Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Madison County Fair

Jaci and I took our kiddos to the fair last week. You have got to love the Madison County Fair. No long lines waiting for the rides, cause there are no rides, it's easy to choose what you'll eat since you have two choices. #1 the hamburgers that local wards sell, or #2 the free potato bar sponsored by, well, I don't know who sponsored it. I just know it was free! And you don't have to worry about losing your kids, cause there really aren't too many places for them to go since my back yard is almost as big as the fair grounds. I love living here!

So, truth be told, Jaci and I did actually lose Sirri and Brooke for a few minutes. As soon as we walked into the arena to see all the animals, they were gone. We looked and looked and finally found them.

Can you spot the two little fair goers?
How about now?
Don't they just look like little fair pros?!?!
Let's just hope that the caption that accompanies this picture isn't, "I think THAT cowboy is the cutest!"

Yikes! They are only FOUR!!!!

The tractors were also a big hit. Connor sat on them FOREVER and did not want to go. He also would not let me take his picture. He was busy apparently. "Mom, I am driving my tractor!"

He did take some time out of his busy tractor driving schedule for, "helping Sirri get stuck out of the mud." (that was his exact reply when I asked him what he was doing!)

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Grandma W said...

Isn't it great to live in a small area and you know you will find the kids in just a minute?! I always loved it in Marsing too!
The girls looked so cute just sitting there taking it all in! And, of course, Connor would love the tractors! You are good Mom's for taking them! Love it! Only two places to have to choose from to eat!! I bet it was the Potato Commission in Blackfoot who gave the free potatoes! They do that if you stop at the museum or whatever it is in Blackfoot! Isn't that neat? Our old friend, Stan Jensen, used to tell us about it. He was an old potato man!