Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jensen Family "MANY WEEKS IN A ROW" Review

Catching up, AGAIN!

My blog is starting to read like my high school journal....

"Dear Diary. I am sorry it has been so long. I really want to do better and promise to write everyday."


Only now, instead of writing about all the cute boys I have crushes on, it's one handsome man and three cute kids!

So, without further adieu... here's what we have been up to:

Sirri had her six month check up with her oncologist and everything still looks great! Cancer free is the way to be! What a sigh of relief. The time between her appointments goes so fast, yet on the other hand it is amazing the amount of anxiety that can be built up in that short amount of time. I wonder if I will always have a fear in the back of my head that this monster will come after my baby again. I sure hope that with time the worry and fret will lessen. I wonder too, that as Sirri gets older if she will ever worry about this herself. I suppose Kendon and I will have to be examples of faith and trust for her and not give her any reason for concern. I really do feel in my heart that we have overcome the greatest part of this trial but sometimes my head gets in the way and wants me to think otherwise. I think the hardest part from here on out will be the darned CT scans. Sirri really hates those. She has to have an IV for the contrast to flow through and boy does she ever throw a fit. This last time was especially bad. I told Sirri that she doesn't have a choice about having the scan but she can scream as loud as she wants and boy did she ever take me up on that! Two pokes later she was done and the proud owner of two cans of soda and an ice cream thanks to Anna the tech who does her scans. She felt really bad that Sirri was so upset. We are just so thankful to live in a time that has such great medical technologies.Sirri was sick a few days after her appointments. I'm so glad we had just received good news about her health or I would have been worried.

Speaking of cancer, I am participating in the Relay for Life fundraiser this summer. I am part of a team of fifteen friends and we are going to have so much fun. The theme is, "Relay on the Red Carpet, " and every team chooses a movie to represent themselves. We have chosen the movie GREASE and are going to be the Pink Ladies. We're going to wear poodle skirts and roller skates and have an absolute blast!!! Not only are we going to have fun but it will be a special night as well. The main purpose is to honor those who have passed away from cancer and also those who have survived and to raise money to find a cure! Sirri has the opportunity to walk a lap with other survivors and I think that will be a special moment. I'm so excited!

And speaking of surviving....I have! The first few days after my surgery were really rough but as soon as I hit about day four, maybe five or six, I was starting to feel pretty good. I'm nearly 100% there. I'm just a bit tender still and don't have all my strength back yet but I'm getting close. The worst part is when I have to wear jeans for a full day. KILLER! I still have two weeks til I'm released to go to the gym and that stinks. My pants are a bit SNUG. The sweat pants I bought at the beginning of the winter turned out to be a good (great) investment!

Speaking of winter, we have been enjoying ours lately. It seems that every year we take the kids sledding at the end of the winter, say, "boy, that was fun, next year we need to do that more often." So, this year, we really have. We have been three times in the last two weeks and have had a great time along with a fair amount of minor injuries! We also attended our town's Snow Fest that is always so much fun. Snow bowling, ice sculptures, horse drawn sled rides, treasure hunts! Such a great time. I love our little community! It is so nice that the kids are getting bigger and it makes outings like this much easier. Sirri and Connor can get all their own snow clothes on and can actually stay out longer than it takes to get the snow clothes on!!! That is a major milestone. Meg does great as long as we duct tape her gloves on so her fingers stay warm. Good times!!!
Speaking of Meg, she has suddenly begun talking up a storm. Her favorite words are, "No way!" It is so darned cute and I'm afraid we have created a, "no way monster" since she knows just how cute it is! She can also frequently be heard to say, "awesome!" (with a cute thumbs up), "I some" (I want some), "pease" and "tane to," "I bub you" (I love you) "yep!" and can copy almost any word now. (Just today I was asking her to sit down so I could help her with her shoes. She proceeded to repeat, "sit, sit, sit" over and over again. The ssss sound was a bit on the shhh side causing her mother to have a giggle fit!!!! I can remember when Connor couldn't say shirt. hee hee!!!!)Meg is also really into shoes. REALLY into shoes!

Speaking of Connor, he has been loving the sunshine. The first part of our winter was really gloomy and foggy but the sun has finally decided to come out and Connor is a HAPPY boy! He will even play outside by himself for quite some time and it is so nice. It is especially nice since when he is in the house all he wants to do is play on the computer. He and his little buddies are suddenly these major GAMERS! They get together and play Nintendo for hours. (Since we are the uncool house and don't have nintendo, he resorts to PBSkids.org on the computer. Oh well. He's learned all his letters there!) Connor is really excited for the snow to melt so he can shoot his bow again.
Speaking of shooting bows, Kendon's year of being President of his archery club is over. He is really excited for this year where he gets to just go to the shoots and have fun instead of being in charge. I'm a bit bummed cause I liked watching him be in charge. It was so fun to see him in his element and to do so well. He really did a lot for the club this year. He created a few new fund raising opportunities and fun contests too. He did great!

Speaking of great, our valentines day holiday was just that. Sirri, Connor and I had a fun time making their valentines. Connor chose to make airplanes (you know... out of smarties, lifesavers and a stick of gum) with a note that said, "It's PLANE to see Valentine, I like you!" Sirri wanted to give the boys the airplanes but thought the girls would like hair barretts. So we did hair clips and glued flowers on them with a note that said, "Our friendship is HAIR to stay!" (Thx for the idea, Kim!) Sirri addressed all her valentines all by herself and I was so proud. She seemed so big. I guess she is so big. (Even if she does still wear a size four pant!) Kendon and I went on a much needed date. It has been way too long and we have recommitted ourselves to date night! We went out to dinner and to the movies. We haven't been to the theater since we saw The Book of Mormon Movie. That was in 2003! Yikes. (I feel bad cause Kendon really likes to go to movies and I don't. I have a hard time sitting still that long without having something else to do.) The evening ended especially great because our babysitter had all the kids in bed and sleeping by the time we got home! yeah!Speaking of bed, Meg has learned how to climb out of hers. Ugh. First, she learned to climb out of her bed and into Connors. So, we moved her crib away from the bunk bed and into the middle of the room. That didn't stop her. Now she just bails out. She is the only one of our kids to ever climb out. She does pretty well staying in bed though and we are thinking it just might be time for a big girl bed. I'm not sure I'm ready for that. If she's going to be in a big girl bed, I'd really like her in big girl undies too! Wouldn't that be nice!!!!!

Speaking of nice, that's what I call anyone who made it through this whole thing! Consider yourself hugged!


Cindy Bigelow said...

i made it thru the whole thing and i loved every second of it! i've been waiting and waiting and waiting for an update on my three favorite kiddos. i can't ever hear enough about their daily activities!

tell my kidlets i love them so much and miss them like crazy!

Pam said...

I second that!!! Thanks for getting us caught up on all the Jensen adventures!! I love it!
Hugs and kisses to my grandbabies!
I love you more! Grandma

camilla said...

Lisa you are so cute! I love to read your writings! They inspire me to be better in lots of ways, and that is what it's all about!

Lauren in GA said...

Thanks for the hug!

That is such fabulous news that Sirri is doing well and cancer free! I love that you tell her she can go ahead and scream.

I can't wait to see you in your poodle skirt!

I love it when my kids start to talk and say such cute things. I wanna see the thumbs up...I bet it is to die for.

Christie said...

So glad your baby is passing those checkups with flying colors.

And I LOVED the sledding action shots. Those are great.

Excellent catch-up post.

Ilene said...

Glad you and Sirri are on the road to recovery!

Rollerskating for the relay is brilliant (and probably the only way I would ever do one).

*~McGarys~* said...

This V-day candies were so nice of you guys:) We sure like getting to know you there your Blog and at play group.

cath said...

speaking of updates ... this one was awesome! just what those of us who want to know needed to know ... love all the good news and cute pics!!

Grandma W. said...

I am so glad you are back to blogging!! And, I love your update! I am sure you will have a ball at the "cancer relay", and it is so neat you are doing it!! Pretty soon, little Miss Muffet will get tired of "bailing" out of her bed, but she is probably getting ready for a "big girls" bed too! Maybe that will help with the "big girl" panties!! I know --- it is sad she is growing up so darned fast!!!
Love you! Glad she is talking more!

Grandma W. said...

By the way, I am so sorry Sirri has to have those mean old shots before her C-scans, but if it shows there is NO cancer, maybe she can get used to them. With all the praying that is going on, I just don't see how it could ever come back!!!
Love you all!!!