Sunday, September 2, 2007

Moooom, we're FAMILY!

Sirri, has this new little thing that she says to me when I am not being the "nicest Mommy." (Yes, sometimes I lose my patience! Sad but true!) She will say, "Mooooom, we are family." Sometimes she will also include my behavior that is apparently NOT "family worthy!"

The first time she said this, it broke my heart., I felt so bad that my four year old was reminding me what it means to be family. Then after the 3rd or 4th time of the "we're family" guilt trip, it's magic wasn't working anymore. Sirri's sweet remarks were starting to turn me a bit sour! I was tired of hearing this comment from "Little Miss Sweet and Sour" herself!

Then, we had a week that again changed my opinion. (I tend to be a bit floundery, don't I!) Most weeks we spend most of our "play time" with friends. (Typically the Sanderson family.) We don't often go more than a day without a play date of some kind. I enjoy the way this works out since my kids are little and it is nice to spend time with someone I can actually have a conversation with.

Well, last week we spent everyday on our own. Just the kids and I. We played at the park, had lots of picnics in our backyard, played in our sandbox and on the tire swing, went up to the Gardens for a picnic, went to Idaho Falls to get a shot in my bum, played at the Spray Park. We did all these things all by ourselves. And do you know what? I actually enjoyed it all. My kids are growing up and are turning out to be really good company. I really enjoyed my time just being family.

So, that got me to thinking about Sirri's, "we're family," comments and I realized she is right. When you don't have anything else, you'll always have family. And I am thankful for MINE!


Celia Fae said...

Come on, didn't you want to talk to another grown up just a little? You'll only enjoy your kids more as they get older.

Grandma W said...

From the mouths of babes! Amazing isn't it? So glad you enjoyed just being with your three little ones for a whole week! Yes, that is FAMILY! And, we are so fortunate to have the wonderful family we have!!! You won't really know until you reach our age and look back over all the years of the family growing up!
We love you!