Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Daughter...You Make Me PROUD!

I like to ask people:

"If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?"

Kendon's answer is always ELK. He chooses that cause he loves it, plus he says there are all kinds of ways to cook elk. (Personally, I think that is cheating and it is MY game!)

My answer is CORN on the COB! No matter that I would starve about 11 out of 12 months per year due to its growing season but hey!

So, I think that if Sirri understood the game and didn't decide on some treat of one kind or another (she is my TREAT GIRL!), her choice would also be corn on the cob. You should see the girl eat the stuff. She can eat three big ears in a sitting and does frequently! I love to watch her eat the cob clean and ask for more! Pure Joy!

This is what Sirri says her tummy and mouth feel like after eating corn on the cob!
And what great little helpers!

So...I'm Curious,
If you had to eat one thing the rest of YOUR life...What would YOU choose?


James & Dawn said...

If I could only eat one thing forever I would eat cheese. Needless to say I'd probably get very fat, but I do love cheese! And there are so many different kinds!

Arin Rohrbach said...

I would totally pick pizza, even though it's a meal, not just one thing. I seriously could eat pizza every single night. Maybe I should consider the lowfat kind then.


pick only ONE thing? i am sorry, i can only narrow it down to 2 things. one would be cereal and the other apples and peanut butter (together of course)! so i guess that is kind of three things huh????

Dille Family said...

That is way too hard for me! My first thought was peaches, since I just ate one today and love how sweet they are, but forever? I have to say I love reading your blog! You put me to shame. You are so creative and one of those mom's we all wish we could be. You are awesome! I missed seeing you at the reunion. Hopefully some day we will get Berkley and Meg together.

Kim said...

PEACHES!! I can't get enough of them right now. But it might be spaghetti o's---disgusting I know, but yum, they taste good. (Rarely do i eat them, but wish I ate them more!)

Grandma W. said...

Guess what?! I believe Papa and mine both would be corn on the cob! We love it! And, the second thing would be fresh tomatoes out of the garden! Good thing both only last so long! However, the tomatoes don't do to us what the corn does!!! Just like fattening up a pig for slaughter!! Oh well, who cares? Sirri and Mama - you both really know what is good!!!

Penelope Crackers said...

I'm with you with loving corn on the cob. Everytime we'd eat it as kids my mom would say, "mmm mmm. It's like a little bit of heaven." Now all of us say it as a joke, but it's true. Soo good. Sadly, even though I love corn so so much. I know I would pick chocolate truffles. I know it would be short life, but a good one. :)