Monday, November 24, 2008

Jensen Family LAST TWO Weeks in Review


Sirri had her three month check-up with her oncologist and all is well. She had a CT scan that was totally clear and her urinalysis had no sign of the cancerous chemicals. Dr. Hancock said it would have been normal to still have some traces of the elevated chemicals but her test came back 100% normal!!!! Hip hip hooray! Sirri and I went to Walmart after her appointment and I was so happy and excited that I felt like getting on the intercom system in the store to announce to everyone our good news! (But, I didn't!)

At this appointment we also learned that the surgeon who performed Sirri's surgery, was the lead surgeon of the team who separated the siamese twins in Utah. I guess they weren't kidding when they called her, "the master." Sirri was definitely in great hands!

Mommy News:

Last weekend I was able to go on a retreat with some girlfriends to Island Park. We stayed Thursday through Saturday and it was fabulous! I got LOTS of Christmas projects done. We had lots of great food, conversation, laughs, and not much sleep. I always come home so tired but revived at the same time. Thank you to Kendon for encouraging me and helping out so I can go to these things!

Tammie, Tracy, Suzette, Anne-Marie, Me, Shelli, Jaci

AND, all those Christmas presents that I worked on, are all wrapped and in the mail. Woo hoo! That is a first for me. I'm usually the one at the post office paying extra to make sure everything arrives on time!

Birthday News:

Meg turned two. Boo hoo. My baby isn't a baby anymore. (Sigh. Sob. Pout.) I'm not ready to have her growing up on me, but ready or not..... I really can not believe how she changes every day. She is continually learning new words, new tricks, and wanting to be just like her big brother and sister. She is also becoming quite naughty and can pout like nobody's business.Smarty Pants News:

Connor beat me SEVEN/7 times at memory. He beat his dad 3/5 times. He is so stinking observant! And he isn't a poor winner. I appreciate that. He always tells me, "good job, Mom."
Weather News:

We have snow on the ground. Just a skiff is left in shady areas, but snow none the less. My kids ask for hot cocoa every day, we all have snotty noses and sore throats and we have been reading lots more books. Winter is here for good. Sigh. Holiday News:

Well, the holidays are officially here and I'm excited. I can't wait to put up my decorations on friday and to turn the Christmas tunes on!!!!

Sirri had a Thanksgiving feast at school that Kendon and I attended. It's so fun to be with her at school. (And remember when I mentioned that I think Isaac has a crush on Sirri. I was right. His mom confirmed it. (she volunteered the info. I didn't ask!!!) She said Isaac talks about Sirri all the time and is always pointing her out at school! Oh man. School crushes. Am I ready for this?!?!?!) Sirri has a Christmas Program next week and I'm so excited. I know. Call me crazy. But she is my first in school and this kind of stuff is still so fun for me! I can't wait! A bunch of kindergartners dressed up like lambs, singing Christmas songs.... It doesn't get much cuter than that!

Here's to another great week!

Hope everyone is happy and well on Thanksgiving!


♥Shally said...

GREAT news about Sirri!!

I agree on the Kindergarten program... soo cute.

Ilene said...

I would have taken over the PA system at Wal-Mart. I'm so glad she is doing so well and was blessed to be in such great hands during her treatment.

Thomas turns two in a couple of weeks and it is kind of breaking my heart. It goes too fast.

andrea said...

tell connor if he REALLY wants to feel like a master, he should play me at memory.
seriously, he will win EVERY TIME. i used to be good... then i had these kids... you know the story.

happy thanksgiving.

Kenny and Linsey said...

Huzzah for Sirri and all of you!

queenieweenie said...

That is absolutely wonderful that Sirri got the all clear! Hurrah.

Were you anywhere near Max Inn? My family has a cabin there.

Angela said...

That's awesome about Sirri's results. Do you remember when we paged "Lisa Marie Jensen" at Walmart, about 6 months prior to you actually being Lisa Marie Jensen? You actually weren't even engaged yet. I can't remember who was with me. I'm thinking maybe Marci and maybe even Camille. It was pretty funny. Anyway, glad to see your little family is doing so good.

Kim said...

ummm, who wouldn't have a crush on Sirri?! she is the cutest!!!

meggers looks so big, i'm sad too--your baby's 2 and mine's almost 1. how'd that happen so fast?!

Connor, way to go. you'll have to play uncle rich next time we're together. i hope you win, but don't tell him i said that. :)

love you!

Christie said...

Congrats on the good news for Sirri! What a blessing that whole thing turned out so well.

Bridget said...

You really should have had WalMart announce that news. So exciting! congrats!

Kindergarten programs are the best.

Lauren in GA said...

Yay, for SIRRI!!!!! That is such wonderful news, Lisa-Marie!!

I cannot play memory anymore...I think my family thinks I am letting them win to be nice...but my brain is shot. THAT IS AMAZING ABOUT CONNOR!!!!!

Okay, I know it isn't funny...but the powdered sugar picture with Meg is so cute...because I didn't have to clean it up, huh? My mom always says like, "Have a little waffles with your powdered sugar." when things like that happen.

Grandma W. said...

Of course, we knew about Sirri's
"good" cat scan before, but we are so thankful!! What more could any of us want at Thanksgiving??!! It is going to remain that way!! I just know it! So many people are praying for her!

Looks like Meg had a good time in the powdered sugar! What a little character! And, no, it does not seem like she can be two already!! The time absolutely flies by!!
Especially for us old folks!!

Hang in there Connor and keep that good memory! Mom and Dad will be really proud of you in school!!!

Grandma W. said...

Hey! I forgot to mention your wonderful weekend,Lisa!! That is the neatest thing! And, so nice to be able to work on Christmas projects the whole time - and.... have them all mailed, etc.!! Wow!
Thank you Kendon, for being such a great husband and Daddy!!!
I really like you modern kids ideas!! We never did things like that in our early years!!