Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dear Aunt Patty aka: Bubbles,

Remember the bubble set you bought me for my birthday two years ago? Well, Mommy got them out for the first time this summer the other day. (I know, I think she should have gotten them out a lot sooner too!) Anyway, when she brought them outside and I saw them, I said, "yeah, Aunt Patty bubbles!" Mommy thought it was super cool that I remembered that these special bubble toys were from you. She is sure thankful that you make such an effort to know us and have us know you even though you live so far away. We love you and miss you lots! And by the way, we had a great time with the bubbles!




Anonymous said...

Hi Little Bubble Girl! I bet Aunt Patty "Bubbles" loved this one! We hope she gets to come to Boise with Aunt Kim when she comes! Maybe she will bring some more bubbles with her! We love the picture of you, Sirri, with all the bubbles around you!
We Love You!
Papa and Grandma

patty Johnson said...

Oh my gosh Sirri ... Your Grandma Bigelow & Grandma Weldon BOTH called me tonight to tell me there was a special "Aunt Patty Bubbles" story on your Mommy's blog today. I ran up to my computer and when I pulled up your Mom's page, I was soooo happy to see that you still love playing with bubbles! I have to tell you ... I think you've got a really special Mom because she saved those for a special day! :) I'm so happy that you remember all the fun times we've had playing with bubbles because they sure mean a lot to me! Please give your Mommy, Conner and Meg a great BIG hug from Bubbles then ask your Mommy to give one to you from ME! :) I love you! xoxo "Bubbles"