Monday, September 17, 2007

Testing Testing 1...2...3

Don't Let the Sweet Face Fool You!

That is what Connor has been doing to his mother as of late...TESTING. Oh boy, this kid is three and he is acting it. Here are a few random moments with this dear sweet boy of mine!

* Yesterday during sacrament meeting we had to go out to take Sirri potty. Connor of course feels the need to come along. As I open the door to go back inside the chapel, Connor begins to scream. I immediately shut the door and he stops. I look at him, ask if he is ready, he nods yes, and we try it again. Again, open the door, scream. Close the door. evil eye from momma. Let's try again, third time is a charm. NOPE! Screaming again. So, Connor got to sit in a chair in the hall for a time out during sacrament. He did NOT like that. BINGO!!!!

* Also during church yesterday. Connor got pushed in nursery class. His teacher had to take another child to the bathroom and since Connor was sad he got to tag along. I was in the hall with my Primary class waiting to go into singing time. Connor saw me and all was lost. Connor refused to go back with his teacher and his kind daddy didn't make him go. So he came with us to Primary. During closing exercises Connor decided to announce, "I'm going pee!" I think it is time to potty train!

* Connor loves to get a reaction. So lately he has been trying to come up with words that he thinks might be bad. He says them, always loud and always twice. He then looks at me with his "naughty grin" and asks, "is that a bad word mom?" Here are some of the words that tend to be his favorites. chunk chunk. jummy jummy. poop poop. pee pee. gook gook. and he always ends with this one cause at our house it is a bad word....BUTT BUTT. He has yet to get a reaction out of me playing this game so I'm sure it will continue.

* Today he went to the store with our friend Jaci. He dumped a box of books on the floor. Jaci asked him to help clean up the books or he wouldn't get a cookie. With much seriousness he looked at her and said, "I don't care. I don't want a cookie." GASP!

* Poor Jaci. Connor was at her house playing the other day. Connor and Koy were being too quiet so she went to investigate. Connor was in Koy's room with a bucket of water and the mop, mopping the carpet. "I'm helping you clean Jaci." was Connor's reply. (I guess that one is naughty and sweet. It reminds me of sweet and sour chicken. Who doesn't like something sweet with a little bit of sour?!?!)

* This was today. Connor was in time out AGAIN for turning the hose on and spraying his sister. (Maybe time out isn't working.) On the wayt o time out he looked right at me and said, "Butt. I say Butt to you."

Oh what is a mother to do?!?!?

Maybe I should try harder to think of THIS:
"Think of the toddler years as a wacky and crazy - but short - period of time, ... Slow down and see past the chaos of it, and you'll see that good things truly do come in small packages."
- Paul Spencer

Nah. I don't think so. Not today. Maybe tomorrow.



Kim said...

I crack up so much everytime I read your blog. Oh thank heavens I have 3 years and 3 months until I experience this...atleast I better have that long. :)

Anonymous said...

Connor Jay Jensen, I hope you get your naughty bugs out before you get to Grandma's house!!!!!! Don't forget . . . I have a timeout chair too!!! I love you!!!!!!!!! Grandma Bigelow

Celia Fae said...

I make my kids go into the bathroom and do potty talk. They stand at the threshold and scream Poop and Butt and Pee while I go merrily on my way. BTW, this is going to up your rating considerably.

Eli & Angela said...

Lisa Marie, I'm not sure how I found your blog, but I did (I was blog surfing and I think I came across Cindy's and then I found yours). Anyway, your kids are so cute. We have a daughter the same age as Sirri. Her birthday is July 28th. I also have an almost 2 year old girl. Too bad we don't live closer. It was fun to see pictures of your family. You can check out my family at I sure do miss the Shanty days. Glad to see you are doing so good.

Grandma W said...

Oh Boy, Honey! It's that middle kid again! For some reason, they seem to be the ones who think of all the bad things to do! I would imagine if you completely ignore him when he is acting that way, he may quit because it isn't any fun that way. I know - it is hard to do, but try it. Yes, Connor, you must be a good boy at Grandma B's house because there will be lots of people there and she wants them to think you are a really nice boy!
I love you all!