Sunday, July 8, 2007

I had to Call the Exterminator...

We have bugs. WHINER BUGS, that is!

Sirri and Connor have been having a tough time with whining lately. Let me rephrase that, they don't have a problem whining, they have that down great! They are having a difficult time using an appropriate voice. One that doesn't grate at their mother's ears!!

So, for Family Night the other night I told them a little story. It was about a family that had bugs. Whiner bugs! The mommy had to call the exterminator (the kiddos thought that was a pretty cool word!). The exterminator said that the only way to get rid of the whiner bugs was to have a Love Bug come live at their house. Love Bugs talk like big kids and say please and thank without having to be asked. They don't cry when they need something and Mommies and Daddies can hear when Love Bugs talk. I hope the message came through loud and clear and this last week we have been practicing being Love Bugs. Each time the kids use their Love Bug voices they get to take a Whiner Bug (really creepy spiders from the $ store-ick) out of the Whiner Bug jar and turn it into a Love Bug. When all the Whiner Bugs are Love Bugs we get to go out for ice cream. We only have a few more to go. Hurray! I think we will use the jars for one more week to really practice and enforce the concept. (We were in Utah the first week doing this and it is harder to really reinforce when you are not at home.) Hopefully our Bug problem will be solved!

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Anonymous said...

We just happened to be there when Sirri and Conner got to transfer some love bugs from the bad bug container and they will catch on to that pretty quick as smart as they are! Good way to teach them!
You are a fabulous teacher and Mother!!!
Love you!
Grandma W.