Saturday, August 11, 2007

Good Times at the Range

We went to the range tonight for a picnic and for the boys to shoot their bows. It was a really good time as always! I'm sure glad that Kendon likes to have us join him in his hobby. We are lucky to have a Daddy who enjoys hanging with his family.

Sirri met a little friend, Riley there tonight. Sirri tends to make friends wherever we go and I think that is a neat quality. Sirri invited her to play house and kept calling her, daughter. "Daughter, come here daughter."

When Sirri and Riley were playing I over heard the following conversation. It stared with Riley making reference to Sirri's hair. I didn't quite hear what she said but this is what followed:

Sirri: "No, I just got my hair cut." (which she did not.)
Riley: "Well, when is your hair going to grow up?"

Pretty bad when even little kids recognize that Sirri is lacking in the hair department. Good thing she is so darn cute to make up for it!


Anonymous said...

I must say that we have the cutest little grandchildren ever!!!! And someday Sirri Marie, your hair will be so thick your Mom won't know what to do with it!!!

Little Meggers, Grandma wishes she was there to watch you crawl. Thanks so much for the video!!!!

Connor, you look like you are getting better and better with that bow every time we see a new picture! Keep it up!

Sorry you are a "target" like your Mom Sirri! Grandma will never forget that day! I think you could hear the screams all the way to my house!!! Thank heavens for Camilla . . . she would cleanup anything! I guess that is why she is such a great nurse!

We love you so much, G & G Bigelow

Anonymous said...

What cute pictures of Sirri, Connor and Meg! Papa always took ALL of us with him when he went trap shooting, too! We always had a good time!
Don't you worry, Sirri! You will have LOTS of hair one of these days and people will say, "my goodness, you have such thick hair"! You look really cute to Papa and Grandma!! And, Connor, you are really getting good with that bow and arrow!!! You look so darned cute shooting it!
We love all of you!
Papa and Grandma