Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Connor's First Day of Pre-School

Connor has been looking forward to pre-school since Sirri went last year. Finally, the day arrived! He loved it!

I'm so excited to see the things that Connor will learn. He is such a smarty pants and so naturally curious and observant. Whenever Connor hears a word that he doesn't understand, he always asks what it means. And whenever we are driving he is constantly asking questions and talking about the things around him. I love these qualities about Connor. I hope he always has a learning heart.

I bet he'll even be able to write his name in no time!
(I hope so. Since he has no desire to learn at home from me! The kid loves to learn and discover, but only when he doesn't realize that's what he's doing!!!!)

Best Buddies!
Connor and Koy.

I love that pre-school is right down the street. Hopefully it will stay warm long enough that today won't be the last day we can ride our bikes.


P.S. I can't help but look at these pictures and smile at just how handsome and squishy sweet you are little man!
Your Momma loves you!


Grandma W. said...

How sweet! I cannot believe Connor
is ready to go to pre-school! I guess we have been so concerned about Sirri that we forgot he too was growing up! You will be amazed at what he will learn! He is a boy and he isn't going to let you think you can teach him every-thing!! He is so cute with his backpack on! How lucky the kids are to have such best friends already! I still have my best friend from the fourth grade!! We have been best friends all these years (70)!! Neat, huh?
We love you!!

Phillip and Kirsten said...

The last few days, our weather has been a little cooler than expected, and I've been thinking, "it's Rexburg weather"! It reminds me of my first days of byui, too!
Yea, Connor!

Hollyween said...

Enjoy that littleness while it lasts! It seems like from the time I sent Levi to preschool to the time preschool was over, he no longer looked like a little boy anymore. He turned into a 'bid kid'! And Levi wouldn't learn from me either. It's amazing how much they learn in preschool--writing their name being just ONE of those marvelous things!

Your pictures are awesome! You're turning into quite the budding photographer!

queenieweenie said...

Cutest pictures. Connor is a doll.

Lauren in GA said...

Yay, for Connor!

I know what you mean...my boys never let me teach them at home...but the pre-school teacher could teach them everything!

Bridget said...

How fun. My youngest is now my last preschooler. So hard to believe how fast they grow up.


what a handsome little man!

Anonymous said...

just down the street... riding your own bike to pre-school... awesome! He must be thrilled.

Pam said...

Oh Connor, you must be the best looking boy in your class!! Grandma sure thinks you handsome!!
Have fun at preschool and be the best little boy in class! I love you and can't wait to see you and hear all about school!

Penny said...

How fun . . . the first day of school! They will always be special, even when they are in the 12th grade. :)

Glad to see the pink back in Sirri's cheeks.
Aunt Penny