Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Few of My Favorite Things....Children's Literature Edition

#1 Anything by Sandra Boynton. Her children's board books are delightful. If you have never read Pajama Time, might I suggest it? "Pajammy to the Left, Pajammy to the right. Jamma Jamma Jamma Jamma PJ!"#2 Fanny's Dream by Caralyn Buehner. This one is geared towards adults and would make a fabulous little wedding gift. It is a beautiful story with beautiful artwork and makes me cry every time. Kendon used to let me read this one to him before we had kids. Now, he thinks since I actually have kids I don't need to read kiddy books to HIM anymore. Isn't that sad!

#3 Lama Lama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney. This is a charm of a little book. It is so much fun to read. Just saying the title is great fun so imagine what the story is like!

What are some of YOUR favorites?

Friday, July 27, 2007

Proud to be Cavity Free!

Well, not me actually, but my kiddos!
I took Sirri and Connor to their first dentist appointment yesterday. I know that since Sirri is 4 years old (in a few days anyway) that this appointment was long over due. I have been so nervous about taking them that I just kept putting it off. I was anxious 1) because I have such terrible teeth and was frightened that the kids would as well (which really is why I should have taken them a long time ago, I know) and 2) because you always hear the horror stories of kids at the dentist.

Well, the kids were super troopers. They were so great. I know they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so since I was a ding-a-ling and forgot my camera you might have to listen to a proud Mommy ramble on for a thousand words about how cute and great her kids were!

Picture this..... Itty bitty Sirri in that great big dentist chair, holding on to a little bit of power and control (as she tends to do) by refusing (ever so kindly) to not lay down all the way. She did this cute little laying on her side thing with her head propped up on her hand. Her hair is in piggy tails and she is wearing her "Teresa flippies" and darn cute capri pants, held up with a belt of course! She has really befriended and captured the heart of her assistant by showing her each of the mosquito bites on her legs and charming everyone who happens by. It is taking a little longer to get going with Sirri because she is little Miss Chatty and won't stop talking long enough to look inside her mouth.

Imagine Connor... Very apprehensive about getting on the chair. He won't let me out of his sight and hangs onto my leg. He finally agrees to get in the chair if I hold him. He plays the shy game by turning his head and refusing to look at his assistant even though he does have a slight and ever so sly smile on his face. This is how you know he will eventually give in. Which he does. He even lets me off the chair. His day is made when the assistant allows him to push the buttons that makes his chair go up and down and even gets to shoot water on the wall out of the "mouth rinser" tool. He sits very still while having his teeth cleaned and then inspected by the dentist. When it is all over with his sly smile has turned into his proud look. He gets a proud look very similar to my dads. (Though my dad gets the proud face when he is proud of others and Connor, his shows up when he is proud of, well....himself!)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

All About Connor Man at Three

  • Connor thinks that to make a tractor go, you have to "put monies in it."
  • Sirri calls "R" Mountain (for Rexburg), OUR mountian. So, Connor calls it "my mountain."
  • There are very few foods that Connor dislikes. Our best friend, (the kids second mom) saves her leftover treats that her kids dislike and gives them to Connor or Sirri.
  • Connor is very particular that everything be just right in his room when he goes to bed. There cannot be closets open, clothes on his crib, anything on the floor (including tiny scraps of paper) etc. Maybe he is like his mom and sleeps better knowing the house is in order!
  • Connor is pretty brave and will try most anything at least once. Then he is quite careful and very rarely goes back for a second try!
  • Underwear= "ungerwear!"
  • Tools are his favorite toy.
  • His favorite bedtime songs are: Alice the Camel, and three songs made up by daddy called, Connor the Elk (very similar to Alice the Camel), Connor the Hunter, or Daddy the Hunter!
  • Connor has to have his "little blankie" on his pillow to sleep.
  • Connor is very observant and likes to ask questions.
  • Connor is a homebody and is typically the first one ready to go home when we are out or on vacation.
  • He plays well by himself. Maybe even better than with others. He is content to do his own thing.
  • Connor is very mellow but loves to tease and be a boy. I think he acts that way to see the reaction from others who are not as mellow as he is. (Namely his sister!)
  • Throwing fits is quite unnatural for Connor but he will try. They last a very short time and he is easily consoled.
  • Connor adds an S to the end of many of his words. Ex: Connor talking to Jaci today, "I(s) go(s) to your(s) house?"
  • Connor has GREAT hair. Quite thick and a beautiful streaky golden brown.
  • Connor's favorite past time is going to the range with his daddy to shoot his bow!
  • Connor's nicknames are: Connor Man, Connor Boo, Boo Boo, Bubby!
Happy Birthday Connor Man. WE LOVE YOU!

Connor's Third Birthday!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What's Next?

There is a little game that Sirri likes to play. It is unofficially called, What's Next? Anytime we are getting ready for, heading to, or coming home from somewhere, Sirri will ask, "what's next?" I tell her, and she then asks again, "what's next?" And so on and so on. Seems like a fairly simple game that shouldn't last too long right? Well, that is all true unless you are ME...the anal schedule planner and always know what's next! I could and have played this game where I answered the, What's Next question for a whole weeks worth of activities! It is true. Ask my little Sis. Cindy. She was there and quite amazed. I am not sure if she was amazed that I could actually do it, or amazed at how routine my life is. (I didn't say boring...I said routine!) I just happen to like a plan and plan I do. Here is "what's next" on our summer schedule!

Monday: Wake up, breakfast, Saquoia comes over, dressed, gym, spray park, lunch, naps, snack, play, laundry, Saquoia goes home, dinner, Family Night, jammers, stories, bed.

Tuesday: Wake up, breakfast, dressed, gym, library hour, lunch at the park, naps (mom cleans house), snack, play, dinner, jammers, stories, bed.

Wednesday: Wake up, breakfast, dressed, gym, gymnastics, play group, naps , snack, play, dinner, jammers, stories, bed.

Thursday: Wake up, breakfast, dressed, gym, errands, lunch, naps, laundry,snack, play, dinner, jammers, stories, bed.

Friday: Wake up, breakfast, Saquoia comes over, dressed, gym, Rigby Lake, lunch, naps, snack, play, Saquoia goes home, dinner, jammers, stories, bed.

So, now you know, what's next!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

We are so in for it!

Last night for family night we took the kids to the park for dinner and then to ice cream because they finished their Love Bug Jar. It was a nice evening together as a family and of course had to end with a "scenario!"

Sirri is now able to do up her own car seat and it has made life just a little more grand for me. Well, as we were driving home all of a sudden Sirri is no longer in her seat and buckled in. She was up by Connor "attacking" him over a picture or something? Anyway, Kendon pulls the van over and asked Sirri to get back in her belt. She refused. We told Sirri that we couldn't go anywhere until she did. Five minutes passed before she conformed...I timed it. Kendon and I couldn't believe it. Well, really I guess that we could because this sort of thing is very much in character for Sirri. She was not throwing a fit or getting upset at all (which IS out of character for her!) She just sat there. Kendon turned his rear view mirror so that he could see her and he said that she had the biggest smirk on her face that he'd ever seen. Talk about stubborn little attitude! Sometimes I think Sirri has "little man syndrome." She is so short that she needs to show people just how tough she really is! The only reason that she finally did put her seat belt on was because Kendon offered Connor a piece of gum for sitting in his seat so nicely. Gum is a special treat for my kids and they love when they get it. Sirri immediately had her belt on asking for her piece. We had to tell her that we were "so sorry, gum is for little kids who can listen the first time. We bet that next time you will want to listen fast." (A little Love and Logic at work!!!!) She didn't get mad, throw a fit or any of her usual reactions. She simply said, with a BIG smirk.... "that's okay, I don't like gum anyway!" Oh boy, we are so in for it come her teenage years!

Everyone Wants a Great View from Their Home...


Friday, July 13, 2007

Meg is 8 Months Old Today...

I can hardly believe it. Oh, be still my aching heart...this little one is growing up way too quickly!

Meg is such a darling and delightful wee one. I just cannot get enough of her. She has a very sweet temperament and a smile and giggle that will knock your socks off. I'm just so in love.

Here is a look at some of her 8 month milestones...Meg can sit up all by herself.
She doesn't crawl yet but will be soon. She can get herself anywhere she wants to go by rolling.

She is an early riser.... she is up by 5:30 every morning. Good thing (no, great thing) her Daddy is an early riser too! When she wakes up she talks and gurgles and plays. She is in such great spirits for that time of morning. If it weren't so darn cute it would be darn obnoxious!

She can feed herself her bottle. And she LOVES her bottle. She is not really in to food. She will absolutely NOT eat baby food and will only sometimes eat big people food.

She'd make a great little eater though, since she has SIX teeth. Two on bottom and four on top.

Her favorite and pretty much only words are: "bah bah bah" and Mommy's favorite, "blah blah blah."

She is, however, more than happy to share a sucker with her mom.

Her favorite trick is sticking her tongue out and spitting. It is awfully cute!

She STILL has a runny nose. Due to allergies the poor baby has literally had a runny nose her whole life. So sad! And yet, she is still such a sweet thing. I'm not such a happy camper when my allergies flair up!

Meg loves to have her back patted, or should I say whacked! Especially when she is super tired.

Meg is not my greatest sleeper. She seems to need less sleep than the other kids. She goes to bed later, gets up earlier, and takes shorter naps. She does get herself into quite the entanglements though, silly girl!

She loves the water. She splashes and kicks and loves to put her face in. She loves to take a bath too.

Meg, we love you! You bring such great joy to our home!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Ants and the Grashopper

Since Saturday I have spent more than seven hours weeding my garden. Wooh. That is a lot of weeds. I actually really enjoy weeding if my kids are taken care of and I can not be "bothered." (So, thanks to the greatest honey, who took care of Meg for five hours on Saturday morning, oh precious Saturday morning, so I could weed. Love you!) I enjoy being outside. I like dirt on my hands and feet and in my fingernails. I like the time to think, or not think if I choose. I enjoy looking at a beautiful weedless (or mostly weedless) garden. I just enjoy it.

So, on Monday as I was finishing up the weeding and truthfully enjoying it a little less with each moment (or getting hot and tired anyway) I was inspired to keep going by.....none other than an ant. This tiny little ant went marching right past me carrying a honker grasshopper leg. He would carry it on his back then pull it from the front. This guy was working hard. I sure hope he was applauded by the Mother Ant when he got back to his hill. It reminded me of the famous fable about the ants who work hard all year to be prepared for the winter and the grasshopper who teases and taunts them until winter strikes and he is unprepared because he spent all his time playing instead of working. I felt inspired to keep going. Keep weeding and trying to be prepared. I felt proud to be on the same "team" as the ant. Come winter we would be prepared. My pantry will be full of canned salsa made with home grown tomatoes, peppers and onions, my freezer will be stocked with frozen corn from the cob and delicious raspberries, we'll savor peas and green beans all winter because I was motivated to keep going by an ant. Thanks little guy! I hope the grasshopper leg was tasty!
The garden does look a little sparse at the moment. Due to getting it in late (thanx once again to my unexpected Boise trip!) and our peas and carrots burnt up due to the extreme heat and we (Kendon) replanted them and hopefully they'll come up any day! I'll post pics again later when it is looking a bit more LUSH!

Monster pile of weeds!

Monday, July 9, 2007

24 Hours...

in the life of a Mommy with sick kiddos.

7:00 pm Sirri doesn't feel well. Spikes a fever. Ibuprofen. She goes to bed.
12:00 am Sirri needs a drink.
2:00 am Fever is back. More Ibuprofen.
7:00 am Wakes up in a great mood. Seems to be feeling better.
8:30 Load up to go to the gym. Sirri cries that she is sick again and wants to stay home. Then decides she maybe does feel better and would like to try and go to the gym and Spray Park.
9:00 Arrive at the gym. Sign kids in. Sirri cries that she is sick. I give her a hug and feel that she is once again burning up. Sign back out. Go home.
9:30 Walmart run for more Ibu.
10:00 - 12:00 Sirri and Connor both want to lay down and watch a movie. Meg is asleep. Mom decides to finish weeding the garden. Utto, why did Connor last so long watching a movie. He never sits still that long. He must be getting sick.
12:30 pm Kids are hungry. Fix lunch. Now no one feels well enough to eat. Mom ends up eating their PBandJ.
1:00 Connor asks for a nap. Sirri is pretty much passed out on the couch.
3:30 Kiddos wake up. Sirri decides she is feeling better and would like to play in the pool.
3:30 -4:15 Mom gets the pool all cleaned out and set up. Now no one feels well enough to swim.
5:00-5:30 Read stories outside.
5:30 Kids are hungry. Make dinner. Kids too sick to eat again. They do drink some OJ.
6:30 Have Family Night with both kiddos vegged out on the couches hardly moving. So sad...they usually love Family Night.
7:00 Connor again asks to go to bed. Sirri once again passed out on the couch unable to get her own jammies on. Meg asleep on the floor with her bottle hanging out of her mouth. Poor baby.
7:00 Thankfully Daddy gets home because both kids want him to put them to bed.
7:45 Mommy vegges on her blog before having to clean up the dinner that no one ate!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

I had to Call the Exterminator...

We have bugs. WHINER BUGS, that is!

Sirri and Connor have been having a tough time with whining lately. Let me rephrase that, they don't have a problem whining, they have that down great! They are having a difficult time using an appropriate voice. One that doesn't grate at their mother's ears!!

So, for Family Night the other night I told them a little story. It was about a family that had bugs. Whiner bugs! The mommy had to call the exterminator (the kiddos thought that was a pretty cool word!). The exterminator said that the only way to get rid of the whiner bugs was to have a Love Bug come live at their house. Love Bugs talk like big kids and say please and thank without having to be asked. They don't cry when they need something and Mommies and Daddies can hear when Love Bugs talk. I hope the message came through loud and clear and this last week we have been practicing being Love Bugs. Each time the kids use their Love Bug voices they get to take a Whiner Bug (really creepy spiders from the $ store-ick) out of the Whiner Bug jar and turn it into a Love Bug. When all the Whiner Bugs are Love Bugs we get to go out for ice cream. We only have a few more to go. Hurray! I think we will use the jars for one more week to really practice and enforce the concept. (We were in Utah the first week doing this and it is harder to really reinforce when you are not at home.) Hopefully our Bug problem will be solved!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Good Idea Bad Idea

Good Idea: Allowing your three year old to still sleep in his crib if he wants to.

Bad Idea: Allowing your three year old to sleep in his crib if he wants to when his little eight month old sister could really use a bigger bed!!!

Disclaimer: You can tell that she is sleeping the WRONG direction, right? And I DID NOT put her to bed that way. This was of her own devices!!!

Catching Up!

"No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one." - Elbert Hubbard

With that in mind, here is a sneak peek at our great vacation to Ogden Canyon. I'll post more pics when I get all caught up (and after I get pics from my Mom and Sister!)