Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Ants and the Grashopper

Since Saturday I have spent more than seven hours weeding my garden. Wooh. That is a lot of weeds. I actually really enjoy weeding if my kids are taken care of and I can not be "bothered." (So, thanks to the greatest honey, who took care of Meg for five hours on Saturday morning, oh precious Saturday morning, so I could weed. Love you!) I enjoy being outside. I like dirt on my hands and feet and in my fingernails. I like the time to think, or not think if I choose. I enjoy looking at a beautiful weedless (or mostly weedless) garden. I just enjoy it.

So, on Monday as I was finishing up the weeding and truthfully enjoying it a little less with each moment (or getting hot and tired anyway) I was inspired to keep going by.....none other than an ant. This tiny little ant went marching right past me carrying a honker grasshopper leg. He would carry it on his back then pull it from the front. This guy was working hard. I sure hope he was applauded by the Mother Ant when he got back to his hill. It reminded me of the famous fable about the ants who work hard all year to be prepared for the winter and the grasshopper who teases and taunts them until winter strikes and he is unprepared because he spent all his time playing instead of working. I felt inspired to keep going. Keep weeding and trying to be prepared. I felt proud to be on the same "team" as the ant. Come winter we would be prepared. My pantry will be full of canned salsa made with home grown tomatoes, peppers and onions, my freezer will be stocked with frozen corn from the cob and delicious raspberries, we'll savor peas and green beans all winter because I was motivated to keep going by an ant. Thanks little guy! I hope the grasshopper leg was tasty!
The garden does look a little sparse at the moment. Due to getting it in late (thanx once again to my unexpected Boise trip!) and our peas and carrots burnt up due to the extreme heat and we (Kendon) replanted them and hopefully they'll come up any day! I'll post pics again later when it is looking a bit more LUSH!

Monster pile of weeds!


Anonymous said...

Just where did you come from?!?!? You are such an amazing woman with someone else's genes!!!! We are so proud of all that you do, your attitude towards life and you are an incredible Mom!!! How lucky Kendon and the babies are to have you. Give my little ones big hugs and kisss and tell them I love them more than anything in the world!!!! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

P.S. We had a fun birthday dinner for Mom tonight. Mom, Dad, John, Judi, Cindy, Dad and I all went to Sakura's and they cooked a hibachi dinner for us. Our cook was very entertaining and fun. Mom really enjoyed it! Remember when you were little girls and we took you to the Japanese restaurant?? You girls thought that was so neat!!!! There were some little girls there tonight and it brought back some fun memories!!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign our names on the last comments. Oh well! Yes we had a wonderful dinner and time last night! We know where you came from, Honey! Your wonderful Mom and Dad!!! But, I will have to say, "I don't know how you do it all! So glad Kendon can help you the way he does! The Good Lord certainly was looking down on this family when your little ordeal turned out so good!!!!
We Love You!
July 13, 2007