Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm pretty sure you're not contagious!

The other night at the dinner table...

Sirri: "Mom feel my scar. It feels funny."

Mom: "yeah, that does feel funny doesn't it?"

Sirri: "Brooke felt it today. Then she did this.....
...I think she thought she got cancer!"

Friday, September 19, 2008

Relationship: great

I had to steal this post from my best friend Jaci's blog. Not for self boasting purposes, but because this is exactly the way I feel about Jaci and her daughter, Kelsi, said it perfect! (Plus, that picture of Kelsi is too cute! Quit growing up Kelsi!!)

A couple of weeks ago Kelsi was helping me fill out some patient information forms. After she was done I was checking to see if all the information was correct...one line caught my attention-

emergency contact: Lisa Marie Jensen
relationship: great

Made me smile! And it was correct- I'm so glad our relationship is great. What would I do without Lisa Marie? :)

Along with being great, she's also one superb cake decorator. (Brooke's 5th birthday.)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Look Mom....We're Rock Stars!!!"

Sirri and her cousin, Sydney

Sirri wanted to wear her hair like this to school. I don't have a problem with colored hair (in fact all summer I'd been trying to convince Sirri to let me dye her hair pink and purple with kool-aid but she would have nothing to do with it.) I think it is actually a cute look and really not a battle I want to fight. So, off to school Sirri went with punk rocker hair.

The only concern that I did have was the other kids' reactions. Sirri can be a very tender hearted child. I can still remember the first time someone called her "mean." I seriously thought her heart would break in two. I love that Sirri is tender but I also want her to be strong and self confident. I want her to wear punk rocker hair like it's nobody's business and be proud of it. I want her to make decisions that make her happy and not worry what everyone else thinks. So, while I was curling her BRIGHT locks that morning I talked to Sirri about it. I warned her that some kids might tease her and think her hair was silly. I asked her what she might say or do if that happened. She told me, "I'll just ignore them and say, "I don't care. I like it this way."" I was proud that would be her reaction. (Her, "I don't care," wasn't even snooty!!! Just matter of fact.) When she got off the bus later that morning I asked her how her day was and what everyone thought of her hair do. She said she had a good day and everyone liked her hair!

You go girl!
You're Mommy's Little ROCK STAR!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I took Myself out on a date last night....

Turns out, Myself is not that great of company.

First I decided to take Myself to Jamba Juice. Myself ordered her old stand by flavor, Caribbean Passion, and a Sourdough Asiogo Cheese pretzel. Myself had a feeling that she wouldn't like the pretzel but ordered it anyway. Turns out, she was right. Myself ate the pretzel anyhow but mumbled and grumbled, "I should have gotten the apple cinnamon one instead," the whole drive to Idaho Falls.

It would have been nice to drown out Myself's pretzel pity party with some good tunes, but apparently Myself lives in a home that is pretty rowdy and noisy so she opted to just listen to the peace and quiet the whole drive. You'd think that would be boring, but it seems that Myself reveled in the silence.

For the big date, I took Myself grocery shopping to Winco. Myself's husband had offered to take her with all the kids in tow that afternoon, but Myself wasn't sure she had the patience for that. Even though late night anything, is not Myself's favorite, she opted for it this time.

I wonder if it used to be fun to grocery shop with Myself? It sure wasn't this time. Myself couldn't believe how expensive things have gotten recently and got herself all worked up over the gigantic amount of money she would be spending. Myself was quite proud of herself when she was done though. She planned and shopped for 6-8 weeks worth of meals and spent $308! Of course, Myself has to do weekly shopping for fresh food but she felt accomplished. Myself is kinda weird like that. She loves to meal plan. CRAZY girl!

Myself also has this bad habit of fretting about her children's health every time she grocery shops. She worries that the meals she is feeding her children are healthy and well balanced and that she is teaching her kids healthy eating habits to last them a life time. Myself couldn't even buy hotdogs this time. That is a major change! Hot dogs used to be the old stand by at Myself's house. She told me that recently she read an article about hotdogs being linked to cancer. That kinda freaked her out. Though, Myself understands that most things these days are linked to cancer what with all the preservatives that go into our food. Whole food is the way to go but can be hard to do all the time. Maybe after time, Myself will be able to buy hotdogs again. (I kinda hope not. They really are disgusting if you think about it.) I told her to quit fretting and just buy some chocolate already!

By the time Myself had reached the checkout line and realized she still had to unload, then bag and reload all the groceries, not to mention put them all away at home...she felt very tired! She was missing her husband and the local Albertsons does all that work for you (minus the unloading at home that is.)

Myself and I finally made it out of the store two hours later. As were walking to the van, quite sluggishly, feeling that the evening couldn't possibly get much worse, it did. Turns out, Myself's zipper was gaping wide open. Must have been the whole night. Can you believe her? She is so embarrassing.

See if I ever take Myself anywhere again.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I can see why you might be jealous....but I wouldn't be!

Brooke (eyeing Sirri's stuffed animals from the hospital.): "Sirri, did you like being in the hospital?"

Sirri: "No way. You do not even want to go there. It is stinkin' stinkin' hard. You have to get a shot in your hand and in your foot."

Brooke: "Oh."

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Connor's First Day of Pre-School

Connor has been looking forward to pre-school since Sirri went last year. Finally, the day arrived! He loved it!

I'm so excited to see the things that Connor will learn. He is such a smarty pants and so naturally curious and observant. Whenever Connor hears a word that he doesn't understand, he always asks what it means. And whenever we are driving he is constantly asking questions and talking about the things around him. I love these qualities about Connor. I hope he always has a learning heart.

I bet he'll even be able to write his name in no time!
(I hope so. Since he has no desire to learn at home from me! The kid loves to learn and discover, but only when he doesn't realize that's what he's doing!!!!)

Best Buddies!
Connor and Koy.

I love that pre-school is right down the street. Hopefully it will stay warm long enough that today won't be the last day we can ride our bikes.


P.S. I can't help but look at these pictures and smile at just how handsome and squishy sweet you are little man!
Your Momma loves you!

Monday, September 1, 2008

This is what you would call a CONFLICT OF INTEREST!

But, I just couldn't say no.
After all, Sirri's month of trauma concluded with a trip to the dentist to fill two little cavities.
If she'd only asked, I would have bought the poor girl a pony!

Connor and Meg are still cavity free. Phew.