Friday, July 13, 2007

Meg is 8 Months Old Today...

I can hardly believe it. Oh, be still my aching heart...this little one is growing up way too quickly!

Meg is such a darling and delightful wee one. I just cannot get enough of her. She has a very sweet temperament and a smile and giggle that will knock your socks off. I'm just so in love.

Here is a look at some of her 8 month milestones...Meg can sit up all by herself.
She doesn't crawl yet but will be soon. She can get herself anywhere she wants to go by rolling.

She is an early riser.... she is up by 5:30 every morning. Good thing (no, great thing) her Daddy is an early riser too! When she wakes up she talks and gurgles and plays. She is in such great spirits for that time of morning. If it weren't so darn cute it would be darn obnoxious!

She can feed herself her bottle. And she LOVES her bottle. She is not really in to food. She will absolutely NOT eat baby food and will only sometimes eat big people food.

She'd make a great little eater though, since she has SIX teeth. Two on bottom and four on top.

Her favorite and pretty much only words are: "bah bah bah" and Mommy's favorite, "blah blah blah."

She is, however, more than happy to share a sucker with her mom.

Her favorite trick is sticking her tongue out and spitting. It is awfully cute!

She STILL has a runny nose. Due to allergies the poor baby has literally had a runny nose her whole life. So sad! And yet, she is still such a sweet thing. I'm not such a happy camper when my allergies flair up!

Meg loves to have her back patted, or should I say whacked! Especially when she is super tired.

Meg is not my greatest sleeper. She seems to need less sleep than the other kids. She goes to bed later, gets up earlier, and takes shorter naps. She does get herself into quite the entanglements though, silly girl!

She loves the water. She splashes and kicks and loves to put her face in. She loves to take a bath too.

Meg, we love you! You bring such great joy to our home!


Anonymous said...

What a nice little story about Meg!
Yes, she is such a good natured little girl and yes, she is growing up way too fast! That is the trouble with little ones! They grow up so fast into big kids, but there are good things about all ages, as you have already learned! There is a lot more to learn ahead!
Love You!
Oh yes, we enjoyed our day with you and the little ones when we stopped in Rexburg on our way home!
We are so glad we are still able to do things like that! Hope it continues for a long time!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE HER!!! The older she gets the more she looks like Connor. My how time flies! Love, Aunt Kimmy

Anonymous said...

Oh, how Grandma loves her Baby Meg!! What fun we had in the pool up the Canyon! She is such a water baby like Sirri and Connor! Keep smiling little one! Love you,

Anonymous said...

You (Lisa) are so pretty, I can't believe how much you have changed, I didn't even recognize you!!!

Cindy Bigelow said...

i can't even believe how much i love that little girl. it scares me sometimes...if you guys (sisters) keep popping out all of these ridiculously lovable babies, i am scared my heart will burst with love before i can have my own. i didn't know it was possible to love so much!

i thought the day sirri was born was the day i would never love more. then the day connor was born came...and then the day meg was born came...and then today came. i love more and more everyday. and i can't wait for the day snap is born! i am such a lucky aunt cindy!!!!!!!

i do LOVE that picture of you and meg, lis. you really are such a beautiful woman!

love, love, love...aunt cindy.

Anonymous said...

As usual, we forgot to sign our names on our comments! Ours is the first comment, but guess you knew that!
Love all of you!
Papa and Grandma

Celia Fae said...

Hi. I saw you on Ashley Carter and read yours. I was amused. Our babies are almost the same age (today mine turns 9 months waaa)