Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How Do You Sum Up 4 Years in 1 Post?

Like this, I guess....
  •  In 2011 Brooke Miller and I bought Tavaci, a children's show choir, together. That was such a choice opportunity. I learned so much about life, music, myself, how to run a business etc. It was such a FUN opportunity. I loved teaching the children and having my own kids there as well. I've always thought life should be a musical and for a few years my life basically was! We sold the business to Amy Dawson in 2014 when Brooke and I were both offered  teaching positions.
  • Summer 2012 Kendon took up running again and participated in a Ragnar and did a half marathon all in the month of June. He won first place for his age group and 17th overall at the half.
  • December 2012 we got the sweetest Christmas present. Cindy had her first baby. A sweet little girl named Rosie Marcella.
  • 2013 was a HUGE year for our family. We completely gutted and remodeled our home. The kids and I moved to Boise for the summer and Kendon stayed here and worked (his buns off)  on the house. Dave Sanderson was our general contractor and did an AMAZING and beautiful job. We are SO very happy in our "new" home. We documented the whole thing on Instagram and turned it into a book. 
  • July 2013 Kim had TWIN babies. A boy named Miles and a girl named Adele. It was such a blessing to be in Boise the summer she had the babies. I was able to help out with her two older kids while she prepared to have the babies (Though she didn't need me. She's super woman. She even taught her spin class until she was like 36 week pregnant.) Then we got to spend a few weeks with the new babies before moving back to Rexburg. The summer of 2013 will go down in history as my favorite ever! Spending so much time with my sisters and all the cousins being together was the BEST EVER!
  • In August of 2013 we had a 5 and 10 birthday party for Sirri. Five years CANCER FREE and ten years old! Oh, what a celebration and happy day it was to reach that five year mark!
  • October 2013 I started working part time at Kershaw Intermediate as a Title 1 aide. 
  • February 2013 My nephew Luke, Kim and Richard's son, was in a sledding accident and had to be in a speca cast for6 weeks. All the while Richard accepted and started a new job in Seattle and Kim was home with twin babies packing up a house on her own. See, Super woman!
  • April 2014 I was hired full time as the new Achievement Specialist for both Central Elementary and Kershaw. My responsibilities include running the Title 1 program and facilitating the RTI (Response to Intervention) process at both schools. I LOVE my job! The transition from full time mom to working mom went much smoother than  I had hoped and expected. Don't get me wrong, I still live for the summer!
  • Summer 2014 Sirri was in her first big production with Rexburg Community Theater. They did Seussical the Musical and she was a jungle animal. She had a lot of stage time and it was so fun to watch her in her element. She loves the stage and it loves her! 
  • Winter 2015 Meg played basketball this year and was really good. Her coach wanted to know "where she learned to be so aggressive!" I guess that's what happens when you're the baby of the family. A couple months later at one of Connor's games a ref recognized her and said, "hey, I remember you! You're the girl who always stole the ball from the other team!"
  • Spring 2015 Connor has really taken a liking to basketball and has played the last few seasons. This last season he had a fabulous group of boys on his team. They had a fabulous season, only losing one game. They played with the best team work of any young team I've ever watched! I was so proud to see the sportsmanship that Connor has. He always cheers his teammates on and works so hard. It's paying off as he's becoming quite a little baller.
Spending a day in the mountains before the kids and I loved to Boise. Summer 2013

Our finished home! Fall 2013

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Lauren in GA said...

Loved the re-cap. Such an eventful 4 years! I laughed about the soccer star Megatron :)

Your home looks so fabulous. I wish I had been on Instagram then.