Sunday, August 26, 2007


It is nap time on a Sunday afternoon. Connor, Meg and Daddy are all asleep. Sirri is supposed to be. But she isn't. Instead she is entertaining me. She doesn't know it, but she is. I can hear her through her door and she is cracking me up.

A few minutes ago she was singing..."I am so beautiful in my pretty clothes. I am so pretty."

Now, she must be playing with her barn yard or Noah's Ark toy because I hear this, "Mooo, neigh, raaaar, baa, raaaar, baa. Eeee, eeee, raaaaaar." Oh that poor sheep and monkey. I think they just got eaten by a tiger!

I'll keep listening.....

"Everybody get in line. Everybody get in line. Everybody get in line." (in a very cute sing song voice!)

"Two lines, two lines and two leaders."

Lots of undecipherable singing. And more singing!

What a cute girl. I'm so glad that Sirri is able to entertain herself and can play creatively. I think that is a good quality. I am also thankful that she still takes naps and on the days that she doesn't she at least has some quiet time to herself. We BOTH need it!


Katherine said...

Cute story! I think it's a great quality that she can be creative and entertain herself! That's something we're still working on with our three-year old! :)

Okay, I totally remember you! Camilla was my 1st couselor. I loved your apartment. You do look different and that's what threw me, but when I looked again after seeing an old picture I have of you, I can totally tell it's you. Here's my email:

Email me and I'll scan some cute pictures I found of you taken at an enrichment and a RS sleepover we had at my house! A lot of your apartment was from the Boise area, Meridian, right? Yeah, don't tell the other apartments, but yours was one of my favorites! ;)

Grandma W said...

We know who Sirri is like! Her Mom used to do the same kind of things! In fact, all three of you girls were always putting on plays, etc. that we had to sit down and watch! Now, look at all of you - watching your own little ones or nieces and nephews! The worl goes round!!

Hippen Family said...

What a cutie! I love nap/quiet time too!