Friday, April 18, 2008

Tould You Please Say That Again? I Tan't Understand You.

Connor has a tough time saying his K and hard C sounds.

His best friend Koy is "Toy."

When he is struggling with something he says, "I tan't."

And he is just so darn "tute!"

The other night while going to bed he was talking about "Toy's" Dad, "Tent." (Kent) Kendon, the FOREVER tease had the following conversation with "Tonnor."

Connor: "blah blah blah something, Tent."
Kendon: "Who?"
Connor: "Tent."
Kendon: "Tent?"
Connor: "NO! Tent."
Kendon: "Tent?"
Connor: "TENT!!!!"

And on and on and on and on....

You get the idea.

Then the other morning when I got home from the gym, Connor told me that my hands were "told."

Kendon: "Told?"
Connor: "No! Told."
Kendon: "Told?"
Connor: "TOLD!"

The conversation continued in the same manner.

Kendon: "Told?"
Connor: "told."
Kendon: "Told?"

Connor had finally had it.

Connor: "FREEZING!!!!!"

"Neener Neener! I told you dad!"


Tristan said...

The kid out-smarted you! LOL love that face!

Jenibelle said...

When you are as cute as Connor you don't need to talk, smiling will get the message across!

I have two kids with major speech issues, they adapt, t-t-t-t-ttrust me!

Kaya said...

He is soooooooooooooo cute!
He is just like me~
English is too hard to us.
When we meet have to sturdy Teach us mom~

Christie said...

I love mocking my children's speech impediments.

My oldest couldn't say the "TR" sound. When he said it, he said the "F" sound instead. So whenever he saw a great, big truck it came out with an F at the front. It was awesome. Especially in church. "Look, Mommy, a ___uck!" I secretly liked it.

Penelope Crackers said...

hahahaha. That is so so cute. I miss when the kids get older and don't mix up their sounds like that any more. That's a great pic btw.

Tom & Rachel said...
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Tom & Rachel said...

Smart boy! I hope he taught his dad a lesson. :) This isn't totally the same, but that reminded me of when my nephew was 3 or 4(?) and would always say "esta-day" for "yesterday." We figured he just couldn't really say his "y" sounds. So one day my mom, in trying to teach him, corrected him and he yelled back at her, "No, not yesterday...esta-day!" I love little people!

Shally said...

SOO cute! I love it when kids can't say the words right!! :)

My Serae is the same way. Go to my Bankee post--

(sorry I can't link it-- not that smart...)

diane said...

Tho cute! I used to lithp, I mean lisp! I wish my kids still said cute stuff. Now they just say bratty stuff.

Amanda said...

That is too funny! And that pic is too cute for words!!

My nephew used to say his R's like Elmer Fudd. It was so precious to hear him. I know we want our kids to outgrow that sort of thing, but at the same time, it keeps them "babies" a little bit longer.

London says, "mirrah" for "mirror". I love it! :)

Bridget said...

That is so cute. It is so fun to hear little kids saying things wrong. Just reminds you that they are still cute and little.

That picture is the best!

Rochelleht said...

Too cute! Love the pic.

Lauren said...

Now, that was a GREAT comeback, Connor!

He is so adorable! And obviously smart, too! :)

Anonymous said...

holy crap - he is too tute!

Hollyween said...

Can you say, "holy behind on Lisa's blog, batman?" In my defense I did read this one earlier but haven't commented yet because the baby ALWAYS interrupts when I get to your blog. It's a fact.

But this post is so cute!! I love the baby talk. It's sad when they start NOT talking like that anymore, huh?

Can you believe I get to meet you next week? I so cited!!!

Grandma W. said...

Oh, Oh! I am behind again! It's those scrapbooks I am doing for the boys! But, I have to do it!
I love hearing Connor talk - he will get it right one of these days, so don't worry. And, Dad, you quit teasing him!! He is such a cute little guy!
We love you!