • our house
  • my sisters
  • my family's health
  • the gym
  • hugs and kisses

Monday, November 24, 2008

Jensen Family LAST TWO Weeks in Review


Sirri had her three month check-up with her oncologist and all is well. She had a CT scan that was totally clear and her urinalysis had no sign of the cancerous chemicals. Dr. Hancock said it would have been normal to still have some traces of the elevated chemicals but her test came back 100% normal!!!! Hip hip hooray! Sirri and I went to Walmart after her appointment and I was so happy and excited that I felt like getting on the intercom system in the store to announce to everyone our good news! (But, I didn't!)

At this appointment we also learned that the surgeon who performed Sirri's surgery, was the lead surgeon of the team who separated the siamese twins in Utah. I guess they weren't kidding when they called her, "the master." Sirri was definitely in great hands!

Mommy News:

Last weekend I was able to go on a retreat with some girlfriends to Island Park. We stayed Thursday through Saturday and it was fabulous! I got LOTS of Christmas projects done. We had lots of great food, conversation, laughs, and not much sleep. I always come home so tired but revived at the same time. Thank you to Kendon for encouraging me and helping out so I can go to these things!

Tammie, Tracy, Suzette, Anne-Marie, Me, Shelli, Jaci

AND, all those Christmas presents that I worked on, are all wrapped and in the mail. Woo hoo! That is a first for me. I'm usually the one at the post office paying extra to make sure everything arrives on time!

Birthday News:

Meg turned two. Boo hoo. My baby isn't a baby anymore. (Sigh. Sob. Pout.) I'm not ready to have her growing up on me, but ready or not..... I really can not believe how she changes every day. She is continually learning new words, new tricks, and wanting to be just like her big brother and sister. She is also becoming quite naughty and can pout like nobody's business.Smarty Pants News:

Connor beat me SEVEN/7 times at memory. He beat his dad 3/5 times. He is so stinking observant! And he isn't a poor winner. I appreciate that. He always tells me, "good job, Mom."
Weather News:

We have snow on the ground. Just a skiff is left in shady areas, but snow none the less. My kids ask for hot cocoa every day, we all have snotty noses and sore throats and we have been reading lots more books. Winter is here for good. Sigh. Holiday News:

Well, the holidays are officially here and I'm excited. I can't wait to put up my decorations on friday and to turn the Christmas tunes on!!!!

Sirri had a Thanksgiving feast at school that Kendon and I attended. It's so fun to be with her at school. (And remember when I mentioned that I think Isaac has a crush on Sirri. I was right. His mom confirmed it. (she volunteered the info. I didn't ask!!!) She said Isaac talks about Sirri all the time and is always pointing her out at school! Oh man. School crushes. Am I ready for this?!?!?!) Sirri has a Christmas Program next week and I'm so excited. I know. Call me crazy. But she is my first in school and this kind of stuff is still so fun for me! I can't wait! A bunch of kindergartners dressed up like lambs, singing Christmas songs.... It doesn't get much cuter than that!

Here's to another great week!

Hope everyone is happy and well on Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

He's got the Memory of an Elephant.

Today in the van:

Sirri: "It's not fair, my sucker is broken and yours isn't, Connor."

Connor: "Well, it wasn't fair when we were taking pictures and you got to go to Chuck E Cheese and I didn't."

This conversation proves that Love and Logic DOES in fact work and leaves a lasting impression.
These are the pictures he was talking about.
They were taken in MARCH.
And look at that sweet face.
Who would believe he was being naughty??!?!!?

Friday, November 21, 2008


Recently I was cooking dinner for my family. I was basking in the smell of hamburger. Real hamburger. From a cow.

We usually have a freezer full of elk burger.Even though, every time I go to the grocery store and watch people buying hamburger for $2.99/lb., I am thankful for my elk, I still yearn for the familiar taste of beef.

And lately, beef it has been!

Happy day for me.

Sad day for Kendon.

This year Kendon didn't hunt elk. Much of his time off was "scheduled" for him with Sirri's medical emergency and his tonsillectomy. So, the hunt was off.

And as thrilled as I am that I get to eat beef this year, I also feel a sadness and void for what has been missing this season for Kendon.

Kendon lives for this time of year. When the Elk begin their rut Kendon is filled with an excitement that is visible. Every year when he pulls his camo out of storage he has an extra bounce in his step. When Kendon hears an elk bugle it speaks to his heart. When he tells a new hunting success story every year and you hear the spark in his voice, you would think it was his first.

Kendon is passionate about his hunting. And this passion is one of the things that first attracted me to him.

So, every time I am eating beef I will try to remember that Kendon's loss and sacrifice is responsible for my gain.

Next year hon. Next year.

Kendon's favorite quote:

"When we can no longer draw bows, when sinew has shrunk and bone gone brittle; we will hunt in our dreams, because hunting is part of our souls."

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Dad is AMAZING! Here are a few reasons why....

He always wants to experience our everyday activities with us.

He is carrying on the tradition of "Pony Boy."

He treats the women in his life with utmost respect.

He is enthusiastic.

He is very handsome. Especially his "proud face."

He revels the small joys in life and teaches them to his children and grandchildren.

He always makes it to special occasions.

He is always more than willing to help with a project. (And does very good work!)

He loves to read my kids bedtime stories.

He is ADORED by Connor.

He taught me to LOVE ice cream.

He is always up for taking outings.

He is kind and gentle.

He is not afraid to be silly.

He loves his family.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

If you know what it is...why don't you USE IT?!?!?!?

Daddy: "You guys need to be quiet, Meg's sleeping."

Connor: "Ya, use our church voice."

Monday, November 10, 2008

Jensen Family Week in Review Nov. 2-8

E-mail version.

Kendon was out of town this last week. So, rather than rewrite what we did all week, I’ll just post some of the e-mails I sent him. Sometimes needed to “talk” when Kendon was in class so I would e-mail him. He is more of a phone talker so replies are few and far in between.

By the way, this is kinda long and possibly boring. This is definitely a “for posterity” kind of post. Feel free to browse/skim/skip!

Nov. 2

Hey I am here on the plane getting ready to leave and thought I would sen you a little not to say that I Love you.

Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Nov. 2

Sorry I didn't call you when we got home. By the time we got home and I got all the kids to bed it was after 7:30, 9:30 your time and I was hoping you were asleep and didn't want to chance waking you. I hope you are feeling better and will be okay for class tomorrow.

I'm glad that Karen had us over for dinner. It was nice to get the kiddos out of the house on such a rainy yucky day. (I'm not sure we are ready for, "be cooped up all day" winter kind of days. ick. Oh well. Ready or not, here they come.) It was also nice to be at Karen's for the company. Sometimes the first day you are gone is the hardest. I always seem to feel the loneliest the first day. The, I get in a groove, getting stuff done and I'm okay for a few days and then I get lonely again a day or two before you get home.

I'm going to go climb in bed and read for a bit. (but first the dreaded bed time routine. Ugh. I hate washing my face. What a pain water proof mascara is.) I'm debating whether or not I'm going to smuggle a kiddo into bed with me or not. The whole bed to myself does sound kinda nice, but on the other hand, I always feel more safe when someone is sleeping with me. I'm not sure what protection a five year old is but......

Anyway, hope you are feeling better.

I'll call you when we all wake up.

Love you lots. Miss you too.


P.S. Did I tell you about the new stake president who looks 30 years old (tops.) Yikes. Aren't you glad you're not him?!?!?! I'm glad you aren't him!!!! And did you know it's been 28 years since the Sugar Stake was created. Interesting huh? Little Rexburg is growing up. aaaah. How sweet.... Maybe. I don't want it getting too big. We might have to move to, oh I don't know....Ogolala, Nebraska!!!! Seriously, I need to go to bed. Now I'm getting delusional! Ogalala. In my wildest dreams. Or should I say nightmare!?!?!?!



Nov. 4

Holy Moly, your daughter is going to send me to the looney bin. Do you like how I refer to her as YOUR daughter when she is being crazy?

I just sent all three kids to bed sad. Okay I take that back. Connor of course was laughing cause that's what he does when he is nervous (just like me.) and Meg just looked at me like, "Dude, mom...what's Sirri's problem?"

Sirri on the other hand. VERY sad. I really hope she is not feeling well or something else to explain her behavior.(I really don't hope she is sick, but you know what I mean....)

She was laying in Meg's crib, "wanting to be alone," and of course Connor was opening and closing the door and making "too much noise." And in about 1 minute tops, Sirri went from calm to off the wall screaming and hysterical crying. It's been a long time since Sirri has wigged out like that. I forgot what it's like. Oh, heaven help me.

So, everyone went down for naps.

I think I just might too.

Oh, hope class is going well. :)

And, no need to catch the first flight home. All will be well when I've had a few minutes to recover. I promise you will come home to live children!!!!


Nov. 4

Well, in under five minutes the kids were all asleep. And I didn't hear one word out of them. (That may have been due to my threats. Not my best moment but at least they believed me! Maybe it's time to reread Love and logic. sigh.)

As for me... Feeling better already, thank you!

Should I clean up the house or read my book? Which do you think I'll choose.

P.S. Love you most.

Nov. 4

Good night. I'm off to bed. Hopefully the wind won't keep me up all night as it did last night.

We know the rain beating on the windows won't be a distraction tonight since IT'S now SNOW.

Don't forget, no wise cracks about your balmy 72* weather, alright.

If you do, you just might come home to Christmas music a month early! That would serve you right!!!!

Love you.



Nov 5

Guess what I’m eating right now?


It's November.
All the Christmas stuff is out.
It's pink.
It's delicious.
It's my favorite.
I'll eat it all by myself.

Nov. 6

Well, if the snow wasn't indication enough that Jack Frost is here for good, how about some more proof.

I made play dough today. Play dough is most definitely a winter activity. Sigh.

Oh, AND the kids had hot cocoa tonight. They were so excited!

Hope class is going well. Call me when you are done. I'll still be up. Though, I am feeling quite tired tonight. I'm feeling lonely for you too. Thank goodness it's the home stretch until your back. I even let Sirri sleep with me last night. She woke up at midnight saying she was having bad dreams and instead of taking her back to bed, I let her crawl in with me. (I always wonder what her bad dreams are about. She says, "I don't know.")

Well, I'll go get the kiddos in jammers and to bed.

Love you.


Nov. 6

Love you too, I am SO glad that I only have one more day.....
I will talk to you in the morning.

Love you and the kiddos


Nov. 7

Hey, in six hours you will be headed home! Yippee!

When I put the kids to bed tonight and told them that you would be home tomorrow, they were excited!

My Scentsy Party went well. I had ten people come and apparently that is a good turn out. I'm not so sure about that when I invited 22!!! No biggie. I was just hoping for a fun night with some girlfriends and that's exactly what I got. I also got 18.50 worth of free product and 1/2 off one item. So, I ended up spending $13.00 and got ten smelly bars. (When i say smelly, I mean yummy smelly!) Paying regular price would have cost me about $45, so I feel good about it! Though, I wonder, is it human nature to not want to pass up a deal? Because I could have just gotten the 18.50 in free product and stopped there but OH NO...I had to use the 50% off deal too. Can't let a bargain get you by. It's like you taught me... you can go broke buying bargains!!!! Oh well! At least our stinky old house will smell good! And if I have done the math right (no math jokes) I have enough smellies for 180 days! Not bad!

The kids went to Sharman and Stacey's to hang out while I had my party. That was so helpful. They would have had way too much fun smelling the scents all night and I would have been crazy. So, I appreciated the help. Meg was here for the party though (she was too interested in the hot fire stove) so Stacey brought her back. She LOVED opening all the jars of scents and smelling them.

Sirri and Sydney played together ALL day today. Syd came over after school and stayed til the party started. They played really well together and had a good time. They painted their nails THREE times! Silly girls.

Connor had Koy's birthday party this afternoon and had a good time. Though, Jaci did say that he was a little overwhelmed by all the kids. There were 11 boys and Jaci said that it was apparent that that was too many for Connor. He would say, "I just want to play with Koy." and wouldn't take his turn during the games. He wasn't being pouty or snotty he just felt better observing. Interesting. But, it doesn't surprise me either. Connor IS our observer.

Well, I'm going to go to bed.

Love you much and will see you soon!!! Hope you have a comfortable flight.


Nov. 8

I'm so glad that you are almost home. Hooray.

Here is a hint for you....Please be sure to rant and rave about the Sweet and Sour Chicken I make for dinner tonight. I just stood in line at Albertsons for over thirty minutes to buy the peppers. SERIOUSLY, thirty minutes. The kids were, well, KIDS and I tried my very best to be patient. Sometimes being patient takes more energy than to just go crazy and drag them out to the car like I wanted to. But, I prevailed.

So, again, when you are eating dinner tonight, whether it is better than what you've been eating all week or not, please make my shopping trip worth it with lots of compliments!!!!!

We'll see you soon. Hip hip hooray!




Sunday, November 9, 2008

All I Need to Know...I'm Learning in Kindergarten.

I help every week in Sirri's classroom. I've learned a thing or two so far this year.

I've learned...that Sirri's a leader. This is what I was told the other day by Grandma Patsy, a helper in their room.

"Oh, you are Sirri's mom. We had a daughter just like her growing up. We used to call her the DIRECTOR! Just wait til she's thirteen."

I've learned...that her backpack never ends up on the hook, it's always laying on the floor.

I've learned...that Sirri views school as a social event.

I've learned...that Sirri has been eating breakfast at school even though her daddy makes her a nice meal every morning. (But apparently she throws most if not all of it away.)

I've learned...that her breakfast habit cost me $11.80. (I've spoken with the cafeteria ladies and she will no longer be eating breakfast!)

I've learned...Sirri doesn't wear her coat to recess.

I've learned...that kids are drawn to Sirri and love to be near her in the classroom and I think (but could be wrong) that Isaac has a crush on her!

I've learned...that the Beagley 3 watch out for Sirri at school and I appreciate it!

I've learned...that jumpropes make great horseys at recess.

I've learned... Sirri's growing up and there's not a darn thing I can do about it!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Yee you."

I've always been a little bit concerned about Meg's communication skills. She had been quite slow to speak...UNTIL NOW!

Suddenly, she has started to talk and learns and uses new words every day. When she talks she seems so big and every day my baby grows up a bit more. Before I know it, I'll be putting her on a bus for school.

Here are a few cute things she has said lately:
  • "Mama, wa me." (Translation: "mama, watch me."
  • "I hepping. I hepping." (Translation: I'm helping. I'm helping." And she was so proud of herself!)
  • I was wiping Meg's nose and she was upset. I picked a booger off and said, "See Meg? Look!" Her response..."WOW!"
  • Meg kept putting my hoodie on my head and I asked her to stop. She looked at me and said, "tay." Then she was doing it again and I again asked her to stop. Sweet Meggers said, "Tay. Tarry." (Sorry.)
Other words:

pease- please
See- Sirri
Nonnor- Connor
dah done - all done
dee - drink
tane tou - thank you
nack - snack
myeee - more
bankie - blanket
buboy - bubbles (refering to one in her nose!!!)
yee you - I love you

Thursday, November 6, 2008

“Let your hearts be comforted concerning Zion; for all flesh is in mine hands; be still and know that I am God.” (D&C 101:16.)

As proud as I am to be an American right now, I'm also nervous and hesitant for our future.

Any time we are faced with significant changes in our lives, it can be a time of apprehension. I am anxious as to what the next four years will bring us as a country. I hope that the outcome of our recent election will prove to have been the right choice for our country as a whole and my individual family. While I did not vote for Obama, and do not agree with all of his policies, I will support him and pray for him because it's the right thing to do.

During this time of uncertainty I am comforted by some words spoken by President Hinckley.

President Hinckley understood that we are living in a challenging dispensation but he was always a man of optimism. He said,

"These are difficult times. The economy is struggling. There is conflict in the world. But the Almighty is keeping his promise that He will bless those who walk in faith and righteousness before Him."

So, amidst all the chaos and uncertainty that is being felt in my head and my heart, if I really stop and reflect on who we are and what we have been given, I can feel peace. We are living in the Promised Land and we are children of a Heavenly Father who loves us and who will watch over us. We have been taught that if we do all that we can to take care of our families, He will take care of us.

So, that is what we will do. Kendon and I will ask Santa for food storage for Christmas (smile), we will continue to decrease our debt, we will recommit to building a strong foundation that will sustain our family. And, we will remember that, "if ye are prepared, ye shall not fear."

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"We hold these truths to be self evident...

that all men are created equal."

This is a beautiful line from our Declaration of Independence, as penned by men who, I believe, were inspired.

Unfortunately, our country has not always lived up to this ideal as well as it could and should have throughout its history.

That is why I feel today is a historical day. Whether you are for McCain or for Obama and setting all politics aside, today is a day to be proud to be an American.

We live in a country where dreams are meant to be dreamed and our highest aspirations can be accomplished. Just ask this guy...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Jensen Family HalloWEEK in Review

I love Halloween and I think, so far, I've done a sufficient job in rubbing a bit of the infatuation off on my children as well! We had a busy busy week (by Friday I was absolutely worn out) but had tons of fun!!!

Here's a run down of the Halloween events.

Kendon has always wanted to buy a pumpkin carving set and this year he broke down and dished out the six bucks for a kit. I think Kendon's six buck kit, helped produce million dollar jack o lanterns! Kendon was quite talented! (All the pumpkins are from our garden!!!)

Fun with Food:

1. LOTS of frosting eyeballs. 2. Spider pizzas. 3. Monster pudding. 4. Eyeballs on apple sauce. (The kids asked to have eyeballs in everything!)

The Straw Maze:
This maze was right across the street from us. All month we would watch the cars come and go and could hear the spooky music being played at night. The kids were so excited to finally go over and wind our way through the maze and it did not disappoint. The kids LOVED it. They had a great time riding there and back in the four wheeler trailer and were great leaders.

Meg was the cutest little chicken and really stole the show wherever we went! She loved the attention and would say, "bawk, bawk," when she knew someone was oohing over her. She hated the costume at first but by the end of the week, she knew that when she put the feathers on, people gave her candy!

For a few months before Halloween, Sirri was sure she wanted to be the Easter Bunny. I was fine with that until I saw THIS costume. I just knew Sirri would make the cutest poodle. So, I convinced her to be the poodle, all the while she thought it was her idea. (I'm very sad that I won't be able to sneakily "guide" my kid's costume choices much longer.) She was especially happy to be a poodle once Brooke decided she wanted to be a poodle too. (even though Brooke didn't know what a poodle was. "It's what Sirri's going to be for halloween," she said.) I named Sirri Lou Lou because that is my nickname for her!

Connor, our Batman Power Ranger. Koy, planned on being a Power Ranger this year. So, of course Connor wanted to be one too. Little did Connor know that his costume was really Batman. He didn't care. He loved the mask and cape and belt. Connor, you can be my super hero any day!

Trunk 'r Treat at G&G Jensen's:
We always go up to G&G Jensen's for their ward party. By the time we were done that night, Meg's cotume was covered in chili and rootbeer and it was only Tuesday. She looked like a drown chicken. By the end of the week, the feathers were so trashed I had to throw them out. Boo hoo.

Donuts and a Frightful Feast:
Wednesday we made donuts for our friends and neighbors. It was fun/messy. Connor as always was the number one helper in the kitchen. I wouldn't be surprised if he's a chef some day! The donuts turned out tasty! While Kendon and the kids delivered all 80 donuts, I prepared a Frightful Feast.

The menu: Goblets of Blood, Creepy Crawly Jello, Goblin Guts (which the kids wouldn't eat. "That's Bisguisting!" said Connor. Mummy dogs, and bloody fingers. YUM!

Best Buddies and a Carnival:
I wonder how many years these best buddies will all have to have matching costumes?!?! I hope a long time!

After the pictures we headed to the nursing home for a carnival. I love attending this every year. I think it is important for my kids to feel comfortable in the nursing home setting and with the residents. On the drive there, Sirri said, "Mom, remember when we came here after gymnastics that one time and gave snowflakes to the people? That was fun." I hope my kids will always be able to feel the spirit of service and know that it can be very simple to cheer someone's day!

Sirri's Class Party:
I enjoy helping in Sirri's classroom and watching her interact with her classmates. I always learn so much about my child when I am there. (I have a whole post about this!)

Another Carnival and More Trick 'r Treating:
The rexburg Motor Sports Carnival. As long as they have cotton candy every year...I'm THERE!
Trunk 'r Treating at our ward building.
Can you tell that Meg caught the "spirit" of things?!?!?!

Even though I was pooped out by this time friday night, we headed to G&G Jensen's to go trick 'r treating with the cousins. I'm so glad that we did. Doing the "real deal" door to door, was a first for my kids and they loved it. All the cousins had such a great time together and were such good buddies to eachother. Zack took such good care of Connor, caring his bag for him and making sure that at every door Connor got his treat. Zack would say, "one for me and one for the little man, please!" It is such a blessing to know that Zack will always watch out for my kiddos!

And so the week of fun festivities ended!

And I think we were all a little bit glad.

Saturday morning Connor said, "Mom....I'm ready for some healthy food, please!"