Thursday, August 9, 2007

Walking Targets

Apparently, my daughter and I both have targets painted on our backs or the tops of our heads. Let me explain....

You'll have to go back with me oh, ten or twelve years. Back to my high school days. In high school I was a cheerleader. Surprise to some, not to most!

Each year for our homecoming football game we had a caravan that started at the school and ended up at the now famous, Boise State Broncos Stadium, where we played our game. Everyone decorated their cars and trucks and played loud music and had a great time. Us cheerleaders (is that proper English?!?) all rode in the back of a truck together. Just as the truck was pulling out of the school I happened to feel something funny land on my head. I'm sure you can all guess the punch line right? You got it...BIRD POOP. I am sure that I probably also do not need to explain the reaction from me and the other cheerleaders in the truck. Total mayhem! I was lucky enough for two things: #1 I always wore my hair in two french braids when I was cheering. This made for easier clean up of the bird poop! #2 My best friend Camilla. She was willing to do the dirty work and with napkins cleaned up my hair. I think I still owe her for that one!

Notice the braids?

Now, lets come back to the present. Just two days ago, my daughter Sirri was an unexpecting target herself. This time the culprit was not a bird, but a very sad little boy at the gym. This poor little guy did not want his Mommy to leave him in the daycare and he cried so hard that he eventually threw up. And you guessed it...Sirri was standing right underneath him. Poor baby (and I'm talking about my kid here not the kid who puked, though I feel bad for him as well!) I'm not really sure she even knew what hit her. Sirri had throw up all down her back and on her legs. You know it is one thing to clean up your own child's barf, but someone else's! Yuck. These are the moments when you stop and realize, "Yes! I truly am a Mom!"


Anonymous said...

hopefully you can make a trip to california to clean snap up if ever this happens, because i can't imagine doing it. how did sirri react? i love your stories and make me long to be closer to you all!! boo hoo for me! :)

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh Boy! Allways something isn't it? But, somehow, being Mothers, we can clean up "all kinds" of messes, as you will see on down the road! I was like Camilla when I was young because I could, and still can, clean up others messes! That is being a REAL good friend!!! You kids were so cute when you were cheer leaders!!!
Love You!
Grandma W