Tuesday, July 17, 2007

We are so in for it!

Last night for family night we took the kids to the park for dinner and then to ice cream because they finished their Love Bug Jar. It was a nice evening together as a family and of course had to end with a "scenario!"

Sirri is now able to do up her own car seat and it has made life just a little more grand for me. Well, as we were driving home all of a sudden Sirri is no longer in her seat and buckled in. She was up by Connor "attacking" him over a picture or something? Anyway, Kendon pulls the van over and asked Sirri to get back in her belt. She refused. We told Sirri that we couldn't go anywhere until she did. Five minutes passed before she conformed...I timed it. Kendon and I couldn't believe it. Well, really I guess that we could because this sort of thing is very much in character for Sirri. She was not throwing a fit or getting upset at all (which IS out of character for her!) She just sat there. Kendon turned his rear view mirror so that he could see her and he said that she had the biggest smirk on her face that he'd ever seen. Talk about stubborn little attitude! Sometimes I think Sirri has "little man syndrome." She is so short that she needs to show people just how tough she really is! The only reason that she finally did put her seat belt on was because Kendon offered Connor a piece of gum for sitting in his seat so nicely. Gum is a special treat for my kids and they love when they get it. Sirri immediately had her belt on asking for her piece. We had to tell her that we were "so sorry, gum is for little kids who can listen the first time. We bet that next time you will want to listen fast." (A little Love and Logic at work!!!!) She didn't get mad, throw a fit or any of her usual reactions. She simply said, with a BIG smirk.... "that's okay, I don't like gum anyway!" Oh boy, we are so in for it come her teenage years!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Brother!!!! Yes, you are in for it! There has to be one in every family, I guess! She is four going on sixteen right now, kids! Hang on!!!
Love you!
Papa and Grandma