Monday, November 10, 2008

Jensen Family Week in Review Nov. 2-8

E-mail version.

Kendon was out of town this last week. So, rather than rewrite what we did all week, I’ll just post some of the e-mails I sent him. Sometimes needed to “talk” when Kendon was in class so I would e-mail him. He is more of a phone talker so replies are few and far in between.

By the way, this is kinda long and possibly boring. This is definitely a “for posterity” kind of post. Feel free to browse/skim/skip!

Nov. 2

Hey I am here on the plane getting ready to leave and thought I would sen you a little not to say that I Love you.

Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Nov. 2

Sorry I didn't call you when we got home. By the time we got home and I got all the kids to bed it was after 7:30, 9:30 your time and I was hoping you were asleep and didn't want to chance waking you. I hope you are feeling better and will be okay for class tomorrow.

I'm glad that Karen had us over for dinner. It was nice to get the kiddos out of the house on such a rainy yucky day. (I'm not sure we are ready for, "be cooped up all day" winter kind of days. ick. Oh well. Ready or not, here they come.) It was also nice to be at Karen's for the company. Sometimes the first day you are gone is the hardest. I always seem to feel the loneliest the first day. The, I get in a groove, getting stuff done and I'm okay for a few days and then I get lonely again a day or two before you get home.

I'm going to go climb in bed and read for a bit. (but first the dreaded bed time routine. Ugh. I hate washing my face. What a pain water proof mascara is.) I'm debating whether or not I'm going to smuggle a kiddo into bed with me or not. The whole bed to myself does sound kinda nice, but on the other hand, I always feel more safe when someone is sleeping with me. I'm not sure what protection a five year old is but......

Anyway, hope you are feeling better.

I'll call you when we all wake up.

Love you lots. Miss you too.


P.S. Did I tell you about the new stake president who looks 30 years old (tops.) Yikes. Aren't you glad you're not him?!?!?! I'm glad you aren't him!!!! And did you know it's been 28 years since the Sugar Stake was created. Interesting huh? Little Rexburg is growing up. aaaah. How sweet.... Maybe. I don't want it getting too big. We might have to move to, oh I don't know....Ogolala, Nebraska!!!! Seriously, I need to go to bed. Now I'm getting delusional! Ogalala. In my wildest dreams. Or should I say nightmare!?!?!?!



Nov. 4

Holy Moly, your daughter is going to send me to the looney bin. Do you like how I refer to her as YOUR daughter when she is being crazy?

I just sent all three kids to bed sad. Okay I take that back. Connor of course was laughing cause that's what he does when he is nervous (just like me.) and Meg just looked at me like, "Dude, mom...what's Sirri's problem?"

Sirri on the other hand. VERY sad. I really hope she is not feeling well or something else to explain her behavior.(I really don't hope she is sick, but you know what I mean....)

She was laying in Meg's crib, "wanting to be alone," and of course Connor was opening and closing the door and making "too much noise." And in about 1 minute tops, Sirri went from calm to off the wall screaming and hysterical crying. It's been a long time since Sirri has wigged out like that. I forgot what it's like. Oh, heaven help me.

So, everyone went down for naps.

I think I just might too.

Oh, hope class is going well. :)

And, no need to catch the first flight home. All will be well when I've had a few minutes to recover. I promise you will come home to live children!!!!


Nov. 4

Well, in under five minutes the kids were all asleep. And I didn't hear one word out of them. (That may have been due to my threats. Not my best moment but at least they believed me! Maybe it's time to reread Love and logic. sigh.)

As for me... Feeling better already, thank you!

Should I clean up the house or read my book? Which do you think I'll choose.

P.S. Love you most.

Nov. 4

Good night. I'm off to bed. Hopefully the wind won't keep me up all night as it did last night.

We know the rain beating on the windows won't be a distraction tonight since IT'S now SNOW.

Don't forget, no wise cracks about your balmy 72* weather, alright.

If you do, you just might come home to Christmas music a month early! That would serve you right!!!!

Love you.



Nov 5

Guess what I’m eating right now?


It's November.
All the Christmas stuff is out.
It's pink.
It's delicious.
It's my favorite.
I'll eat it all by myself.

Nov. 6

Well, if the snow wasn't indication enough that Jack Frost is here for good, how about some more proof.

I made play dough today. Play dough is most definitely a winter activity. Sigh.

Oh, AND the kids had hot cocoa tonight. They were so excited!

Hope class is going well. Call me when you are done. I'll still be up. Though, I am feeling quite tired tonight. I'm feeling lonely for you too. Thank goodness it's the home stretch until your back. I even let Sirri sleep with me last night. She woke up at midnight saying she was having bad dreams and instead of taking her back to bed, I let her crawl in with me. (I always wonder what her bad dreams are about. She says, "I don't know.")

Well, I'll go get the kiddos in jammers and to bed.

Love you.


Nov. 6

Love you too, I am SO glad that I only have one more day.....
I will talk to you in the morning.

Love you and the kiddos


Nov. 7

Hey, in six hours you will be headed home! Yippee!

When I put the kids to bed tonight and told them that you would be home tomorrow, they were excited!

My Scentsy Party went well. I had ten people come and apparently that is a good turn out. I'm not so sure about that when I invited 22!!! No biggie. I was just hoping for a fun night with some girlfriends and that's exactly what I got. I also got 18.50 worth of free product and 1/2 off one item. So, I ended up spending $13.00 and got ten smelly bars. (When i say smelly, I mean yummy smelly!) Paying regular price would have cost me about $45, so I feel good about it! Though, I wonder, is it human nature to not want to pass up a deal? Because I could have just gotten the 18.50 in free product and stopped there but OH NO...I had to use the 50% off deal too. Can't let a bargain get you by. It's like you taught me... you can go broke buying bargains!!!! Oh well! At least our stinky old house will smell good! And if I have done the math right (no math jokes) I have enough smellies for 180 days! Not bad!

The kids went to Sharman and Stacey's to hang out while I had my party. That was so helpful. They would have had way too much fun smelling the scents all night and I would have been crazy. So, I appreciated the help. Meg was here for the party though (she was too interested in the hot fire stove) so Stacey brought her back. She LOVED opening all the jars of scents and smelling them.

Sirri and Sydney played together ALL day today. Syd came over after school and stayed til the party started. They played really well together and had a good time. They painted their nails THREE times! Silly girls.

Connor had Koy's birthday party this afternoon and had a good time. Though, Jaci did say that he was a little overwhelmed by all the kids. There were 11 boys and Jaci said that it was apparent that that was too many for Connor. He would say, "I just want to play with Koy." and wouldn't take his turn during the games. He wasn't being pouty or snotty he just felt better observing. Interesting. But, it doesn't surprise me either. Connor IS our observer.

Well, I'm going to go to bed.

Love you much and will see you soon!!! Hope you have a comfortable flight.


Nov. 8

I'm so glad that you are almost home. Hooray.

Here is a hint for you....Please be sure to rant and rave about the Sweet and Sour Chicken I make for dinner tonight. I just stood in line at Albertsons for over thirty minutes to buy the peppers. SERIOUSLY, thirty minutes. The kids were, well, KIDS and I tried my very best to be patient. Sometimes being patient takes more energy than to just go crazy and drag them out to the car like I wanted to. But, I prevailed.

So, again, when you are eating dinner tonight, whether it is better than what you've been eating all week or not, please make my shopping trip worth it with lots of compliments!!!!!

We'll see you soon. Hip hip hooray!





Kenny and Linsey said...

What a clever post. We will be thinking about and praying for Sirri today.

♥Shally said...

Very cute!

Good luck to Sirri-- we will be thinking of her...

Bridget said...

That was fun to read how you two talk to each other. Such a personal thing to sneak a peak at.

We'll be praying for Sirri as well.

Lauren in GA said...

I will be sure to say a prayer for Sirri ☺.

I loved this because I am totally nosy and I felt like I was sneakily getting to read your e-mails. hee hee...

I loved how you promised Kendon that he would, "come home to live children".

Did you make that awesome message board with the clips that you put his welcome home sign on? It is fabulous!

Robin said...

totally not boring. i read every word. and i felt sneaky. hee hee.

i totally loved your last post about kindergarten. your creativity never ceases to amaze me.

i'm thinking about sirri . . .

Robin said...

totally not boring. i read every word. and i felt sneaky. hee hee.

i totally loved your last post about kindergarten. your creativity never ceases to amaze me.

i'm thinking about sirri . . .

Robin said...

do you love how my comment came up twice. that's cause i'm doubly special.

Cindy said...

like robin, i read every word. you are such an incredible wife and mother. i hope one day i can be half of what you are.

i can't wait to have a family....

Cindy said...

like robin, i read every word. you are such an incredible wife and mother. i hope one day i can be half of what you are.

i can't wait to have a family....

Cindy said...

ahahahhahaaaa! robs...we're BOTH doubly special. wow...i feel special.

Grandma W. said...

I remember how it was when Papa was out of town for several days with his job - only the kids were all teenagers!!! That will keep you on your toes, Honey!!!! Glad Kendon is home now - for all of you!
We keep Sirri in our prayers ALWAYS, so everything has to be A-OK!! We love all of you!