Monday, November 3, 2008

Jensen Family HalloWEEK in Review

I love Halloween and I think, so far, I've done a sufficient job in rubbing a bit of the infatuation off on my children as well! We had a busy busy week (by Friday I was absolutely worn out) but had tons of fun!!!

Here's a run down of the Halloween events.

Kendon has always wanted to buy a pumpkin carving set and this year he broke down and dished out the six bucks for a kit. I think Kendon's six buck kit, helped produce million dollar jack o lanterns! Kendon was quite talented! (All the pumpkins are from our garden!!!)

Fun with Food:

1. LOTS of frosting eyeballs. 2. Spider pizzas. 3. Monster pudding. 4. Eyeballs on apple sauce. (The kids asked to have eyeballs in everything!)

The Straw Maze:
This maze was right across the street from us. All month we would watch the cars come and go and could hear the spooky music being played at night. The kids were so excited to finally go over and wind our way through the maze and it did not disappoint. The kids LOVED it. They had a great time riding there and back in the four wheeler trailer and were great leaders.

Meg was the cutest little chicken and really stole the show wherever we went! She loved the attention and would say, "bawk, bawk," when she knew someone was oohing over her. She hated the costume at first but by the end of the week, she knew that when she put the feathers on, people gave her candy!

For a few months before Halloween, Sirri was sure she wanted to be the Easter Bunny. I was fine with that until I saw THIS costume. I just knew Sirri would make the cutest poodle. So, I convinced her to be the poodle, all the while she thought it was her idea. (I'm very sad that I won't be able to sneakily "guide" my kid's costume choices much longer.) She was especially happy to be a poodle once Brooke decided she wanted to be a poodle too. (even though Brooke didn't know what a poodle was. "It's what Sirri's going to be for halloween," she said.) I named Sirri Lou Lou because that is my nickname for her!

Connor, our Batman Power Ranger. Koy, planned on being a Power Ranger this year. So, of course Connor wanted to be one too. Little did Connor know that his costume was really Batman. He didn't care. He loved the mask and cape and belt. Connor, you can be my super hero any day!

Trunk 'r Treat at G&G Jensen's:
We always go up to G&G Jensen's for their ward party. By the time we were done that night, Meg's cotume was covered in chili and rootbeer and it was only Tuesday. She looked like a drown chicken. By the end of the week, the feathers were so trashed I had to throw them out. Boo hoo.

Donuts and a Frightful Feast:
Wednesday we made donuts for our friends and neighbors. It was fun/messy. Connor as always was the number one helper in the kitchen. I wouldn't be surprised if he's a chef some day! The donuts turned out tasty! While Kendon and the kids delivered all 80 donuts, I prepared a Frightful Feast.

The menu: Goblets of Blood, Creepy Crawly Jello, Goblin Guts (which the kids wouldn't eat. "That's Bisguisting!" said Connor. Mummy dogs, and bloody fingers. YUM!

Best Buddies and a Carnival:
I wonder how many years these best buddies will all have to have matching costumes?!?! I hope a long time!

After the pictures we headed to the nursing home for a carnival. I love attending this every year. I think it is important for my kids to feel comfortable in the nursing home setting and with the residents. On the drive there, Sirri said, "Mom, remember when we came here after gymnastics that one time and gave snowflakes to the people? That was fun." I hope my kids will always be able to feel the spirit of service and know that it can be very simple to cheer someone's day!

Sirri's Class Party:
I enjoy helping in Sirri's classroom and watching her interact with her classmates. I always learn so much about my child when I am there. (I have a whole post about this!)

Another Carnival and More Trick 'r Treating:
The rexburg Motor Sports Carnival. As long as they have cotton candy every year...I'm THERE!
Trunk 'r Treating at our ward building.
Can you tell that Meg caught the "spirit" of things?!?!?!

Even though I was pooped out by this time friday night, we headed to G&G Jensen's to go trick 'r treating with the cousins. I'm so glad that we did. Doing the "real deal" door to door, was a first for my kids and they loved it. All the cousins had such a great time together and were such good buddies to eachother. Zack took such good care of Connor, caring his bag for him and making sure that at every door Connor got his treat. Zack would say, "one for me and one for the little man, please!" It is such a blessing to know that Zack will always watch out for my kiddos!

And so the week of fun festivities ended!

And I think we were all a little bit glad.

Saturday morning Connor said, "Mom....I'm ready for some healthy food, please!"


Cindy said...

YOU ARE THE BEST MOM EVER. will you please write a guide to being a mom for me...that way if i'm ever a mom maybe i'll do a few things right...simply because you will have been my guide?

you are amazing sister. i told my ward tonight at fhe that if i can be even half of what my sisters are, will be an incredible person one day...thank you for confirming that statement!

Jill said...

Here, here! Well said, Cindy! You ARE a fantastic mom! I am so wowed!!! You're kids are gorgeous...handsome hubby, fun and wonderful mom...WOW!

Kenny and Linsey said...

What a great week -- so fun, so delicious and just the right amount of spooky.

*~McGarys~* said...

You are the funniest mom! When I grow up I want to be like you:)

Laurel said...

You know you've done Halloween right when your kids are asking for healthy food. I love the idea of the Halloween feast for your kids. I'm going to try to remember that, but truth be told I was exhausted just getting them in their costumes! In fact, we ordered pizza that night! (But when I grow up, I want to be just like you!!!)

andrea said...

connor gets man of the year award. my teeth hurt from looking at all that sugar.

Lauren in GA said...

Lisa-Marie, you are amazing!! I love the eyeballs in the applesauce and all of the other amazing food you made. I need to copy you, girlie!

Such a fun post to read about all of the memories you made.

Connors healthy food request is hilarious!

Lauren in GA said...

How do you make the eyeballs? Do you make them out of frosting in a store bought tube and leave them to dry and harden or do you bake them, somehow?

You can answer me here...I can come back so it is more convenient for ya.

cath said...

that was an awesome post!!! i love that you get so into it with the kids - no wonder some kids grow up loving halloween ... with memories like that, how could you not? i must confess, the meg/sarah chicken pictures are getting passed around a lot - well done!!

Lisa-Marie said...


to make the eyes, use frosting that you would for gingerbread houses. You know the yucky, gets hard as a rock kind! Just pipe it right out of the corner of a baggie. Dye some black for the pupils. It makes a ton and I've just stored them in a tupperware. Now we can have eyeballs all year round!!!

Kim & Rich said...

Way to go sister. I am exhausted just reading about it. Connor, I didn't even eat all that great halloween stuff you did, and I agree with you healthy food does sound yummy right now!!

love you all!!! miss you more!!!

Dancin Queen said...

LOVE the Halloween dinner. How cute. Will you be my mom?

Bridget said...

The costumes are so cute and I am so amazed at how creative you are with the food! You're every kids' dream come true!

Christie said...

I would like you to do a post where you teach us how to make donuts. Because, clearly, my thighs are not big enough. I can still button up my pants. Let's do something about that, shall we?

Phillip and Kirsten said...

hear, hear, christie! you should write a book, lisa, wow

Pam said...

Wow! You are amazing!

I love you more!

Pam said...

P.S. AMAZING pumpkins Kendon! Those should be entered into some contest!!!

Sally said...

Those donuts are making me salivate. I need some. Wow.

Grandma W. said...

My word! I am exhausted just reading what all you did for the little ones!!!! You are a very "special Mom", Honey! And, the kids will never forget that!!!
Kendon, you are a "special Daddy" too! The pumpkins were great, but I know how much more than that you do!!! Don't change - either one of you!
Love you all