Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm Going to be Struck....


Hey Mom, Grandma and Cindy. This story is for you guys. Next time you want to leave comments about what a GREAT Mom I am, you might want to consider the following story!

Last night we were coming home from taking food(garbage) up to Kendon's bear bait and Sirri got sick on the drive home. She threw up twice. And I am talking MAJOR vomit. As in filling her car seat, vomit. Thank goodness I have such a wonderful husband who was willing to clean her up. Thank you honey! (By the way, that isn't even the part of the story that makes a me bad mommy. That is coming and believe me you will know it when you hear it.) Then in the middle of the night she woke up because she had messed her pants. (Sorry I had to share Sirri but it is all part of the story!) Well, this time I was descent Mommy and I did get up and help her get cleaned up from that mess. When I climbed back in bed Kendon cuddled up to me and said, "we make a pretty good team. One of us cleans up puke, the other cleans up poop!"

The above story is really just so I have an excuse for feeling a little on the tired side in order to rationalize my BAD behavior. Here is where the story begins to take a turn for the worse!

Because Sirri was seeming to feel better this morning I decided to go to Porters (a craft store) to get a few things to finish up some cards for my sister's baby shower. I typically do not take my kids with me to this store but since it is hunting season I don't have too many opportunities to get there alone. Well, let me try to make a long story short. The trip was a disaster. Sirri apparently was not feeling better because she pooed her pants again (apologies again Sirri) and Connor was TERRIBLE. When I say terrible I mean it. Anything naughty that he could do...he DID. And the frustrating part was that he was doing all these things intentionally. He could tell that mommy's buttons were being pushed and he continued to push them. I finally got all the things that I needed and had had enough of my kidlets and before waiting in line to pay I drug them out to the van to wait for me there, safely buckled in their seats. (the van is literally right outside the door...don't worry mom.)

When I get up to pay, the nightmare continued. My card would not work. The way too sweet girl running the cashier ran my card three times. I am sure she was embarrassed for me. Not that I needed any help being embarrassed. There I was with my totally out of control children and then my card won't work. I'm blubbering about how this can't be, I know there is money on the card blah blah blah. The young girl just looks at me, like , "ya, I've heard it all, you poor poor woman." I have finally had enough. I tell them to hold my bags because heaven only knows I am NOT coming back another time to re-get all my stuff. I blow out the door with NOTHING and immediately get on the phone to the bank. Once again, I get a way to sweet girl helping me on the other line. Why can't anyone be as cranky as me? She explains the problem to me (another story in it's self) and said that they will re-activate my card. Thank heavens. BUT she won't be reactivated until 3 am. Well, that does me a lot of good! So much for going to the grocery store.

My kids can feel the tension. As we start to drive the following conversation takes place: (please beware...this gets BAD.)

Connor: "Mommy, are you sad at me?"

Me: "Yes, Connor. I am sad at you. You made really bad choices in Porters."

Connor: "Can I have some gum?"

Me: "NO! You may not have anything."

Sirri: "Mom. We are family. You don't act like that to family."

Me: "Well, you guys sure didn't act like family in the store." (See, it's starting to get UGLY!)

Sirri: "Mom, you are making Jesus sad when you talk like that."

(Oh! Man, here it comes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)Me: "I don't care." (And the lightning strikes!)

Connor: "Mom, I'm going to tell Jesus that you made Him sad."

(Here it comes again!!!)
Me: "Go ahead and tell Jesus, I don't care." (Don't I sound like a three year old!?!?!)

And then comes my little ray of sunshine...

Connor: "Mom, I can't just fly up to the sky!"

So, there you go. Yes, I am the world's greatest mom, don't you think!!!

I do have to say that I was feeling really badly. (and rightfully so, you are all thinking huh?!?!) So, after a good talk with Kendon (and he told me that he was coming home. I'm sure he was afraid for everyone's safety!) I took the kiddos out to the garden to pick all our little baby pumpkins to put on our kitchen table. That was my effort at making up. I still have lots of repenting to do I am sure!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Dolly, even good Mom's have their moments!!! Especially when their buttons are pushed by adorable little children!!!

I love you,




you just proved it all over again by relaying this story...not only did you learn from the rough day but you were able to find humor in a sticky situation! see...still the world's best mom!

i LOVED that story. never underestimate the wit of a 3 year old :)

Grandma W said...

Oh Boy! Another tedious day in the
life of an AWESOME Mother!! You know what? The kids will forget all about that little session while
you are still fretting about it!
Don't worry - it probably will happen again! Great, Great Grandma
Viers always said, "when they are
little, they step on your toes and
when they get big, the step on your
You are still an Awesome Mother!!!

Denae said...

So sorry! That sounds like a nightmare and don't worry, we've all said and done our share of not so good things. Luckily kids have very short memories!!!

Katherine said...

I hate days like this! Don't worry- we all say things we don't mean sometimes. At least you can look back at laugh at it now!!