Monday, October 26, 2009


Do you see the resemblance in these three?
Silly Meg.
Crazy Pumpkin

Kendon's elk

How about now?

A few weeks ago, while eating lunch, Meg fell off her chair and landed right on her face. She knocked her whole tooth out, root and all. The dentist said there is nothing that can be done except wait for her permanent tooth to grow in. Do you know how many years of family pictures that is? Ugh. The tooth next to the lost one was jarred enough that it is starting to turn gray. I'm thinking of having a t-shirt made that says, "Yes! my mom brushes my teeth."


queenieweenie said...

or how about...white trash and lovin' it! j/k of course

that girl would be cute with green teeth.

Lauren in GA said...

She is still adorable, don't you worry.

When I was little I was twirling in cirlces in the kitchen and I smashed into a chair and knocked out a tooth and the other one turned gray. It made getting my adult teeth all the sweeter, right?


Meg's eyes and eyelashes are so beautiful.

Laurel said...

That stinks! When I was in kindergarten I was pushed on the playground, did a faceplant, and bent my two front teeth backward. The dentist had to pull them. Two years later I could finally eat corn on the cob again. I feel for little Meg (and her mother, too!)

Ilene said...

I had a dead tooth for a good three or four years. Front and center, too. We called it my brown tooth.

It was lovely, let me tell you. I survived. So will Meg.

Grandma W. said...

Darn! That is too bad, but just be grateful it was her baby teeth and not her permanent ones!!! It just seems like we have to have accidents like that sometime when raising our children! John broke two permanent ones on a skate-board!!! He has survived too! Oh, the woes of parenting!! I don't think it will be too notice-able! She is so darned cute anyway!!!

Pam said...

Meg, Grandma thinks you are beautiful no matter how many teeth you have!!! All you have to do is bat those big eyes and you'll have everyone' attention! I love you!

Dustin and Shelli Chambers said...

Couldn't have happened to a cuter girl! Notice little Eli Lawrence's jack-o-lantern smile, too, this just happened to him as well.

cindy bigelow said...

oh, meggers! you're still ridiculously cute.

thinking of you guys this weekend . . . i hope it hasn't been too rough!

love you!

cindy bigelow said...

p.s...she looks so BIG! kills me.