Monday, April 21, 2008

Jensen Family Week in Review April 14th-20th

Really long, you might get bored reading this if you're not a relative, version!!!!!
(But I DARE you!)

The big news or obnoxious news of the week was the weather. Snow. Sun. Wind. Sun. Freezing. Sun. Can't it just be spring already?!?!?!!A sign in Sugar City. I HAD to turn around and take a picture. Too funny. Yet true and sad.

On the few days/moments that it was warm Connor spent every second he could outside. One day he was outside from 9:30 a.m. until 7:00 at night. I finally bucked up and made him come in for a short nap around 2:00. (It is so hard for me to make my kids come in for a nap when the weather is so nice and they're having so much fun. BUT, I have to. I'm not giving up naps yet. I'm NOT.) As soon as he woke up he was back outside. The kid ate a bowl of cereal and 2 hotdogs ALL DAY. He is loving the sun.Oh wait.... I fibbed. The REALLY BIG news of the week wasn't the weather BUT that tax season came and went and we didn't have any big catastrophe. Hurray! On the 15th I was using the microwave and it suddenly went out. Of course. I was willing to take a dead microwave over a dead well, or car, or septic system as in years past. But still. Come on. Kendon came in, unplugged and plugged it back in and presto it worked again. Phew. I'm still a little edgy thinking it's just too good to be true. Hold your breath for me.Tax Season 2004- New well.

Tax Season 2006-New Septic

Connor was in heaven watching the tractor.

So, with our tax money we bought this:

We are finally going to get Connor out of our bedroom and sharing with Sirri!!!! Everyone is excited about this. Especially Connor. He will tell anyone who will listen that he is getting a bunk bed and he gets to sleep on the top. We are going to swap rooms with the kids since our room is bigger. As soon as Meg is sleeping through the night consistently (I know. 18 months old and still a terrible sleeper. grrr.) she will move into the kid's room as well. That means Kendon and I will finally have our own room for the first time in 3 1/2 years. This is LONG over due. But what do you do when you live in a two bedroom home? You improvise and do what you can. I'm super excited too. I've never had a nice bedroom. I'm going to save my pennies and get a new comforter and maybe some matching pillows even!!!! I can't wait to have a pretty room (yet masculine, Kendon) that I can relax in at the end of the day, read a book and have no children in there!!!!

Kendon also bought a rototiller. He has borrowed one for years for our garden and now he has his own. He deserves it. It's really big to match our garden. (And it's quite pretty as far as rototillers go!!)

How about some small news. Small as in Sirri wore these pants this week.Hello! A size TWO! She is almost five. Good grief. She told Jaci the other day, "I think I'll just always be short." (In her defense, the size two pants were a tad bit short. A tad.)

Brooke lent Sirri her MP3 player this week. Sirri though that was the coolest thing EVER! She wouldn't even look at me for a picture. She was so sweet to let Connor have one of the ear buds to listen too. She kept coming up to me saying, "Mom! You've got to hear this!!!" Oh, Sirri. Please stop growing up.Meg had a big week. She is growing and changing everyday. I forget how much happens at this age. It is so fun.
  • She learned to do a fishy kiss. It is so cute. (mental note: get this on video.)
  • She learned to sign "I love you." Talk about melt your heart. (video too.)
  • She has been communicating with her sign really well lately. She will tell us when she is "hungry," when she is ready for "night night," and when she wants "more," and when she wants to go "bye bye." It has been really helpful.
  • Her receptive language is getting better as well. She is really beginning to understand commands. "Go get your shoes." "Take this to the garbage." "Go see daddy."
  • She began calling for me. She has never done this. Now when she is sad or wants me she will cry, "mama mama mama mama mama." This makes me happy. Except in the middle of the night.
  • Meg is really beginning to catch up in some of the developmental areas that she was lagging in. I'm not much of a progress comparing mom but with Meg I was beginning to worry a bit. She has just been a bit slower, but she's getting there.
Every spring (and several times through the summer.) the kids and I walk up and down our road picking up garbage. They really look forward to it. This week we had our first garbage walk. They were such great helpers. I was really sad that about 1/3 of the garbage was beer bottles and cans. My kids smelled like drunks by the time we were done. Good thing for baths. We have a little song that we see as we clean. Sing to the tune of Lollipop Lollipop.
"Litter Bug, Litter Bug, don't be a litter litter, Litter Bug, Litter Bug, don't be a litter litter, Litter bug. badoomboomboom!" Feel free to teach this to your children!!!

This weekend was a ton of fun. Kendon is the president of his archery club and they had a BIG shoot this weekend. The weather was supposed to be crummy but it heard our prayers and was absolutely beautiful! It was so much fun to watch Kendon take charge and put this whole thing together. I loved watching him interacting with the other archers. I can tell they respect him and enjoy his company. He did a great job!

Ever since I got my bow, Sirri has been asking if she gets one too. I think she thought bows were for boys until Mommy got one. So, this weekend Kendon got her a bow and she was so excited. He is making her arrows with purple and yellow/greenish feathers.

Look at that face. That is one proud daddy!

The kids shot a few targets and their favorite was the "great big grizzly bear." Connor is getting great form in his shooting and is becoming a great shot. It was sometimes hard to remember to cheer Sirri on just as much as Connor even when she was missing all the targets. (I can see where sibling rivalry comes from.)

Bulls Eye!

All in all it was a GREAT day. I'm just still so thankful that Kendon enjoys having his family join him in his hobby. We are looking forward to lots of shooting this summer! (IF summer ever comes. I'm starting to doubt it!)Seems like a nearly perfect week. I like those. I am getting a tooth ache and need to call the dentist. Other than that, just another week in paradise! HA!

P.S. I made my first cake from scratch. It was yummy but I think I'll stick to the box. As they say, "if it aint broke, don't fix it," and the box has always worked for me!!!!


Jessica said...

You know I'm a from scratch person, but my husband pretty much banned me from non-box mix cakes. They always taste great (especially if you find a recipe that doctors it up) and are so much easier.

Yay for your tax return. And 2 bedrooms?! Way to be creative and make do with what you have. Good for you!

Bridget said...

I made a cake from scratch once too. Once. The amount of time invested in it compared to the return in a "better homemade cake taste" was so not worth it to me.

Sirri would fit right in here. My kids are small too. Cole is almost four and has size 3T clothes and he's a boy!

Congrats on getting that new bed! It will be so nice for you to have a kid free room! Yippee!! I expect to see you very bright eyed and bushy tailed at Blogapalooza. :)


i love your life. i know i'm not suppose to be jealous and that i am suppose to live for the moment and love being single and love my independence and love doing whatever i want and buying whatever i want...but i'm jealous you get to walk up and down the street singing "litter bug" and watch a most adorable growing baby sign "i love you" everyday.

don't worry...i'm not turning into one of "those" single girls. you know i have simply loved and embraced every minute of my single life...i just love your life...that's all. i hope my husband and children will be okay with being loved like crazy, because i think by the time i have ones of my own, i'm going to be so grateful for them that i might love them too much!!!!!!

that's enough, i guess.


and p.s...will you please tell my little squisher to stop growing up so fast without me???????

tell her aunt cindy loves her SO MUCH!

Hollyween said...

We only have three bedrooms and I thought that was bad. We had two in our old house though so I've been there, done that. It's hard!
Oh, and I thought MEG was sleeping through the night according to Celia's recent post. Guess that was a while ago? Darnit! To think I had hope for Faith...

Christie L said...

Hi there, cousin! This is Christie (Hiett)... I finally finished signing up for Blogger. I wanted to say you have the darlingest family, and I love to read your blog. Keep writing stories about your life, and posting photos!


Laurel said...

Love the sign! Too funny! And what gives with the tax seasons? Man! I am crossing my fingers for you.

Stephanie said...

Great job on the cake from you can cross that off you list, say you did it once, and never look back...I am with you and say stick to the box!!

I cannot believe you and your husband have not slept alone for 3 1/2 years...CRAZY OVERDUE!! I don't know how you do it. Plus, we have a 4 bedroom home and my 3 boys still share a room and bed very similar to yours. THEY LOVE IT!! THey are so close and I adore sitting within earshot at night when they are going to sleep and listen to their conversations. I learn so much; I would never get to hear this unless they were all together. Enjoy the small house, it really does have its advantages.

Oh yea, and I am so stealing your litter bug song.

NT Weekes Family ~ said...

WOW!! What a FuN Week!
I agree about the weather... What is up with that? Sunny one day... then FREEZING the next. I'm glad I haven't planted anything yet with this wild weather!!! I can't wait though.... When do you usually plant?
My kids LoVe the dirt, so I think they are just as anxious as me!

That Free snow sign was classic! lol I'm surprised it wasn't yours! :o)

Talk to you later!
~ Nickelle

Kim said...

Sister....your week in reviews make me miss you all even more! HHmmm...

I am SUPER EXCITED for you to have your own, grown up room. 2 people have never deserved it more.

Tell the kiddos to get good at shooting so when Rich and I come this summer they can teach us. I am getting super excited to just hang out and eat Mill Hollow yogurt EVERYDAY! You know I will have to.

Miss you much. XOXOX to my kiddos!

I think you should put together a song book for me so Sarah can have such fun!!! whatcha think?!

Eli & Angela said...

You REALLY need to do a mommy camp, complete with songs. Congrats on the new bed. Where did you get it? And your cake, was it low fat? =) One week to go.

Lorena said...

Love the camo shirt. I think we have the same one, but the elastic on the collar is too tight. Shame!

Love the bunk bed. Enjoy your tax gift...finally!

Carlee and Curt said...

Hey Lisa-Marie! It's Carlee Cieslak-Carpenter. I saw your pic on Talia's blog where you left a comment. Your kids are so cute and look at how skinny and great you look! Our blog is

Tristan said...

Ok, I will admit I didn't read all of the post. But I love the pics! Your kids are really cute and I love the last picture of you baking a cake!

Dancin Queen said...

Okay, you are definitely a true blogger when you take a picture of a sign like that and post it on your blog.

Cake from scratch! I'm impressed, never tried it.

That is a SWEET bunkbed!

gab said...

The first photo is hilarious!

Jenibelle said...

Lisa Marie...I TOLD you...NO BOWS except for the hair kind!! I don't want little peanut Sirri to get hurt!. When is the big bedroom swap? Take pictures!

Pam said...

Grandma can't wait to come and "camp" with the kiddos in their new beds!! Sirri, I'm happy that you got a bow and can shoot with Daddy and Connor. One day, you will be a better shot than both of them! You have an incredible patient daddy! How lucky you are! I love you all and miss you so much. Thanks Lisa for blogging and keeping me posted on my little ones lives! Love you so much, Mom
P.S. That is fun that Christie found your blog!

Robin said...

i hear you on the "having kids in your room" issue. josh and i have pretty much always had a baby in our room too... for 3 1/2 years as well. i can't imagine having a nice room of my own to go to and relax... someday... sigh...

Lauren said...

You are so cute! I love that last picture of you!

I don't blame you one bit for wanting Connor to not give his naps! I MOURN when my kids give up theirs!

I got a chuckle out of the size two pants. My 4 year old wears clothes that are sized for much younger than he is in age. He was 10 pounds 3, ounces at birth....I feel like I have done something to stunt his growth!

Amanda said...

Wow - what a great week! It looks like you all had so much fun. Picking up trash even! What a great thing to teach your kids.

London didn't sleep all the way through the night until she was well after two! She didn't wake for food or diapers or anything. She'd just wake up and want Mommy. Oh and she's STILL in our bed, too! She is turning four this weekend and we've been telling her she "gets" to sleep in her own bed once she turns four. Pray for me, okay? This is going to be a battle of monumental proportions!

Love all the pictures! And I can't even imagine baking a cake from scratch! People do that? ;)

Hazen5 said...

You are such a cute scratch baker!! And love the New bunk beds. Okay, I just can't get over your sweet babies holding and shooting those bows!

Grandma W. said...

Wow! What a week! Busy, busy! We are so glad you were able to get the bunkbeds for the kids!! And, so happy you will eventually have your own bedroom for two!! You certainly deserve it!! Glad you got the new roto tiller Kendon! You deserve that too. I know you love the things your wife harvests from it!! I have to mention again - Meg hasn't had to talk! The other kids do it for her, or she is just listening to them! She doesn't have a chance, but her day will come! Your Mom was about the same way, only we did not do the signing! I wasn't smart enough! Just think, we used to HAVE to make our cakes from scratch if we wanted cake!! Did it for years!!! Think of all your great grandparents and what they had to do with!!! We are so lucky!!
Love you!