Friday, November 21, 2008


Recently I was cooking dinner for my family. I was basking in the smell of hamburger. Real hamburger. From a cow.

We usually have a freezer full of elk burger.Even though, every time I go to the grocery store and watch people buying hamburger for $2.99/lb., I am thankful for my elk, I still yearn for the familiar taste of beef.

And lately, beef it has been!

Happy day for me.

Sad day for Kendon.

This year Kendon didn't hunt elk. Much of his time off was "scheduled" for him with Sirri's medical emergency and his tonsillectomy. So, the hunt was off.

And as thrilled as I am that I get to eat beef this year, I also feel a sadness and void for what has been missing this season for Kendon.

Kendon lives for this time of year. When the Elk begin their rut Kendon is filled with an excitement that is visible. Every year when he pulls his camo out of storage he has an extra bounce in his step. When Kendon hears an elk bugle it speaks to his heart. When he tells a new hunting success story every year and you hear the spark in his voice, you would think it was his first.

Kendon is passionate about his hunting. And this passion is one of the things that first attracted me to him.

So, every time I am eating beef I will try to remember that Kendon's loss and sacrifice is responsible for my gain.

Next year hon. Next year.

Kendon's favorite quote:

"When we can no longer draw bows, when sinew has shrunk and bone gone brittle; we will hunt in our dreams, because hunting is part of our souls."


Jenibelle said...

You know, you can even make hunting sound almost romantic and wonderful.
Sorry for Kendon,sorry for the cows, happy for all the frolicking live elk and happy for you!!!

Grandma W. said...

Yes, it is sad that Kendon did not get to go hunting because he loves it so much!! I am sure you are enjoying the beef burger!! But, oh boy,that elk burger is sooooo good!! And, those elk steaks!!!!
Next year, Kendon!! You will find going through life with children, there are things we have to give up every so often!!! But, they are so worth it!! And, I know you know that because you are such a good guy!! And Daddy!!!
Love you all!

Hazen5 said...

I was thinking the same thing Jeni! Very well written. I feel sad for Kendon!

Rick and Annie said...

We also have lived on elk meat a few times. Paying for beef kills me everytime i do it. Oh well maybe he will get an elk next year

Jill said...

Since this blogging is new to me and we haven't seen each other in so long...what was Sirri's medical emergency? I'm sorry I don't know...

Lauren in GA said...

Lisa-Marie...You are a total sweetheart! How lovely of you to express you sadness that your hubby doesn't get to do one of his favorite things. I agree with even make hunting, or not being able to hunt a declaration of love!

Lisa-Marie said...

Sorry I didn't get the BIG elk picture on here Kendon!!!!!!!!