Tuesday, July 24, 2007

All About Connor Man at Three

  • Connor thinks that to make a tractor go, you have to "put monies in it."
  • Sirri calls "R" Mountain (for Rexburg), OUR mountian. So, Connor calls it "my mountain."
  • There are very few foods that Connor dislikes. Our best friend, (the kids second mom) saves her leftover treats that her kids dislike and gives them to Connor or Sirri.
  • Connor is very particular that everything be just right in his room when he goes to bed. There cannot be closets open, clothes on his crib, anything on the floor (including tiny scraps of paper) etc. Maybe he is like his mom and sleeps better knowing the house is in order!
  • Connor is pretty brave and will try most anything at least once. Then he is quite careful and very rarely goes back for a second try!
  • Underwear= "ungerwear!"
  • Tools are his favorite toy.
  • His favorite bedtime songs are: Alice the Camel, and three songs made up by daddy called, Connor the Elk (very similar to Alice the Camel), Connor the Hunter, or Daddy the Hunter!
  • Connor has to have his "little blankie" on his pillow to sleep.
  • Connor is very observant and likes to ask questions.
  • Connor is a homebody and is typically the first one ready to go home when we are out or on vacation.
  • He plays well by himself. Maybe even better than with others. He is content to do his own thing.
  • Connor is very mellow but loves to tease and be a boy. I think he acts that way to see the reaction from others who are not as mellow as he is. (Namely his sister!)
  • Throwing fits is quite unnatural for Connor but he will try. They last a very short time and he is easily consoled.
  • Connor adds an S to the end of many of his words. Ex: Connor talking to Jaci today, "I(s) go(s) to your(s) house?"
  • Connor has GREAT hair. Quite thick and a beautiful streaky golden brown.
  • Connor's favorite past time is going to the range with his daddy to shoot his bow!
  • Connor's nicknames are: Connor Man, Connor Boo, Boo Boo, Bubby!
Happy Birthday Connor Man. WE LOVE YOU!

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Anonymous said...

You are getting to be a very big boy Connor! We hope you had a fun birthday! We heard Grandpa and Grandma Bigelow gave you a tent! Boy, won't that be fun to play in?
We love you!
Papa and Grandma