Monday, July 9, 2007

24 Hours...

in the life of a Mommy with sick kiddos.

7:00 pm Sirri doesn't feel well. Spikes a fever. Ibuprofen. She goes to bed.
12:00 am Sirri needs a drink.
2:00 am Fever is back. More Ibuprofen.
7:00 am Wakes up in a great mood. Seems to be feeling better.
8:30 Load up to go to the gym. Sirri cries that she is sick again and wants to stay home. Then decides she maybe does feel better and would like to try and go to the gym and Spray Park.
9:00 Arrive at the gym. Sign kids in. Sirri cries that she is sick. I give her a hug and feel that she is once again burning up. Sign back out. Go home.
9:30 Walmart run for more Ibu.
10:00 - 12:00 Sirri and Connor both want to lay down and watch a movie. Meg is asleep. Mom decides to finish weeding the garden. Utto, why did Connor last so long watching a movie. He never sits still that long. He must be getting sick.
12:30 pm Kids are hungry. Fix lunch. Now no one feels well enough to eat. Mom ends up eating their PBandJ.
1:00 Connor asks for a nap. Sirri is pretty much passed out on the couch.
3:30 Kiddos wake up. Sirri decides she is feeling better and would like to play in the pool.
3:30 -4:15 Mom gets the pool all cleaned out and set up. Now no one feels well enough to swim.
5:00-5:30 Read stories outside.
5:30 Kids are hungry. Make dinner. Kids too sick to eat again. They do drink some OJ.
6:30 Have Family Night with both kiddos vegged out on the couches hardly moving. So sad...they usually love Family Night.
7:00 Connor again asks to go to bed. Sirri once again passed out on the couch unable to get her own jammies on. Meg asleep on the floor with her bottle hanging out of her mouth. Poor baby.
7:00 Thankfully Daddy gets home because both kids want him to put them to bed.
7:45 Mommy vegges on her blog before having to clean up the dinner that no one ate!!!


Stacey said...

Poor kiddos...Poor Mom!!! I hope things are settling down at your place. Let me know if you need any popcicles or juice or anything. Hang in there. Love ya tons, Stace

Buffington Family said...

Great to hear from you!! You must have me mixed up with only sister is 16 and not married :). I think Laura Hobbs is Camilla's husband's cousin? I'm not sure...We are getting to old...I mean it is our 10-year reunion and everything! Are you going to be there? It would be so fun to see you!
Your kids are really cute. You always seem to be doing so many fun things! I love to keep up with these blogs. I'm sorry the kids have been seems like that shouldn't happen in the summer, but it does!
Take care, I hope to see you soon.
Love, Becca

Jeremy, Nikki and Danilynn said...

My Dearest Lisa Marie,

I can't believe your cute family!!! They are so adorable. I love your blog. I think that you should be a writer. Your writing is intoxicating. I love to hear your stories, good and bad. It is good to see your life. All my love,


P.S. Check out my family blog at

Buffington Family said...

Please don't be embarrassed! I totally understand! We lack sleep and run around crazy all day as Moms. :) It's great though isn't it?
Thanks for "writing". You are such a fun person. And I love your short hair. :)
See you soon, Becca

Cindy Bigelow said... win the mother of the year award...AGAIN! you never cease to amaze me. i am so grateful i have had you as an example...when my days comes to be a mom i think i will be so much more prepared because of you!

i can't get over that picture! sweet baby meg...

give the kiddos loves from auntie cindy.

sure love you guys and miss you so much...ALWAYS!!!! i still have my days i really miss being there, just 10 minutes down the road. it's these kinds of days i hear about that i wish i could have been there. i could have taken baby meg for the day...hmmmmmmmm. sure miss that.

love, love, love you.

hopefully i will see you guys sooner than later!

aunt cindy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Honey!
I wish I could tell you there would be no more days with sick little ones, but it just isn't so!
It is amazing how fast we forget all those times and remember all the good ones! Just hang in there and all will be well!
Love You!
Grandma W.