Thursday, August 16, 2007


I know that Rexburg can be a hard sell for a vacation...But could I possibly tempt anyone with some of these? If you will come see me, It'll make your tummy happy!

I miss you all!

Anyone up for it?!?!


Anonymous said...

MMmmmmmmm! Those really look good!
We just wish it wasn't quite so darned far to Rexburg! We sure would come more often to see ALL of you! We feel lucky we get to come as often as we do! And---that you kids come here as often as you do!!! It means a lot!!!
We love you!

Anonymous said...

I AM going to come see you one of these days, but I don't need goodies. I just need some auntie time! Now that I am retired, I really do want to come for a visit. I will surprise you one of these day, just you wait. Hugs to the little ones and Kendon. I am working on projects for the kids; one of these days I'll finish. this is so fun to read; I need to check back more often.
Love you all, Aunt Penny

Anonymous said...

I would love to visit with you!! Aaron has an annual four wheeling trip to Rexburg with his brother and cousins. I should start coming with him and spend time with you! We missed you at the class reunion!
Love, Carin

parkinfamily said...

Thanks for the comment. I guess the basic premise of Toddlewise is getting your child on a schedule and teaching them to play on their own, by focusing on the why of parenting, as opposed to the how. It's obviously more complex than that, but you get the basic jist. There is also a section that deals with potty-training and I will definately use that! I think that I have an eclectic parenting style too. I think that you have to take what works for you and your family.

Penelope Crackers said...

You cute girl. I thought your post above about a cranky Sirri was funny too. I can't believe you made those. They look delish! Wish I could have seen you at the reunion. I thought about you lots!
Loves, Karalenn