Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Heaven on Earth and the REALITY.

While in Boise, my family and I went to an apple orchard in Emmet. It was absolutely beautiful and just as much fun! My kids and I loved every second of it. I kept telling my family, "this is what I consider a near perfect day. It's heaven on earth for me. I just love this."

Grandpa Bigelow and Sirri

The kids were GREAT helpers.
Thank heavens.

Meg found more creative ways to collect the apples.
Ooooh. That sweety is straight from heaven.

FRESH apple juice.

About half the load.
I came back to Rexburg with six BIG boxes full. I should have taken a picture of the van. There were apples in every possible nook and cranny.

What an absolutely WONDERFUL DAY.
Heaven on Earth!

And then,
REALITY struck!
What in the world will I do with all these apples?

Get to WORK, that's what!

If the kids would only have stayed this way I could have been done in a jiffy.
(Well, maybe not a jiffy, but you get the idea.)

The REALITY is, they wanted to help!
We actually had a good time and they really were a help. Mostly.
We ( I) had my moments when it wasn't so fun, but I really tried to keep my patience!

It turned out to be a LONG day (seven straight hours of apples) so this was all I could muster for dinner.
Just keeping it REAL!

The weather man never mentioned anything about a tornado, but the reality is, one sure seemed to have hit my house!

The finished product. 13 quarts and 28 pints of apples sauce. 12 quarts of apple pie filling and bags and bags of dried apples. (One more box left still to dry.)

Now that's it's all done and stacked away in the pantry, it's feeling a little bit more like heaven on earth again!


Kimberly said...

Wow, I'm speechless. You are a good woman.

queenieweenie said...

you are a food storage QUEEN!!!

Bridget said...

You go girl! That is amazing. Can you come fill my pantry now please?

Lauren Evans said...

oh my goodness those looking AMAZING!! you need to teach me some lessons!!

Eli and Angela said...

WOW! Not only does it look like you do apple cider the hard way, you do applesauce the hard way. Did you really hand crank ALL that applesauce? Impressive, to say the least. I made applesauce, but nearly that much and I have a kitchen aid attachment that makes my burden light (I'm sure that's also the reason why your arms look so much better than mine).

Eli and Angela said...

Oh, and I LOVE the picture of Meg. That is so cute. Would that be wishful thinking or a shot into the future? =)

Kim & Rich said...

Do you think USPS would handle those gently? Nice work sister. Glad you got it all done. You get to reap the benefits of your labors all winter long. MMMM good!

Kim & Rich said...
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Jenibelle said...

Impressive!! I miss not having the time to bottle fruit. I'm bummed, that apple pie filling looks delish!!

andrea said...

remind me to pop by during the last days. my food storage is not quite as exciting.


Danielle said...

You are AMAZING!

Lauren in GA said...

Lisa-Marie, you. are. amazing!!! I am totally impressed! What a tremendous amount of work and good for you letting your kids help! I always want to make mine go play so I can do things myself. You are a good woman!

Christie said...

Yes, I'm with Andrea. I'll be coming to your house when we're out of food. Because at your house? No rice and beans. APPLE PIE. Yum.

You are my hero.

Phillip and Kirsten said...

how do you dry your apples?

Grandma W. said...

Like Grandma and Mom, like Lisa Marie!! We both used to do a lot of canning like that. It is the greatest feeling of accomplishment just to stand back and look at all you have done, isn't it? You are a good Mom, Honey!!!
We love you!

Heather H said...

Wow - you ROCK!!! Way to go putting those apples to good use! Just seeing that last picture makes me want to go to Costco and buy something in bulk! Although I'd prefer yours!
It is so fun to check in and see what your cute family is up to! Thanks for sharing!
Oh, our blog address changed to
by the way. Come say hi anytime!

Jill said...

Lisa!!! WOW is all I can say! You are amazing!

Penny said...

What a fun accomplishment. I used to do that, too . . . .

And a trip to the apple orchard! Your kids have so many experiences they'll never forget. Yes, it's worth the hassle of canning with three kids! :)
Aunt Penny

Ilene said...

My dad grew up in Emmett and my uncle lives there. I never knew about the apple orchard.

But let's be honest. Even if I knew about it it wouldn't do me much good. I have no idea how to bottle apple products. One day I will be a homemaking maven like you.