Monday, September 1, 2008

This is what you would call a CONFLICT OF INTEREST!

But, I just couldn't say no.
After all, Sirri's month of trauma concluded with a trip to the dentist to fill two little cavities.
If she'd only asked, I would have bought the poor girl a pony!

Connor and Meg are still cavity free. Phew.


NT Weekes Family said...

I would pick the CANDY ~ Any Day! :o) YUMMY!
Hey! She just the cavities filled, so she is good to go on eating the candy again, right?! :o)

Bridget said...

Oh, what a great picture. Decisions, decisions...the joy of eating sugar vs. the pain and cost of cavities.

Tristan said...

Such a cutie! I hope she enjoys her candy fluff!

Lauren in GA said...

You put it brilliantly. A true conflict of interest, there!

Whenever I am in a convenience store I kind of sigh at all the yummy junk food right there at the counter right next to the, "EXTREME Weighloss pills".

Sirri is so cute!

Hollyween said...

Get that girl a PONY! She deserves it.

I wonder how long she'll ride this one out. Do you think it will last a year? It doesn't matter if it does, cuz she'll still deserve it!

Love the picture of the 'conflict of interest'. FUNNY!

Jenibelle said...

Did you get that at the Dental office? Byron always had hard candy on the counter, it's called Dental Insurance!!!

Lunch Friday?

Grandma W. said...

Oh, Oh! Is she taking after her Grandma Bigelow and Great Grandma Weldon??!! We were both in the Dentist's chair at a very young age and forever after!! Sorry, Sirri - we didn't mean for you to get our bad teeth! Hopefully, your new ones will be really good ones!! You earned some cotton candy, Honey!!!
We love you!

gab said...

Classic! It's like a "Mormonad"...but I can't think of a clever caption.

Pam said...

It's a good thing you didn't say the pony thing out loud!!!! I hope your permanent teeth come in real healthy Sirri! For now you enjoy the cotton candy because that is Grandma's favorite. I didn't get to the fair this year so I missed out! Guess I'll have to make a Walmart run!

Jessica said...

It's when I take 4 kids to the dentist that it suddenly occurs to me "oh THIS is what people mean when they want to know how you can afford so many children."

Who wants to spend $50 on metal in teeth that will FALL OUT?!