Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Saturday we went to a FABULOUS Easter Egg Hunt that two of my girlfriends put together. It was so much fun. All the kiddos who attended were so spoiled but they all deserved it. I've never been to a hunt where all the kids were so well behaved and polite. AND, more impressively, the parents were all on their best behavior too. I get so irritated when I go to hunts, or parades and the moms and dads are screaming, "go! go! get those eggs, get that candy." (Okay, tangent over!) Anyway, it was so great and I appreciate all the effort that was put into it. Thanks Karen and Loretta. Let me know what I can do for next year.

After the hunt we came home and dyed eggs with the cousins. It was great fun too. My kids were really into the decorating this year and did a beautiful job. They really had a super time and it was so fun to just sit back and watch. (I only got to color ONE cause the kids were so invested in every egg. I didn't dare spare any for myself!! I'll have to boil more next year!)

The kids colored pictures for the Easter Bunny and each wrote him a note to accompany the carrots and celery they left out for him.

Sirri's letter.

Connor's letter.

The Easter Bunny's response.
Dear Sirri, Connor and Meg,
Thank you for the carrot and celery. That is just what I needed to keep my energy up. I hope you have been good kids. Happy Easter and remember that Easter is about Christ and how He died for all of us.

I love you and be extra good today.

The Easter bunny

He also left the kids a picture of Christ to help them remember.

The annual Easter Bunny Cake. This is a tradition that my mom always did with us and it has been fun to carry it down to my own kids.


Meliss said...

Your pictures are really cute! I like the Easter bunny response as well. The Easter bunny cake is also a tradition in my house as well.

Kim said...

in one photo it looks like Connor is drinking the dye---please, oh please tell me he's not! :)

Lauren said...

I loved reading this....the Easter Bunny is so nice to write a letter back to your sweet kiddos!

I am going to have to copy that!

Hollyween said...

Wow. I'm so totally impressed with the cake. Did you get to eat some? I sure hope so. It looks divine. Love the Easter Bunny letters too.

Pam said...

I'm so glad that you have carried on the tradition of making the Easter Bunny Cake! You girls always loved it! Darling pictures of our darling grandchildren!
Love you, Mom

Jessica said...

AWESOME cake, Lisa-Marie!

Talia said...

Got any of the bunny cake left? Looks DELICIOUS!

Bridget said...

That cake is very cool. Your kid are very lucky.

Grandma W. said...

What a fun time! Such cute notes to the Easter bunny! I think it is so neat you are making the bunny cakes for your little ones now! Nice tradition. I used to do it, but I don't think every year!
We love you!