Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Daughter...You Make Me PROUD!

I like to ask people:

"If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?"

Kendon's answer is always ELK. He chooses that cause he loves it, plus he says there are all kinds of ways to cook elk. (Personally, I think that is cheating and it is MY game!)

My answer is CORN on the COB! No matter that I would starve about 11 out of 12 months per year due to its growing season but hey!

So, I think that if Sirri understood the game and didn't decide on some treat of one kind or another (she is my TREAT GIRL!), her choice would also be corn on the cob. You should see the girl eat the stuff. She can eat three big ears in a sitting and does frequently! I love to watch her eat the cob clean and ask for more! Pure Joy!

This is what Sirri says her tummy and mouth feel like after eating corn on the cob!
And what great little helpers!

So...I'm Curious,
If you had to eat one thing the rest of YOUR life...What would YOU choose?

Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm Supposed to FEED My Kids Too?

The other day we made these cute little treats for the kid's friends who were going back to school. We attached a note that said, "Hope you have a COOL new school year!"

The kids had a great time helping make the treats but had much more fun lapping up every last drop of chocolate that they could possibly get their lips on. Poor starving kiddos!

It was a fun/messy day!

Sunday, August 26, 2007


It is nap time on a Sunday afternoon. Connor, Meg and Daddy are all asleep. Sirri is supposed to be. But she isn't. Instead she is entertaining me. She doesn't know it, but she is. I can hear her through her door and she is cracking me up.

A few minutes ago she was singing..."I am so beautiful in my pretty clothes. I am so pretty."

Now, she must be playing with her barn yard or Noah's Ark toy because I hear this, "Mooo, neigh, raaaar, baa, raaaar, baa. Eeee, eeee, raaaaaar." Oh that poor sheep and monkey. I think they just got eaten by a tiger!

I'll keep listening.....

"Everybody get in line. Everybody get in line. Everybody get in line." (in a very cute sing song voice!)

"Two lines, two lines and two leaders."

Lots of undecipherable singing. And more singing!

What a cute girl. I'm so glad that Sirri is able to entertain herself and can play creatively. I think that is a good quality. I am also thankful that she still takes naps and on the days that she doesn't she at least has some quiet time to herself. We BOTH need it!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Madison County Fair

Jaci and I took our kiddos to the fair last week. You have got to love the Madison County Fair. No long lines waiting for the rides, cause there are no rides, it's easy to choose what you'll eat since you have two choices. #1 the hamburgers that local wards sell, or #2 the free potato bar sponsored by, well, I don't know who sponsored it. I just know it was free! And you don't have to worry about losing your kids, cause there really aren't too many places for them to go since my back yard is almost as big as the fair grounds. I love living here!

So, truth be told, Jaci and I did actually lose Sirri and Brooke for a few minutes. As soon as we walked into the arena to see all the animals, they were gone. We looked and looked and finally found them.

Can you spot the two little fair goers?
How about now?
Don't they just look like little fair pros?!?!
Let's just hope that the caption that accompanies this picture isn't, "I think THAT cowboy is the cutest!"

Yikes! They are only FOUR!!!!

The tractors were also a big hit. Connor sat on them FOREVER and did not want to go. He also would not let me take his picture. He was busy apparently. "Mom, I am driving my tractor!"

He did take some time out of his busy tractor driving schedule for, "helping Sirri get stuck out of the mud." (that was his exact reply when I asked him what he was doing!)


Celia, this is for you!

Introducing, Connor Man. Aka: Buddha Baby (Almost one year old.)

Believe me NOW?!?!?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Okay, so maybe just a few words....

Isn't she CUTE!?!?!?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hee Haw!

Today the kids and I were driving to Idaho Falls. To pass time and because I tend to be the biggest kid I've got, I started a silly little game with my kids.

I said, "a cow says, Heehaw!" Which of course my kids replied, "No, a cow says moo!" I continue to be the jest and say, "a pig says, quack quack." Another loud reply from my kids, "Moooom! a Pig says Oink!"

I continue. "A dog says meow. A turtle says ribbet. A mouse says baaa."

Connor by now, gets that I am joking and decides to join in the fun. He even added his little sister Meg to the list of animals. He decided, "Meg, says, woof woof!" Pretty clever three year old if you ask me! (and not too far off the mark since Meg spends much of her day, eating pooping and chewing on things!)

Connor and I keep joking around. We are laughing at ourselves, thinking we are pretty clever. Well, Sirri on the other hand, apparently does not! The next thing we know, from the back seat we get this, "Mooooooooooooom, quit making different sounds!"

"We are just pretending, Sirri."

"Stop pretending."

For some reason I feel like I am in trouble. Did we take the joke too far? Is it disrespectful to laugh when someone says your daughter barks like a dog? Maybe. I'm not sure. But just in case, I stop. Plus, to be honest I am a little afraid of the wrath of Sirri! If you don't believe me or think you can take the heat, I double dog dare you...Come on over and cluck like a chicken. I'll be sure Sirri gets a front row seat!!

Editors Note (Editor...that's me!): Hi Sirri. This is your mom. I just have to put a little side note here since you will read this some day when you are older and I don't want you to think I was picking on you!!! I love you and I love your "fireyness" too. That makes you...YOU! So, I just have to document these funny little quirky stories about you cause I want to remember them some day. Why do I want to remember them? again..... because I love you! Love Mom.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I know that Rexburg can be a hard sell for a vacation...But could I possibly tempt anyone with some of these? If you will come see me, It'll make your tummy happy!

I miss you all!

Anyone up for it?!?!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

thankful for...

Sirri was saying her personal nightly prayers with Kendon the other night and this is what she prayed for all on her own:

Dear Heavenly Father, thankful for this day. Thankful for the fun we had today. Thank you for us going to bed and me not to whine
(that is my favorite part! I hope it works!) Bless that we can sleep well. Thank you that we could go to the fair. Bless us to eat healthy. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Some days you get blessed with little moments like this that help you feel as if you are doing something right!

This pic was taken just over a year ago.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dear Aunt Patty aka: Bubbles,

Remember the bubble set you bought me for my birthday two years ago? Well, Mommy got them out for the first time this summer the other day. (I know, I think she should have gotten them out a lot sooner too!) Anyway, when she brought them outside and I saw them, I said, "yeah, Aunt Patty bubbles!" Mommy thought it was super cool that I remembered that these special bubble toys were from you. She is sure thankful that you make such an effort to know us and have us know you even though you live so far away. We love you and miss you lots! And by the way, we had a great time with the bubbles!



My #1 Fan

If you'll keep reading, I'll keep writing.
I love you Grandma!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Good Times at the Range

We went to the range tonight for a picnic and for the boys to shoot their bows. It was a really good time as always! I'm sure glad that Kendon likes to have us join him in his hobby. We are lucky to have a Daddy who enjoys hanging with his family.

Sirri met a little friend, Riley there tonight. Sirri tends to make friends wherever we go and I think that is a neat quality. Sirri invited her to play house and kept calling her, daughter. "Daughter, come here daughter."

When Sirri and Riley were playing I over heard the following conversation. It stared with Riley making reference to Sirri's hair. I didn't quite hear what she said but this is what followed:

Sirri: "No, I just got my hair cut." (which she did not.)
Riley: "Well, when is your hair going to grow up?"

Pretty bad when even little kids recognize that Sirri is lacking in the hair department. Good thing she is so darn cute to make up for it!

These Boots are Made for Crawling

Check out Meggers on the move. The first time she crawled was a week ago. She has caught on super fast. I guess it may be that she has older siblings to keep up with!

One Thing I am not Good at...

is apologizing. However, Kendon is. Whether he is the one that should be apologizing or not, he always does. And much sooner than I would be ready to. I am learning that I am a grudge holder. Not easy to admit, but true.

Oh, and another thing I am not good at is getting up with Meg at 5:30 in the morning. No matter what time we put her to bed she is raring to go at 5 stinkin thirty. But, once again, Kendon pulls through and gets up with her so I can stay in bed.

What a guy! I think I'll keep him around!

I love you babe!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Walking Targets

Apparently, my daughter and I both have targets painted on our backs or the tops of our heads. Let me explain....

You'll have to go back with me oh, ten or twelve years. Back to my high school days. In high school I was a cheerleader. Surprise to some, not to most!

Each year for our homecoming football game we had a caravan that started at the school and ended up at the now famous, Boise State Broncos Stadium, where we played our game. Everyone decorated their cars and trucks and played loud music and had a great time. Us cheerleaders (is that proper English?!?) all rode in the back of a truck together. Just as the truck was pulling out of the school I happened to feel something funny land on my head. I'm sure you can all guess the punch line right? You got it...BIRD POOP. I am sure that I probably also do not need to explain the reaction from me and the other cheerleaders in the truck. Total mayhem! I was lucky enough for two things: #1 I always wore my hair in two french braids when I was cheering. This made for easier clean up of the bird poop! #2 My best friend Camilla. She was willing to do the dirty work and with napkins cleaned up my hair. I think I still owe her for that one!

Notice the braids?

Now, lets come back to the present. Just two days ago, my daughter Sirri was an unexpecting target herself. This time the culprit was not a bird, but a very sad little boy at the gym. This poor little guy did not want his Mommy to leave him in the daycare and he cried so hard that he eventually threw up. And you guessed it...Sirri was standing right underneath him. Poor baby (and I'm talking about my kid here not the kid who puked, though I feel bad for him as well!) I'm not really sure she even knew what hit her. Sirri had throw up all down her back and on her legs. You know it is one thing to clean up your own child's barf, but someone else's! Yuck. These are the moments when you stop and realize, "Yes! I truly am a Mom!"

Monday, August 6, 2007

I VOODOO... Do You?!?!

Okay, okay, don't panic. I 'm really not into voodoo dolls or anything crazy like that. BUT I am seeing a Naturopath. Don't I sound all hip and California? "I am seeing a Naturopath!" Well, he is really a chiropractor who also does naturopathic healing. The reason I think it is hip is because my older sister who does live in California and IS very hip, happens to have her own Herbologist which is similar to a naturopath! Therefor, that makes it HIP and I like my new hipness! Is that kinda like peer pressure?

Anyway, the reason I am seeing this naturopath is because I have a big canker sore problem. My mom says they come from lying but I'm getting older and I'm starting think maybe she made that up! So, I've had chronic cankers for about a year now. It isn't a ton of fun and when one of my friends and I counted 23 in my mouth the other day she called a doctor that she worked for for ten years. He is the naturopath. He told me to come in and see him and we would get rid of them. He did muscle testing on me (that is what he refers to as the VOODOO!) and found out what minerals I am deficient in thus causing the cankers. This all started when I was pregnant with Meg causing the deficiency and the minerals were never able to regenerate in my system. I have been going in for shots that is a cocktail of all the minerals that I am deficient in. Interesting huh?

So, here is a funny little story about getting one of the shots. The shot happens to be in my, uh rear end. Sorry if that is too much information but hey that's the truth! ( I wouldn't want to fib and get anymore cankers!) So, as the doctor was giving me the injection he was singing the country song that was on the radio. Every time he didn't know a word he would replace it with, "bum bum bum." This cracked me up considering the location of my shot. My thoughts to him were, "Maybe when you are actually giving someone a shot in their bum, you should come up with a different word to hum." He laughed and agreed. He said he would work on that for next time! We'll see what he comes up with.

By the way...I am not sharing whether I think the shots are working or not yet. I'm so afraid to jinx it. I'll let you all know in a week or so! Wish me luck!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Birthday fit for a Princess!

By putting your arrow over the pictures you can read the captions.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Sirri at FOUR!

Happy Birthday to Sirri. Here are a few fun facts about our little girl who is growing up way too fast.

  • She just turned four but I have been told many a time that she is going on 16! We are so in for it!
  • Sirri LOVES treats. She has a major sweet tooth a little bit like her mother. She can spot a treat from a mile away!
  • Sirri can write her name very well and is learning to write the other letters of the alphabet. She can make a pretty good D, T, K, and B.
  • She knows all the letters by sight and knows the sounds of each one as well.
  • Sirri has what I affectionately call, "Little Man's Syndrome!" She is such a teeny bopper and has such BIG personality/spunk/sass. I think she tries to make up for her size by having lots of character.
  • On a related note, Kendon and I call her Little Miss Sweet and Sour. She can go from sweet to sassy in seconds. (Literally seconds!)
  • She still likes to be rocked at night. Some days I wish she would give it up, yet I know when she does I will be so sad.
  • She loves to have her back tickled and to be serenaded with "Baby Mine" during these nightly rockings.
  • Sirri loves to perform. She loves to dance, cheer, do gymnastics, anything to be in the spotlight.
  • Sirri is an amazing swimmer for being four and never having had swim lessons. She has never been afraid of the water and loves it. She will dive in, swim all the way under the water, does not have to plug her nose. She has no fear. Anytime we go swimming people always ask how old she is and are always amazed at her skill.
  • Sirri always makes new friends when we are out and about. She loves to "introduce" me to her friends. "Mom, this is my new friend!" (Typically hollered from across the park.) She is quite the socialite!
  • Sirri is going through the, love of all things princess, right now. She loves to dress up in her princess clothes and dance around in the kitchen.
  • Sirri's favorite food is Peanut Butter and Jelly. She would eat it every meal if she could.
  • When Sirri is eating toast she will look at the half eaten bread and say, "look mom, it's a temple." (or boat or moon or whatever she thinks it looks like.) I guess it is kinda like finding shapes in the clouds. I think it is fun and quite creative!
  • She has a very empathetic heart. She is always concerned for others when they are hurt or sad. This makes her Mommy proud.
  • Sirri loves to wash her hands.
  • In order to get out of church meetings Sirri will say that she has to go to the bathroom. If you don't allow her to go (because you know she really doesn't have to) she will plead that she is going to pee her pants.
  • Sirri loves to tell very dramatic stories. For example, an alligator bit her arm off or something similarly dramatic.
  • Sirri loves to say prayers and cane be quite thoughtful in what she chooses to pray for.
  • Sirri still takes naps! Some days she plays for an hour or so by herself in her room and then goes to sleep when she is ready.
  • Sirri loves movies that are musicals. Her favorites are: Annie, Mary Poppins, and Dora's Pirate Adventure.
  • She still cannot sit through a full movie unless you sit and watch the whole thing with her.
  • Sirri can say the whole Pledge of Allegiance all by herself. It is super cute!
  • Sirri is an awful lot of fun to have around and we are thankful she is ours!