Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Jensen Family Week in Review Mar. 24th-30th

I HOPE.....

Kendon and I can go on another date soon!

We had a good time listening to Glenn Beck speak at our local DARE graduation.
Kendon really really likes Glenn Beck.

We also went to Dairy Queen.
Do you think there will ever be a time that I will be able to go to DQ without being reminded that I hit the pole?!?!?

That Sirri and Connor won't demand homemade peanut butter playdough every time now.

That the Easter Bunny won't play tricks on me next year.

Somehow, we ended up with a few eggs that weren't cooked. Connor managed to find them all. I seriously do not know how this happened. I'm baffled.

We will have NO MORE snow days.
March 27, 2008

That the weather can warm up so we don't have to have playgroup at my house again until next year.

The kiddos had a good time making buggy headbands and ants on a log but this house is too little for 12 kids. My blood pressure was really raging before they all left.

And Meg LOVES peanut butter. By the spoon. After spoon. After spoon.
Is she old enough to have peanut butter?

I can get our tea parties under control. It started to get a little crazy!

The kids don't think they get to stay up with me every Tuesday night for American Idol.

Sirri and Connor will always want to be dancing partners!


Grandma W. said...

All very well put, Honey! You two are so lucky you met and married because you think alike and like to do the same things, and you both realize family comes first! That is why Papa gave up skiing when Penny was born! Then, he did things where he could take the kids with him too! Your Mom was his "best" bird dog when hunting pheasant and chucker! They all loved to go trap shooting with him!
We Love You!

Talia said...

Connor looks like he's wearing as much clothes as the girls on DWTS do! Love the purple sandals! They're very fetching!

Surri sure knows how to throw back that "tea". Atta girl!

I love peanut butter by the spoon fulls too, Meg!!

Hope your having a good week!

Talia said...

Whoops, I meant Sirri! My bad!

Jenibelle said...

Cute purple slippers cute Connor!!!
And does Sirri know it's like 40 degrees there? A bathing suit? She's going to find herself a California boy, I feel it already!!!

Tristan said...

Cute kids! Cute pics! My husband and I are Glen Beck fans! He is going to be the MC at Stadium of Fire and we hope to get tickets!

Lauren said...

Those Tea Parties look rocking! Drinking from the tea pot is pretty funny!

This was a great spin on the weekly report. I liked hearing about your hopes :)

You are so cute!!!! I love the pictures of you and the kids.

Christie said...

Your life seems more charming and fun than mine. I think I want to trade for a few days.

Kim said...

jennibelle, i hope sirri does find a California boy, because then she can be near her Aunt Kimmy!!!! Wouldn't that be perfect Lis? Adorable pictures. I love your weekly reviews because I feel like I played with you all. miss you!

Bridget said...

Love the crazy photo of you and your kids at the end there. My boys love peanut butter by the spoonful too. In fact, Cole won't eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He has jelly sandwiches with several spoonfuls of peanut butter on the side. Whatever.

Hollyween said...

We let Levi stay up for American Idol too and every time, I'm like "This is the LAST TIME" and it never is. I love Glenn Beck too!

NT Weekes Family ~ said...

You're a FuN & Silly Mom Lisa! ~ I Love It! :o>

The Pictures are Fabulous!!!!