Monday, September 17, 2007

Bring on the Nag

I love wives who nag. The more they nag their husbands, the better I look. I especially love nagging wives during hunting season. At this time of year you start to hear stuff like this:

"so how big was the bull you shot?"

"oh yeah, mine is going in the books."

"I shot him from 70 yards."

And then you might also hear something like this: (all compliments of poor nagged husbands.)

"How mad is she?"

"Will she LET you go?"

"I don't care, I'm going anyway."

"She knew I was a hunter when she married me."

"She doesn't understand. I'm just trying to provide for our family."

This makes me think of college when my professors would grade on a curve. It didn't matter how bad you did, just as long as someone did worse than you, there is still a glimmer of hope. As long as there is a wife out there who nags more than I do, I'm GOOD!

Actually just the other day Kendon told me that he appreciates me for being of the non-nagging type. And I appreciated him for appreciating me.

So, go girls go! Keep bringing on the nag!

The truth is, all year I go and do lots of things a lot of the time. Most every week I have something that I get to do that is just for me. Whether it be book group, scrap booking, recipe swap, dinner with girlfriends. I am always going. Kendon is always willing to let me do all these things and stays home with the kiddos and does so happily. So, hunting season is his time of the year. He gets to go all he wants. I'm just glad that he has something that he is passionate about. I think it is neat.
Plus, he is darn right handsome in camo!

Me, trying to be a good wife when we were first married.

And he is right. He was hunting LONG before I came along!


Celia Fae said...

I'm going to show my panties now. How long IS hunting season? Do you actually eat the stuff he kills? Where do you put it all? Do only men hunt?

Lisa-Marie said...


Hunting season lasts anywhere from August through December depending on what you are hunting and how. Kendon has until the end of Sept. to get an elk during archery season and until the end of October to get a bear. He has already shot an antelope this year. We DO eat what he hunts. Th elk and antelope are similar to beef. We cut it all butchered up into steaks, roasts, burger. The bear we will probably jerky. We have a big freezer that it all goes in. It really is nice to not have to buy meat (except chicken) all year. Mostly men hunt, but really good wives do too. I went before we had kids. I enjoyed hanging out with Kendon doing something he loves, but I ALWAYS cry when we get the kill. So, there you go. Wanna come to Idaho and join us? Yeah, I didn't think so!!!

Celia Fae said...

Thanks for the info. I think I get the picture. Bear Jerky, ymmm. Really, you are lucky you don't have to buy meat, because it is the most expensive. But don't you ever get a hankering for a nice skinless chicken breast? I like the part about the crying. I want to cry when my cats kill mice.

Grandma W said...

Yes, you did know how much he loved hunting before you were married, and it is good you are not a nagging wife. Could cause a lot of trouble. We all know if he needed to be at home instead, he would do so! Isn't that right, Kendon? I used to have it with Papa, but it was trap shooting and hunting pheasants and chuckers. In fact, your Mom was his hunting retriever! She even had the good hunting boots to go with!
We love you!

Penelope Crackers said...

How funny. I've been wishing for Seth to get into something like hunting or fishing. I tell him he needs to have hobbies with other guys and get away and talk about guy stuff. I wonder if I would be a nagger about hunting if he actually did go hunting a lot.

Anonymous said...

I think you and Kendon compliment each other very well (and yes, you each nag a little, but that is OK and normal)!! You are both very supportive of each others "Hunting" whatever that may be for each of you! And I agree with Mom, if you needed Kendon, he would be "Johnny on the spot"! We are very proud of both of you!
How is my "naughty" three year old?
Tell him, Grandma loves him and can't wait to see him and his sisters!!!! Love, Mom