Saturday, November 22, 2008

He's got the Memory of an Elephant.

Today in the van:

Sirri: "It's not fair, my sucker is broken and yours isn't, Connor."

Connor: "Well, it wasn't fair when we were taking pictures and you got to go to Chuck E Cheese and I didn't."

This conversation proves that Love and Logic DOES in fact work and leaves a lasting impression.
These are the pictures he was talking about.
They were taken in MARCH.
And look at that sweet face.
Who would believe he was being naughty??!?!!?


Bridget said...

Those pictures are so sweet. Kids do seem to catalog all of those unfair moments in life and bring them up in a moments notice.

Grandma W. said...

Way to go Connor!! You can remember can't you? The pictures were cute anyway, but you will be a nice boy next time, won't you?
Aunt Cindy takes such good pictures and needs for you to be sweet at the time!!
We love you!

Grandma W. said...

You know, the house actually looks pretty big in that picture of "the little white house"!! Of course, if you were able to use the upstairs, it would make a lot of difference! Someday! You will have a bigger house and you will really apprciate it! You know, I have said many times, we had the most fun in our married life in the smallest house we lived in out in Marsing!!! I know you do too!!
Love you all!

Hazen5 said...

Oh, you'd be surprised how much they really remember! I can't ever imagine those two being naughty!

cath said...

i love your smart little munchkins contributions to the memory bucket.

thanks for your kind words on my blog about furbit - although i must say, i was SHOCKED to hear that kim ever had a hamster ... she made it seem like rodents were an absolute "not-gonna-happen" in her life kind of thing. hard to imagine she was ever the owner of one. i sense some mocking is going to happen ... (smiles) ...

queenieweenie said... careful what you say and PROMISE...they remember EVERYTHING!!!

Rochelleht said...

So do my kids and they remember even what they were wearing years ago. It's so crazy weird. It kinda freaks me out.

Jessica said...

Really? Really it works?! Because NOTHING is working today with these kids and I am about to just give up. Run out the door and never come back. Maybe I'll take Faith. SHe's still nice.

Lauren in GA said...

I know, right?! They can remember things that I so want them to forget!!!!!!!!!

Things like, "Mom, remember when you yelled at me so loud in the parking lot and the missionaries heard you?" Well, my dear boy...if you wouldn't run in the parking lot...

Those are LOVELY pictures!