Monday, February 23, 2009

Letting go

Lately, I've been trying to give my kids some more independence. I think it's important.

I also think it's hard.

I let them get their own clothes and put them away. You should see their closet. Oy!

If Sirri needs a band-aid, I've been letting her get it herself. Oh well if she needs three (or ten) in an afternoon and no matter that she always picks one five sizes too big.

The kids (even Meg) have been really into serving their own food at dinner. They always use much more ketchup than I think is appetizing and sweeping the floor after dinner is no longer an option. What a mess.

Sirri has suddenly decided that she needs to wear her much too large, brown cowboy girl boots to school. every. day. Even if her outfit is black. Ugh.

She is also really into making her bed. This one I can handle. My feelings wouldn't be too hurt if this weren't just a phase.

All of these things I can handle. I'll admit, they might make me cringe, but I'll manage. Like I said, I really want strong independent kids.

BUT....when Sirri came home from school the other day and decided she needs to be doing her own hair. I panicked.

I decided to see what exactly she meant.

She armed herself with the comb and hairspray and went to work.

Half a can of hairspray later she was done and this is what she came up with......

Oh, man. Letting go is going to be a lot harder than I thought.

That hair has still got to be mine. MINE.


♥Shally said...

My kid's hair will be mine until I can no longer hold a comb... :)

the wrath of khandrea said...

i'm sorry, i cant' get past the fact that you bought cowboy boots for your child. i'm confused.

Cindy Bigelow said...

um, yes please. i think my niece is one of the most beautiful little girls in the world...but please still keep a hold on her hair. that hairspray-ed flat do is something else!

and i can't get over how she looks exactly like kim in that last picture. that's incredible.

i do love you kidlets. SO much. i hate that they are growing up so fast. please tell them to slow down just a little bit...for their aunt cindy.

meyersbd said...

AHH letting go is a humbling experience!! My hardest was when I let the twins start picking their own clothes. Identical twins are always supposed to look exactly the same right?

Angela said...

I somehow failed because Sydney only lets me do her hair on Sunday. She refused to let me help her any other day. It's a fight that I'm not up to fighting. It's hard letting go for sure.

Lauren in GA said...

I enjoyed this so is hard to let go, I agree.

The pictures are fantastic. I love how you can see Sirri's face in the mirror as she is styling her hair.

Ilene said...

That is great.

Ah, that looks like my hair on my wedding day. I made Dan take me back to my grandmother's to shower before heading out to our hotel. I couldn't let him touch that hairsprayed nastiness.

jessica said...

I loved reading this because I am doing the SAME thing right now. I decided to let my children start unloading the dishwasher...I'm still waiting for the first broken dish. It's so hard to let them grow up! (and even harder to let them do things their way :)

Bridget said...

Ouch. That hairprayed hair looks so painful to comb. Yeah, that should probably be a controlled substance from now on, huh? :)

Kim said...
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Kim said...

now cindy, did you say she looks exactly like me because i too am one of the most beautiful girls you know or is it because of the hair?!?!?! :)

Pam said...

Oh my little darling Sirri Marie! Hair is really a hard thing to do . . . I think you should let Mommy help you! But you keep right on making your bed and picking up the dishes and helping Mommy vacuum! You are all growing up way to fast! I love you all!

Grandma W. said...

Oh Boy! I think you had best stick with the hair fixing, Honey! Like Mom said, they can help?? with all the other things! It is hard at first, but they get better all the time with a little practice! You will never be sorry you taught them how to do things!!
We sure never were! Just takes time for perfection!
We love you!