Friday, September 7, 2007

Cucumber Boats

We neglected the cucumbers in our garden until yesterday and when we picked them they were HUGE! (When Kendon bought the plants he accidentally bought pickling cucs which just aren't quite as good, and that is why they have been ignored. And please don't mention that I COULD make pickles with them. No thanks!)

Kendon didn't think the chickens would like them real well, so the kids and I made boats out of them. We even picked a few zucchini and made them into boats as well. Connor, who is all boy, kept calling his Motor Boats. He was also fascinated by the fact that if he scooped out the middles of the cucs real fast and real hard the pulp would just go catapulting. I of course, not to be outdone, showed him how to catapult it right into someones head, namely HIS! He thought that was so funny and he gut laughed so hard. Then, of course, he got me back. This as you can imagine got quite messy, but oh so fun! Sirri did not want to join in on the excitement but did enjoy watching us make a mess of ourselves! ( We smelled like the Bath and Body Works, Cucumber Melon lotion by the time we were done!)

The saddest part of the whole thing was, two days ago they (whoever they is. And I'm really not sure and my kids keep asking.) turned the water off so our ditch is all dry. Therefor we had no where to float our boats. Boo hoo. Sirri, being the ingenious she is decided that they would float in the bath tub. So that they did.

Then this morning we took them to the Nature Park and let them float down the ditch there. The kids were a little sad to let them go but as soon as they saw them floating off they thought it was pretty cool and hucked them all in.

I guess we'll have to remember this fun activity earlier next summer so we can have races in our ditch!

Can you see the cucumber on his face and in his hair? He was much more sticky than this picture portrays!


Anonymous said...

What an incredible Mom you are and so much fun! I am proud to be your Mom (who did not teach you these fun things!).

I love you so much.



holy smokes...YOU ARE THE BEST MOM!!! i am so glad i have had you as an example before being a mom myself. i'll never measure up to you, that is for sure! Atleast you will give me something to aim for :)


Grandma W said...

Hey! Your #1 fan is falling by the wayside! Aunt Jane and Uncle Larry didn't leave until Friday a.m. and Aunt Penny went home on Saturday morning, so we had a very busy week! So glad she got to stay with your folks because they had such a good time! You are a super Mother and have the patience of Job to do the activities you do!
And, Sirri is always thinking! That is so neat!!
We love you!
Pappa and Grandma

Matt said...

I cannot remember when it was but while back visiting my parents I saw that your old house was for sale and that too made me ponder what happened to you guys.

Life is always blurring past it seems. I can't believe you have 3 kids! My wife and I have been married for over 5 years now and still don't have any. Guess we are big chickens...

Anyhow, good to hear from you and see that you are doing well.


Celia Fae said...

Hey, Elder Bednar would be disappointed that you didn't make any pickles with your cukes. Get right on that, Mormon Mommy.