Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jensen Family Week in Review March 17-21st


The biggest accomplishment of the week was a successful "re-entry" to the real world after ten days in Boise. And I use the term, accomplishment very lightly cause I still don't feel totally caught up but I am at least functionable . (functionable is not a word.) I am waiting on some more pictures from the little get-away and then I'll report.

While still trying to get my life in order, I had play group at my house Wednesday morning. Can you imagine? 15 kids, five and under, in my itty bitty house. Yes, it was as bad as you would guess. Can you say tornado?!?!!? I hadn't made it to the store yet, so I planned off the cuff. Kids really are easy to please. Their favorite activity was sending someone out of the room, hiding a pack of smarties and then having them find it. (this was in place of an egg hunt, due to the lack of preparedness. ) Instead of saying hot or cold, we hopped like a bunny fast when they were hot and slow when they were cold. Silly. We had a modge podge of other activities and everyone seemed to have a good time. Even me.

Playgroup balloon animals provided by the fabulous Daddy Kendon!

Wednesday night I had Book Group. I went even though I had not read the book. (I left for Boise before my partner finished it.) Apparently, I was the lucky one. It was called The Road and was very depressing and had everyone in a panic to get their food storage in order. I guess that is a good thing but I don't want any more pressure. But, we did have good food, good company and spent much of the night watching Tivo'ed American Idol.

Friday was a big day for me. I got to meet one of my blog buddies!!! Jeni was in town visiting her darling daughter and her daughter's darling boyfriend so we had lunch! It was such a GREAT time. I felt like we had known each other forever and she was so good to my kiddos who got to tag along on the date. She was kind enough to act like she was still having fun even though she had to clean up Connor's spilled soda and listen to Sirri whine. My kids loved her and talked about her all weekend. We even ran into each other that night at Albertsons and she came by my house this morning to borrow some ski clothes so her sons could go skiing. Speaking of her sons, they are adorable and so sweet. Jeffery would have stayed in an instant and watched my kids all day rather than go skiing had I just said the word. They are going home in the morning and I'm sad. But, they'll be back in July. We'll BBQ!

Of course my week wouldn't be complete without a few mishaps. Two this time. First, my van got a flat tire (okay, no big deal!) but the really sad mishap was when I dropped my camera right on its nose (lens) and it BROKE. Yes, my brand new camera that I loved (Thx for the camera advice Holly. BTW Holly. Where are you?) Now, it's back to the fuzzy, crummy, blurry pictures for a while. Boo hoo. Boo hoo.


Kendon was great this week. He stayed home with the kids, fed them dinner, put them to bed while I went to Recipe Swap, Book Group and cleaned the gym twice. What would I do without him? I think he's a keeper! He has been on call this whole week which hadn't been too bad until Sunday when he got a call to Hailey (2 1/2 hours away.) Real nice huh? Easter Sunday and he spent the whole day by himself driving for a two second fix. We missed him.

Well, that was short and sweet. Anything you did this week that you'd like documented for history Kendon?!?!?


Sirri had to get her kindergarten shots this week. Jaci and I took Brooke and Sirri (and ALL the rest of the kids) together. Brooke REALLY dislikes going to the doctor and Sirri has never had an issue with it. We thought that Sirri could help Brooke feel better about the whole experience. Sirri was even excited to go first and to be brave for Brooke. Well, the whole thing backfired on us a bit. Sirri wasn't very brave. That's not very fair, cause shots ARE scary. Let's just put it this way, she cried a lot and loud and Brooke was terrified before it was even her turn. Oh well. It's over and they are both set for kindergarten. The next day at gymnastics, Sirri was limpng around and all the moms felt so sorry for her. I told them that she was a drama queen and they needn't pity her so much. They all must have thought I was such a cruel mommy until she hobbled over to the trampoline, "ow. oooH. Ouch!" painstakingly climbed on up and jumped her little heart out! It's a miracle. Her legs were healed!!!!

BEFORE the shots.
She wouldn't allow an after the shots, shot.

Another big moment for Sirri is that we signed her up for T-ball. She'll play this summer and I'm going to help coach the team. T-ball seems like such a big girl thing to do. Can you tell that I am in, "my child is growing up," denial. Even if she is growing up, she is still such a tiny little squirt. On the registration form you had to check what size shirt your child would wear. Uh? Hello. The smallest size was a small 6-8. You don't carry a small 3-4?


Connor, oh Connor! What to do with Connor. He is full of spit and vinegar as my grandma would say. He is learning all about testing and pushing buttons and he is doing a darn good job. The little darling got to go to bed the other night at 6:30 for being naughty! Anyone have any books to read or helpful hints on children who like to push the limits?

But isn't he the cutest?!?!?

On the other hand he is such a fun little guy. He is very interested in helping me do my "stuff.". He loves to watch and help me cook and loves to help with the laundry. His favorite parts are putting stuff in the wash and taking clothes out of the dryer. He is actually quite helpful.

Also, on a positive note, he has been going to bed much better lately. It was becoming such a chore to get him to stay in his bed, but he has decided it isn't worth the fight and for that I am thankful. Cause really, Connor. It wasn't worth it, and your momma was getting tired. So, thanks.


Meg is walking full speed ahead. She hardly ever crawls and is getting to be quite the speed demon. It is so cute to watch her toddle all over the house trying to keep up with the big kids. She loves to walk over to one of her sibling lying on the floor and fall right on top of them. Tiiiimber! She thinks she is so funny.

Even though Meg is not quite 1 1/2 she is quickly going on thirteen. She is ADDICTED to the telephone. I can hardly talk on the phone while she is up without her screaming and crying for it the whole time. We have given her a "retired" cell phone but she quickly figured out they don't make the noises she likes and that just won't do. Most days I lose the fight and just let her play with the real thing. She walks around all day with the phone stuck to her head listening to, "dooodooodooo. We're sorry this number cannot be completed as dialed. Please hang up and try again. dooodooodooo, We're sorry..."

Oh yea, Meg is learning to feed herself too.
Please take notice of the oatmeal in her hair. Food in her hair is a given. Always.
Not sure why she is so sad in this picture.

P.S. I didn't forget that Easter was this week. I think it will get a post all its own. This has gotten lengthy. Goodnight!

P.S.S This picture of Connor and Koy is just FUNNY! Great future black mail material!


Bridget said...

You are a TRUE blogger to bring your camera to the doctor's office! Love it. Sorry to hear your camera broke. Just what you need on top of all your car repairs. :(

Anonymous said...

ditto with bridget above. ha. I've often wished I had my camera with me in places. I'm jealous of your preparedness.

what a post... thanks!

Lauren said...

I happen to think that your play group game was genius! The hopping like a bunny was very creative...and hopefully made them all expend lots of energy.

I loved the update. Your kids are adorable. We are having some, "spit and vinegar" issues here! I am going to have to use that term ;)

Christie said...

Oh, I am so sad for you about the camera. Loved the creative playdate and pics of all the kids. I am jealous that you met another blogger in real life and can't wait for us all to meet eventually.

Celia Fae said...

I'm so glad you got to meet Jeni! What is going on with Lauren and Skyler? Do you have any news?

I'm so glad Meg is walking so you can feel the torture as well. Alice is also obsessed with my cell phone and I think it is going to die soon due to overuse. She actually has TWO pretend cell phones that are just not acceptable. I wish they really worked so I could use them.

Loved the story about Brave Sirri and her shots.

gab said...

Oh wow. I hate the shots. Here the kids get a whole bunch at the 4 year check up. I have that coming up soon...with twins. Who to comfort first?!

gab said...

Oh wow. I hate the shots. Here the kids get a whole bunch at the 4 year check up. I have that coming up soon...with twins. Who to comfort first?!

gab said...

Oh wow. I hate the shots. Here the kids get a whole bunch at the 4 year check up. I have that coming up soon...with twins. Who to comfort first?!

gab said...

Oh wow. I hate the shots. Here the kids get a whole bunch at the 4 year check up. I have that coming up soon...with twins. Who to comfort first?!

gab said...
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gab said...

All right. I look like an idiot! I cannot control my computer and it keeps spouting the same comments. Sorry.

In case you were wondering...oh wow. I hate the shots!!!!

(At least it makes your stats look good, right?)

Rick and Annie said...

Sounds like Dallin and conner would get along well!!

Jenibelle said...

Jeff loves your kids!!! Can I use you as a threat when he misbehaves?
"Do you want me to send you to Idaho to live with Lisa-Marie and take care of her kids all day long?"
Oh wait, he'd say yes.

Hollyween said...

Wowzers. Sorry I've been MIA. I've been totally out of it lately with the blog world. I even forgot to report my weight and I actually lost two pounds. Let's hope they stayed off with the Easter splurge. Your camera story is so sad. Will they replace it? Are you going to have to buy a whole new one? Ouch.

But back to your synopsis... shots stink. Just ask Faith. I always make sure she can't see me so she's not blaming me for them. And the obsession with the phone thing? That takes SOOO long to go away!!!!

Grandma W. said...

Oh my, I am worn out again, just reading what all you have done, Honey!!! I know it takes a while to get caught up after being gone for so long, but, we sure did enjoy all of you!! Just wish we had all felt better!!! Next time!
Hang in there - one of these days, you will look back and not even be able to remember the little things Connor did! We will have to get Sirri a special 3-4 shirt to wear!
Wonder when she will get her growth spirt??
And, meg too, will learn to eat the right way! Don't you remember the other two?
We love you!!