Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My #1 Fan

If you'll keep reading, I'll keep writing.
I love you Grandma!


Grandma W said...

Don't you worry, Honey! I will keep reading, and also commenting! I love this blog! Maybe the kids will remember me forever and that would be just great! That was a pretty good picture you took there too! Too bad you can't see Meg too!
I love you!
Grandma W.

patty Johnson said...

Lisa Marie ... I HAVE to have this picture! It's ADORABLE of you Mom! :) PLEASE send it to me! Thanks babe!


things i LOVE... said...

this comment is actually for grandma w...
i PROMISE you those kids will remember you FOREVER!!! how could they not? they have the BEST great grandma EVER! i was just bragging about you to my dear friend the other day, telling him you are the sweetest and most wonderful woman i know. i told him one reason that makes me want to get married sooner than later and have kids is so my own kids can have memories with their wonderful great grandparents! i know i can speak for not only myself but all the other weldon grandkids when i say our family is MOST BLESSED because you are OUR grandma!
i promise i will remember you longer than forever!
cindy :)

Maestra Kiley said...
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Maestra Kiley said...

Lisa! Grandma shared your blog with me last night and I got goosebumps all over! You have done such a beautiful job raising your babies so far and what an amazing memory keeper for these little guys! You have inspired me to create a blog for my kiddies....granted they are my students, but I think it will be great! Thank you for the motivation I needed to get creative!
-Kiley Crill