Sunday, January 25, 2009

Right before my "procedure." I was really nervous.
I seriously thought I wasn't going to wake up. OR that I would wake up in the middle of it.
I'm ridiculous, I know!

Remember how I kept referring to my medical "thing" as a procedure? Remember how I was really trying to not make a big deal out of it. Well, I think that my procedure got a little offended and wanted to show me. It decided to turn itself into full blown surgery.

Very rude.

Apparently, my cyst was a bit larger than they had anticipated (bigger than 9cm!??!?) and my fallopian tube had already begun wrapping itself around the cyst and was growing to it. With all this going on, the laproscopy procedure just wasn't going to cut it. So, CUT they did. I woke up with not only the three laproscopy holes but a five inch incision and an overnight stay at the hospital as well.

My brother in law, Richard, got it right when he said, "so, she had three babies and then had to have a c-section?" Pretty much! Except, I didn't come home with a sweet baby. (I wish I could have at least seen the cyst!)

Speaking of babies, mine have been taken very well care of. I have the greatest group of friends who have taken them every day from 8a.m. til 5 p.m. and played them so hard that they fall right into bed upon arrival home. The ward also brought in meals for three days and we have eaten very well. I always feel so blessed and overwhelmed by the love that our friends show us in our times of need. I hope that some day I can pay all this forward!

I have the greatest parents who came this weekend and took the kids to a hotel for LOTS of swimming and not much sleeping. Sirri stayed up til after midnight last night watching Cast Away with grandpa! MIDNIGHT! I couldn't believe that. I'm not sure she is our child anymore. Kendon and I don't do past midnight very well! Then today my mom made several meals for us to eat this week and some to freeze. I appreciate that so much. It will surely help. Thank you so much mom and dad! The kids had a BLAST this weekend and Kendon and I appreciate you so much.

I'm starting to feel a bit more like myself everyday and think that everyday will get better. I sure hope so. This being laid up stuff is BOR-ING! I can't watch another moment of t.v. or take another nap. (Though,I have a feeling both of those are probably still in my near future. I still have a ways to go!) The pain is starting to subside but I still I tire easily.

So, I think I'll go lay back down and eat some ice cream! (My appetite has not faltered at all. Which could be a major problem since I'm not allowed at the gym for six weeks. Six weeks! BOO HOO!)

P.S. My spell check isn't working. (Sorry Andrea.) That is really frustrating when I am on pain meds and still a little loopy. Hope this all made sense and didn't put anyone to sleep. Maybe in a few days I'll be able to spell and be entertaining again! (Or maybe not. My entertainment factor has been lacking as of late. I hope I can find it somewhere.)

Right after the procedure.
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!!!!


diane said...

I like to call my cyst the fourth child. Afterall, it was 4 pounds. Take it easy girl.

Janis said...

I had one too. I was about your age. I'm glad to see that you are ok (love the pictures). It will take you a while till you are yourself again, so enjoy all the help your friends and family are giving you. I really enjoy your blog.

Robin's mom

Cindy Bigelow said...

oh sister. i hate seeing you like that. i'm sorry they had to cut you :(

love you.

♥Shally said...


That just stinks.

I so love you for putting up that last picture of you. It cracks me up! :)

Hope you heal quickly...

Jessica said...

Glad it's over and you're on the mend.

Um...we need your decision over at BC, you know! (nothing's too personal for us!)

Arin Rohrbach said...

Hope you have a speedy recovery. I hate laying around too! I go nuts just lying on the couch while my kids miss me.

andrea said...

first off: relived that you are well and on the mend. dismayed that it turned out to be bigger and badder.

2. spelling pass cards granted after medical procedure requiring big drugs.

3. WHO was the EVIL PERSON to take a picture of you immediately post-op? RUDE! although it makes you all the more loveable.

4. you need some good music to listen to during your recovery. email me your address again and i'll hook it up.

Lauren in GA said...

When I had my gall bladder out I had the same fears as I was being wheeled into the operating room! I was scared I would wake up during the surgery...or *gulp* not at all, too!

I am glad you made it through :) I hope you can get some rest!

We love you!

(that quote about 3 babies and then a C-section was spot on!)

jessica said...

Glad it all went well! Sometimes it's a good reminderof how much we are loved when things go wrong...You are surely loved!

Colleen said...

i am glad that everything went well. it is great that you had so much help. you sure are loved. take care of yourself.

cath said...

you rock. way to "put it out there!" i am glad you have the support - and even MORE glad you take it when it is offered!!

enjoy the ice cream guilt-free and know we are all hoping for a speedy recovery ...

Christie said...

I think whoever took a picture of you post-op should be smacked up side the head. You are adorable, for sure, but that is JUST NOT RIGHT!

Hang in there. Get feeling better soon!

Lisa-Marie said...

You guys are all so nice to be worried about the post op pic. I don't mind. I was curious to see what I'd look like. Sirri looked soooo different after her surgery, I wanted to know what I'd look like. Now, I know. NOT cute.

Hollyween said...

I'm behind on blogging so I just barely saw this. WOW. I can't believe your cyst was that huge. Mine was the size of a golfball and I thought that was huge!! Eat lots of ice cream and get lots and LOTS of rest!! And update on bc!!!

Marci said... sorry to hear of your troubles!! Maybe Aubry, Morgan, and I can come and bring you a stuffed pink pig to help you feel A-OK!! How do you always manage to handle every unexpected event in your life with such grace and a smile on your face? are amazing my dear girl!

Bridget said...

I agree with the other comments, who took that last picture of you? I like you so much for posting it, too! Good luck recovering. Let yourself be pampered and accept all the TLC you can.

Stacey Jensen said...

Oh Lis...I hate that you had to go through this. I am glad you are doing better but still hate that it was so much more of an ordeal that we originally thought! I hope you let me know if you need anything. Love you.

Grandma W. said...

Oh, Honey! We don't like to see you like that in pictures!! I want to see that smiling, bubbling face like it usually is!! Thank the Good Lord that is all over with!! No More!!! You all have had enough!! We all have had enough! Right??!!
We love you!!!

robin said...

what? you had surgery!? oh no! but i'm glad everything's okay. plus, you got pain meds. there's nothing wrong with that! :)

and really . . . sirri, staying up till midnight? that definitely doesn't sound like your child.

and i love the picture of you in the hospital bed. i've seen you like that many times before. just not drugged.

(and don't you love that my mom commented on your blog? she's funny.)

Ilene said...

Wow, think of the weight you lost without having to exercise!

However, I suppose your way to lose weight is pretty painful nevertheless...

Glad you are doing well!!

E Harestad said...

Woo-hoo it's over!! Isn't having your parents there so that you have one less thing on your mind great!?! I would have liked to see you do a post while you were coming out of the loopy drugs - now that would have been memorable!