Saturday, April 18, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Week and Mother's Day

Teacher Appreciation week is May 3rd-9th. Show your child's teacher how much you appreciate the job she does with a "to teach is to touch lives" necklace from:

a little white house
custom hand stamped sterling silver jewelry

Mother's Day is also fast approaching.
May 1oth

Help your mother have those she loves always close to her heart with a custom sterling silver necklace.

This necklace makes for a great grandmother necklace. It can be made with as many charms as you have grandbabies!
Mother's Day and Teacher Appreciation Week Sale: All necklaces are buy one get one 15% off during the months of April and May.

As always, if you would like to receive a necklace yourself for Mother's Day, send me the e-mail address of your significant other, child, whomever, and I will send them an e-mail passing along the hint! You can rest assured, I will never give the e-mail address away to anyone.

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Jenibelle said...

I keep forgetting...we need circles that say "remember". E mail me. I'm in testing mode, I can't think of anything else.

Laurel said...

Nice jewelry!! Okay, I have to comment on Sirri's photo shoot that I missed. HILARIOUS!!! And your hair will grow out, I swear. But that doesn't mean you'll like it. I hate that it is in my face all the time, in my eyes, my nose, and getting stuck in my lip gloss. It makes cleaning bathtubs nearly impossible. And I don't actually like the way it looks on me. However, I have spent so much time growing it out that I'm not going to give up yet. Even though, realistically, I'm just a short hair girl at heart.

(Did I just talk you out of it?)