Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Husband...


does the dishes nearly every night.

never complains when I go out with girlfriends.

supports me in Relay for Life.


doesn't grumble (very loud) when I spend too much money.

keeps our lawn beautifully mowed and green.

does laundry

folds laundry.

doesn't put laundry away.

gets giddy during hunting season.


is hot.

can build or fix most anything.

doesn't snore.

helps me harvest and can the produce from our garden.


is handy. and handsy.

is a great cook.

makes a delicious breakfast every weekend.


does his own ironing.

reads to our children.

is a runner.

loves me.


my husband.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just You and Me

Dear Meg,

Every single morning after the kids get on the bus and Daddy heads off to work, you look at me (typically grabbing my hand) and say, "It's just you and me, huh, Mama?" "Yep, sis. Just you and me." And it melts my heart and makes me smile. Spending time with just you every day has been such a delight!

Every night before I go to bed, I've found myself making sure to get all my house cleaning jobs done so that in the morning there will be plenty of time to play. To play, with just you! We have had dance parties, glam sessions (complete with mascara on those amazing eyelashes of yours,) soccer "games," walks to Aunt Wylene's for an apple, laying in bed reading or watching cartoons, sharing chocolate way too early in the morning (cause that what girls do!) and playing lots of make believe (typically you make me call you Grandma and I play the role of Meg.) Sometimes there are still jobs to do, but you don't mind and boy it is sure much more fun with a sweet little partner like you.Ever since you were a little tiny baby you have been such a lover. You love to snuggle and hug and you have a special way to make others feel loved and important. Sometimes when you are being "influenced" by others (ahem...Connor and Sirri) that side of your personality is harder to see. But, boy, when it is just you and me, your true self SHINES through!

I'm so thankful for this special time that you and I will be able have these next two years to be together. I hope it will be a time that you will be able to remember and look back on and feel joy. Because that is what you have given me these last few weeks....JOY!

I love you Meggers!


Your Mama

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


A third set of school clothes....

A third backpack hanging on its hook...
A third kiddo in school!
Meg has anxiously been awaiting the day that she would get to go to school at Mrs. Tammies and it finally arrived!